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The Only Way To Keep Illness At Bay

None of us want to become ill, but of course this is often just a part of life. At some point or another, everyone suffers some kind of illness, whether mild or severe, and it is worth remembering that. However, that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and wait for it to happen. If you want to keep yourself as healthy as possible, then you are probably keen on ensuring that you keep illness at bay as much as you can. But wanting to do this and really managing it are two quite different beasts. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the major changes you might want to make, or attitudes which are helpful to adopt, if you are serious about keeping illness at bay as much as possible.

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Regular Check-Ups

You can only really expect to keep illness away if you pay close attention to your body on a regular basis. A huge part of this, of course, is making sure that you go for regular check-ups as much as you can. Whether you go to your local doctor, or Our Urgent Care specialists, you will want to make sure that you do not avoid this particular step. Regular check-ups are the only way to be absolutely sure that you are remaining at the peak of your health, so it is vital to bear that in mind. The most important thing is that you feel fully able to trust the medical professionals carrying out the test. If you don’t, there is always the possibility that you will come away from it feeling slightly unsure about your health.

Sleep Is Your Best Friend

Some of the most powerful steps you can take towards better health are also the simplest, and sleep is the perfect example of this. Although it is something you do every night, are you certain that you are doing it properly? Knowing the true nature of the quality of your sleep is something which can be very hard to grasp, and it is vital that you do everything you can to improve your quality of sleep as much as possible. There are many things you can do to this end, fortunately. One of the most effective is to simply cut out caffeine after around midday every day. Caffeine is able to affect your ability to sleep well for up to twelve hours after consumption, so this is probably a vital change to make. You might also want to think seriously about reducing the amount of time you spend looking at screens. The light from screens can actively inhibit the production of melatonin in the brain, the chemical which informs your body clock that it is time to sleep. You should also go back to basics, and make sure that your bed is comfortable and that your bedroom is temperate and safe. Sleep affects every part of your biological functions, so make sure you are getting plenty of it, and that it is of decent quality.

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Knowing How To Manage Stress

If there is anything which causes your immune system particular trouble, it is stress. Any doctor in the world will tell you that stress makes pretty much any situation worse. It is therefore definitely in your interest to learn how to manage stress as well as possible. But to be able to do that, you first need to know how to properly recognise it. Most people are not actually all that skillful at noticing stress developing within them. This is really the whole problem. You lack awareness, so you allow small stresses to build and build without expression. This then ultimately culminates in a general background hum of anxiety, and before you know it stress is piling on you and negatively affecting everything you do. So the most important thing is to simply avoid allowing stress to develop at all. But how can you do this?

The answer lies in one of the oldest practices that human beings have: meditation. If you think you are not able to meditate, or you are unsure about what it really is, it is definitely worth reading up on if you are serious about your health. A regular meditation practice has been repeatedly proven to lower stress, reduce the build up of cortisol in your body, aid clear thinking, and even actively boost the immune system. Fortunately, it is such a simple practice, and it is relatively easy to pick up (although not necessarily to completely master). Mostly, it is just the simple practice of staying present with the breath, despite whatever distractions may occur. With time, you can develop this practice until you are keeping stress to a bare minimum. This will help your health hugely, and make illness a much less likely threat to your body or mind.

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The Goodness Of Whole Foods

It is clear to anyone who is serious about their health that diet is a hugely important aspect of it all. If you want to make illness a thing of the past, you will absolutely need to make sure that you are focusing on what you eat on a daily basis. In general, there is one change which most people can benefit from making, and it is quite simple: eat more whole foods. For those who don’t know, whole foods are essentially just unprocessed, real foods. If it came out of the ground or was an animal, then it is a whole food. The more you eat this kind of food, and the less you munch on artificial stuff, the more likely it is that your immune system will be able to help fight any potential diseases which come your way. This is simply because your body will have much more of the genuine vitamins and minerals which it needs to properly function.

If you want to eat more whole foods, then you should try introducing them gradually into your diet day by day. This way, you will not give your body too much of a shock from the sudden change.


Planning to buy a shoe for workout- trust Campus!

Whatever kind of workout you choose, running, walking, gym or sports, a good shoe is of utmost importance. Investing in a good quality shoe always helps, because small negligence and injury caused by bad shoes can cause more harm than benefit. Ankle and foot injuries are often result of a bad shoe and by trusting a quality brand, you safeguard yourself.

For me, I have been a fan of Campus shoes since donkey years. They are trustworthy as a brand, quality promise is very high and comfort and affordability is something you can’t ignore.

I recently decided to be on fitness regime, which includes a bit of walking, running and gymming. My first thought was to get a good sports shoe, as I am the type of person who would never wear a sports shoe unless for specific reasons.

Campus was the first brand I thought of, as I still remembered my Campus School Shoes. The things that you should keep in mind is first and foremost the comfort it gives to your feet, then the durability of the product, colour and style can come in later. But when going ahead with a brand like Campus, you get everything, comfort, style, colours and durability. I also kind of like shoes which are not to heavy and light to wear as it allows me to run and jog better.

After a couple of trials I settled for Campus Battle in Dual Colour. I really loved the finish of this particular shoe and it was so very comfortable on wearing. There were colour options available in the same, but I loved this black-green tone and opted for them.

Its been a week since I have been wearing these regularly for my workout regime and they are so good. My feet are very comfortable all the time, even while doing strenuous exercises and bending of shoes, I get the sense of trust in brand and its durability. The shoe withstands extreme conditions well and feels very very light. The rubber sole helps in great absorption and flexibility.

I think very soon, I will be back on wearing sports shoes regularly apart from my workout sessions.  Their moderate pricing also helps choosing you to buy a couple of shoes rather than splurging all the money on one shoe only.

Campus Shoes was established in the year 1983, two years after my birth and gained a great position right from the beginning and this is the reason even my childhood had Campus shoes and I am so glad that even now its my best friend.

So what are you waiting for, check their site and place your orders today.

Why Every Woman Needs A Gynecologist

Ladies, it’s time to tackle the issue you’ve been avoiding. That’s right; we’re talking gynecology. None of us like the idea of a doctor poking around below, and as such, we often avoid that dreaded visit to the gyno. Some women don’t even realize that regular visits are necessary. Instead, they wait until there’s a problem.

If a problem arises, it’s obviously important not to hesitate. Sure signs you need to book an appointment include:


  • Increase in discharge
  • Unexplained cramps
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Unidentified lumps


But, you shouldn’t wait for symptoms like those mentioned above. ‘Having a gynecologist’ may seem like something from the movies, but it’s a step every woman should take. Even if you’re worried about the exposure of your private parts, you’ll soon overcome the fear. In no time, you’ll feel the same going to the gyno as you do visiting the dentist. It may not be pleasant, but it’s necessary. If you aren’t convinced, we’re going to look at the two main benefits regular gynecology visits offer.

Peace Of Mind

One significant benefit of regular appointments is the peace of mind that comes with them. Often, we’re unsure of our bodies, especially when it comes to down there. As such, the smallest symptoms send us into a panic. Instantly, we head online and diagnose ourselves with the worst option possible. But still, embarrassment stops us getting the issue checked. As a result, we live out each day convinced it might be our last. Who wants to live like that?

When you have a regular gynecologist, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you can book up at any. And, you won’t have to get embarrassed. You’ll have formed a trusting relationship with the gynecologist you see. They’ll know the ins and outs of your body, and will be in a much better position to spot an issue if there is one. So, there won’t be any need to head online. You can get a diagnosis, or a clean bill of health before you get the chance to worry.

Gynecologists also deal with birth control and can put your mind at ease there, too. Together, you can work on finding a contraceptive which suits your lifestyle. Regular visits also ensure your gyno can spot changes, and adjust contraception accordingly.

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Gynecologists, like Max Izbicki, also specialize in pregnancy planning. So, they can help when the time comes to start a family. Having a plan in place, devised by someone who knows your lifestyle, is sure to help you relax.

Catch It Instead Of Cure It

The second benefit is the opportunity to spot issues before they escalate. Here, it’s worth returning to the dental comparison. We visit dentists to get on top of small holes and problems. Well, the same can be said for your gynecologist. Through breast and pelvic examinations, they’ll spot lumps, bumps, and worries as soon as they arise. Health checks like these will put your mind at ease, and could even save your life.


Are You Doing Everything For Your Teeth?

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The teeth are among the most important parts of the body, and yet so many people fail to really look after them properly. The truth is that many people don’t understand fully what is involved in proper teeth care, and there are also a number of useful and little-known dental solutions which you might want to try. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the most effective remedies and preventative treatments for your teeth, so that you can have the healthiest mouth possible in no time at all. Let’s have a look at some of the things you should be doing for your own mouth.

Oil Pulling

This first one is an old (ancient, even) method for improving your overall oral health. It helps to keep infection and bacteria away, keeps your teeth white and clean and also removes plaque. It can even reverse the damage caused by gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss amongst adults. If you have never oil pulled before, it is incredibly simple to do – and yet surprisingly effective. You simply take around a tablespoon of oil (sesame or vegetable are best) and swill it around your mouth for twenty minutes. The timing is important here – this is enough time to remove the bacteria that you are trying to get rid of, but not enough that the harmful substances start being absorbed back into the body. After twenty minutes, simply spit away (don’t swallow!) and brush your teeth afterwards. This is incredibly effective – give it a go today.

Aloe Vera

One of the most common reasons that people need to go to the emergency dentist is because of sudden loose or lost teeth. By using aloe vera, however, you might be able to stop that from happening at all. Aloe vera is known for its many healing qualities, and this is true if you use it for your oral health as well. All you need to do here is take some aloe vera, ideally fresh, and rub it on your gums. Then you should wash it away with warm water. Doing this once a day for a fortnight will effectively reduce any gum swelling you might have, as well as keep diseases away more effectively. It is well worth the two minutes it takes to do.

Baking Soda

If you have any spare baking soda in the kitchen cupboard, you might want to grab hold of it for this next one. Although this doesn’t taste all that nice, it is incredibly effective, so it’s worth a go. Simply take a teaspoon of the soda, mix it with a little water into a paste, and rub it on your gums. Leave it for a couple of minutes, and then wash away. Doing this frequently will help to keep your entire mouth much cleaner, and you will be less likely to develop any serious dental problems. Give it a go and see what a difference it can make

Boosting Your Health – What More Can You Do?

You’re working out more, you’re indulging less. Your health and wellbeing have become more of a priority, and you’re already seeing results. So what more can you do? It’s true that fitness and good health go hand-in-hand. But to really reap the benefits of all that exercise, you need to make sure your diet is working just as hard. There are plenty of tweaks you can make, and there are plenty of other tricks and tips to give your health a boost too.

Teas And Other Hot Drinks

There are plenty of herbal teas available on the market now. Many are available on your supermarket shelves or your regular grocery store. Why drink herbal or fruit teas? Not only will the extra fluids help you to maintain good hydration, but they can provide a range of other benefits too. Some can boost your immune system, and others can help you to relax. You can find teas with infusions of lemon or honey to help with a sore throat. Did you know that a hot lemon water can help your body start the day?

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Most of us know to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to ensure our bodies receive all the nutrients they need. But many of us still fall short on portion sizes when it comes to vegetables. And it’s quite difficult to eat quite the variety necessary for everything a healthy body might need. This is where supplements come in. According to this blog, you can find supportive nutrition to help with a range of problems like low energy or weakened immune system. As this kind of supplement is naturally sourced, it can help your body without the nasty side effects of chemicals.


The breathing techniques promoted in the different styles of Yoga can offer many health benefits. Some are described as cleansing breaths. These are thought to boost your immunity to colds and other common viruses. Other breathing techniques can boost your energy levels or provide deep relaxation. You don’t have to join a Yoga group to benefit. Many of these techniques can be found on YouTube or other websites so you can practice them at home.

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Sleep may be more important to your overall health than you think. It is especially important for your mental health. All of the experiences of the day are carefully sorted and filed away when we sleep well. Without that quality sleep, you might find you become more confused and forgetful. Sleep is also thought to play a part in resetting hormonal cycles. No wonder we become emotional when we’re tired from a lack of sleep!


It is thought that socialising is essential for good mental health. It is also considered to be essential for boosting your immune system. Frequent interactions (in person, not online) trigger different chemical reactions in the brain that in turn provide happy feelings, and better physical responses. So don’t stay in watching TV alone. Get out there and reap the health benefits of a fun night out with friends.


Perfect Party Planning Is Easier Than You Think

Everyone loves the idea of throwing a big bash to celebrate that big birthday. But in reality, it can feel like too much work and hassle. Planning a perfect party to make someone feel special shouldn’t be this hard! Fortunately, we’ve come up with some of the best ways to plan the event of the year. It all starts with a list of ideas that you want to include. The rest will follow!

Ideas And Inspiration

It’s usually a good idea to ask the birthday boy or girl what they would like for their party. This will help you gauge just how far you can go with your ideas. Of course, if you’re keen for the whole event to be a surprise, then you’re going to need to do some detective work.

Start with their hobbies and interests. Are they passionate about music, or enjoy pets or books? Whatever it is they’re into, this could become the starting point for your whole theme. It might also give you some ideas for entertainment and activities at the party too.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, you can look at their FaceBook page to see what things they are most interested in sharing or posting about. Ask their friends if they’ve had any chats about the impending birthday. Don’t forget – you’re going to need some ideas for a great gift too! The more people you talk to, the better.

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Having a theme is ideal because it gives you pointers for the decorations, the music, the food, and even the costumes. Costume parties are a lot of fun for everyone, and they make the best photos too. If you’re going to throw a party-of-the-year, then you want it to be memorable.


What better way to remember this birthday forever than with photos? If you’re all dressing up, it might be a good idea to book something like a Booth Boy open photo booth. Then you can all fit in, and capture some incredibly fun (and funny) shots of the big event. Everyone loves sharing their event photos on social media so choose a service that offers online accessibility to the pics.

So what are your choices for a theme? Again, try to keep it within the birthday boy or girl’s interests. Movies, music, the 1960s, or football are just some of the most popular choices. Now it’s time to put the venue together and figure out the little details.


You can always hold the party at your home. However, not everybody is keen on opening up their family home to a lot of people. And if you have close neighbours, they might not be keen either! Of course, you don’t have to manage all the catering and clean up yourself. You can hire companies that can take care of all those details for you.

In some places, music can prove problematic. You might need a license to play music if you’re throwing a party. Most venues that you hire usually have this license in place. You might pick a community hall, a sports centre, or even a hotel function room. It’s best to pick a venue that can comfortably cope with the number of people you intend to entertain.

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Every party should be fun for every guest as well as the guest of honour. Pick activities that get people into the party spirit. You can choose inflatable assault courses (yes, for grown-ups), bubble factories (yes, for grown-ups), or even karaoke. Try to pick something that will engage your guests.

If space is limited, you might prefer to hire professional entertainers. Dancers, a band, or even a stand-up comedian could be ideal in this situation. You might prefer to look for something quirky or unique. Maybe your guest of honour has some ideas?

Food And Drink

If you like the idea of a themed party, then the food and drink could be easier to prepare than you think. Shapes and colours are the best way to theme food. You might have football shaped snacks and cakes. Perhaps you can decorate some of the dishes to look like a superhero emblem or a team crest? The options are endless. Food dye can achieve quite a lot here!

As for catering? Hire a professional company if you’re hosting a big bash. It takes the pressure off you, and you won’t have to worry about keeping food at the right temperature. If you’re planning a low-budget party, why not ask guests to bring a dish? You may need more room in the fridge and a hot plate, but these won’t break the bank. Also for clearing the mess later on, you can easily hire home cleaning services, which will not only save your time but also the hassle

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When you start to design your party invites, it’s important you already have your theme decided. Then you can choose invites that match the theme. It gives your guest a better idea of what to expect too. You can post your invites to social media, or have traditional invitations printed out.

Make sure you give the full address of the venue. If you’re hiring a place with a closing time, be sure to put an end time as well as a start time on the invite. Don’t forget to clarify any theme details and what you expect of guests regarding costume.

On The Night

It’s usually a good idea to plan out the event so you can fit everything in. If guests are likely to bring gifts, what do you want to do with them? You might have an official ‘opening’, or perhaps you prefer to put them aside until after the party? Are you going to hand out party favours or other goodies at the end of the party?

Guests will undoubtedly expect some speeches on the night as well. The guest of honour will need to stand up and say a few words of thanks. Will you need a microphone for that? Who will officially wish them a happy birthday? Speeches tend to take place later in the evening rather than right at the beginning. Will you all eat before or after this?

Planning your event in detail gives you the chance to deliver the perfect party. Enjoy.




Female Focus: The Health Issues Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Health should be a priority for everyone, but there are certain issues that women can’t afford to ignore. If you don’t pay your health much attention, this guide will come in handy. Even if you’re young, fit and full of energy, there are important steps you can take to protect and improve your health.


Your diet and body weight

Females are much more likely to put weight on and find it difficult to lose it than males. Females tend to have a higher body fat percentage due to hormone levels and changes that take place in the body. Although it can be difficult to lose weight, it’s really beneficial to do this if you are overweight or obese. Obesity can lead to complications like type 2 diabetes, an increased risk of heart disease and infertility. If you don’t know if you’re overweight or not, you can use an online BMI calculator to determine which category you fall into. This measurement uses your height and weight to give you a figure, which will be placed on a chart. If you are overweight, try and get into that healthy zone by focusing on your diet and exercising more frequently. If you are changing your diet, choose meals and snacks that have nutritional value and keep track of your calorie intake each day. Often, losing weight is a matter of cutting down on treats, reducing portion sizes and paying more attention to what you’re eating. If you need advice or healthy eating tips, your doctor will be happy to help.

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Sexual health and contraception

Whether you have a long-term partner or you’re dating, it’s essential to give your sexual health a thought. If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, you may have been using the same contraceptive method for years. It’s easier than ever to get hold of contraception, and you can request your contraceptive pill online, which is great if you’re busy and you find it hard to get to the health center. If you’re happy with the contraceptive you’re using, that’s fine, but it’s also a good idea to discuss and consider alternatives, especially if you have side-effects. There are lots of methods, such as implants and injections available. If you’re dating, it’s wise to use condoms as well as any other form of contraception to protect you from sexually-transmitted infections. It’s also advisable to have regular sexual health tests, especially if you’ve noticed symptoms such as irritation or abnormal discharge.

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Heart disease

In the past, heart disease was a condition that was linked to men, especially those aged over 60. However, in the last decade, the number of women affected has increased significantly. Did you know that heart disease contributes to 1 in 4 female deaths in the US? If you’re a young woman, don’t think that you’re immune from heart disease. Around 90 percent of women have at least one risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. Start focusing on heart health now to reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular complications. Exercise on a regular basis, drink in moderation and eat a healthy, balanced diet. If you smoke, your doctor can help you to quit, and there are lots of support groups and resources available. It’s never too early to start looking after your heart.

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Breast cancer

Breast cancer will affect around 1 in 8 women in their lifetime. Although most cases are diagnosed in women aged over 55, breast cancer can affect much younger women. It’s really important to be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer and to seek advice if you do find any suspicious lumps or bumps in the breast tissue or underneath the arms. Other signs may include discharge from the nipples, discoloration, and skin irritation. If you do find a lump, try not to panic. The vast majority of lumps are benign, but the sooner you get checked out, the better.  


Women are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety than men. Anxiety is a natural human emotion when faced with certain situations. If you’re waiting for test results, you’re about to go into an interview or you’re preparing for a first date, it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous and to have those butterflies fluttering around in your stomach. The trouble is that anxiety can affect you even in everyday situations when there’s nothing to worry about. An experience that would be a walk in the park for one person can turn into an incredibly daunting experience for somebody who suffers from anxiety. If you do have symptoms like a racing heartbeat, sweating and feeling on edge on a regular basis, see your doctor. There are treatments available, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which can help you prepare for and process situations so that you feel more relaxed. You may also find techniques such as exercise and meditation helpful.

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Period problems

It’s very common to have heavy periods or experience unpleasant symptoms when you get your period. If you are struggling with pain or your periods make life a misery every month, there are treatment options that could help to alleviate symptoms and make you feel more comfortable. Periods are part and parcel of life as a woman, but they shouldn’t put you out of action for days on end.

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Health is a subject that should concern everyone, but there are certain issues that are more pressing for women than men. Whether you’re in your 20’s or your 60’s, it’s beneficial to be aware of potential health conditions that may affect you and to take steps to reduce your risk of developing diseases. It’s not always possible to prevent health problems, but making positive lifestyle changes can have such a powerful impact on your health. As well as adopting a healthy lifestyle, it’s also useful to keep in touch with your doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re worried about symptoms, you need advice about treatment options, or you’ve not been feeling yourself lately. Always remember that your doctor is there to help you.





A tour of the Anmol Bakers Factory at Greater Noida!

Anmol Industries, formally known as Anmol Bakers is a well known name when it comes to Biscuit brands in India. Today Anmol Biscuits is amongst the top 5 biscuit brands of India and shares a great market share. From the very beginning the main motive of the brand has been quality product in affordable prices and this is what makes it very popular with the masses.

I recently got a chance to visit the factory in Greater Noida where the biscuits are produced in tonnes every single day. With more than 400 people working in the factory, this unit alone produces 54000 ton and with an average of 165000 packets of biscuits per hour, isn’t that humungous.

Can you imagine the ton of Maida and Sugar used everyday in the factory..? Take a guess… its 120 tonnes of Maida and 40 tonnes of Sugar daily.. OMG..

Though this factory is partially automated and uses a lot of human labour, its still wonderful to see things happening seamlessly one after the other.

We explored each and every nook and corner of the factory, right from the warehouse where raw material is offloaded, to then seeing the movement of big grinders, grinding the sugar and mixers, mixing the dough. Then we witnessed how the prepared dough goes in the hot ovens and is baked as per the design and flavour, then the people lift stacks of biscuits and out them on other machines where they are packed and sealed. I mean the whole process is so mesmerising and also one respects and regards the people who work in these extreme hot conditions and put in so much hardwork and efforts to get us the most yummylicious biscuits.

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We even went to see the lab, where in expert professionals continuously strive to provide the best quality product. Random raw material checks, finished product checks and scope of improvements are the things that keep these experts on their toes.

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Though Anmol enjoys a 4th position in top biscuit brands, it has all possibilities of further climbing the ladder in near future. Upon being asked about the future marketing plans, the clear answer was- Anmol has decided to increase its investment in brand building and has roped in actor, Akshay Kumar as their brand ambassador to help in creating greater awareness of the brand. In addition to the new brand ambassador, Anmol will significantly increase its investments in advertising and sales promotion activities to cater to wider audiences.

“On the basis of extensive consumer research, we have undergone a complete change in terms of our logo and packaging to be seen as a young contemporary Indian brand, which is in line with the aspirations of the youth. The new Anmol logo is a reflection of Anmol’s values of spreading joy and warmth and has been designed to appeal to its core target audience. We aim to increase our turnover from Rs 1200 crores in 2016 – 17 to Rs 2000 crores by 2020”, said Mr Bimal Kumar Choudhary, Managing Director.

Guided by strong principles of Quality, Ethics and Brand Promise, Anmol has evolved as one of the most trusted and responsible brands in the packaged food industry in terms of hygiene, quality and taste. Hygiene and cleanliness is served first in all the production units. Usage of head-caps is mandatory for everyone entering the unit. They have given emphasis to provide innovative products as well as sound health regimes suiting the Indian consumer palate.

Anmol is also venturing into fruit cakes and some premium range of biscuits, and yet the price point is maintained. We sampled a few of them, and they were delicious.

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I really had a very exciting day spent at the factory and this experience is gonna remain with me for a lifetime. Also I really wish I am able to once visit their fully automated plant and see how biscuits are made totally with machines.



Pain – Its A Pain In The A**!

Pain, we have all felt it at one time or another in varying degrees. In fact, it’s our bodies very sophisticated way of keeping us away from things that could damage it. However, some people are in a situation where the pain isn’t caused by threats in their outer environment but come from problems inside their own body. When this happens, and there is no let-up, pain can be hugely problematic causing a massive amount of suffering in the individual that is experiencing it. Luckily, there are some things that can be done in this sort of situation. Read on to find out more.

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One of the first things everyone thinks of when they have pain to deal with are medications. Now everyone has a different opinion as to whether these are the best option or not. Some folks dislike putting chemically synthesised compounds in their body and prefer more natural methods.

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Others are concerned about the addictive quality of some medicines, especially those designed for pain relief. Of course, it is a personal decision, and you have to choose what is right for your specific circumstances.

To do this is always a good idea to speak to your doctor before you engage in a new medication regime. As well as doing some of your own research as to the possible side effects that any of the prescribed medications may have.


Now, some folks have the opportunity to try and fix the issue that is causing them pain. Unfortunately, this is rarely a simple issue. As the body is a holistic entity and working on one part can often affect it elsewhere.

Also, many pain problems are complicated, and even the doctors don’t know the exact reason why a person is suffering in the way that they do. This can be problematic because it means you may have surgery but still encounter the same difficulties.

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Physical therapy techniques

Another way of dealing with pain is to seek help from one of the many professionals that offer rehabilitation services and deal specifically with pain management. By going to them, you can learn how to relate better to your pain in a psychological way, as well as how to relieve pain through physical activity and exercise.

In fact, for some folks that have tried everything to rid themselves of pain they can make a huge difference in the quality of life. Primarily because they focus on doing the things that are valuable to you and providing a constructive way to deal with the discomfort while you are doing so.

TENS machines

Lastly, don’t forget that there is something less invasive than surgery that a lot of people believe is helpful in dealing with pain, a TENS machine. This is a small mobile machine that emits tiny electric shocks, which confuses the nerve endings making it harder for the body to interpret their signals as pain.

They are available from medical suppliers as well as general retailers online in many cases, and as an added bonus they are a fairly inexpensive way of dealing with pain issues too.









Lithiyum Launches with a Big Bang!

On 13th July, Capital Delhi welcomed it’s first international and premium club, lounge & fine dine property: Lithiyum at Hotel Ashok, Chankyapuri, New Delhi with a big bang launch party. The exclusive launch party was attended by all famous food and hospitality people & influencers. With its most professional sound system in the world by Outline, Italy based Company (yes, in the whole wide world), feel the pulsating beats and let your body groove to them. It’s a Brainchild of Mr. Saurabh Katyal (Director. Lithiyum) who was previously with renowned property Jynxx and who also who owns Imagine Ice as well.

The property is divided into 3sections: Club Room, Drawing Room & Arena. Lithiyum is a never before luxurious amalgamation of a superior fine dine, gastropub nightclub and a cocktaileria. “I am thrilled and overwhelmed by the response we have got from all the guest today. At Lithiyum, we promise to take the F&B industry a step forward with all the world class music system, lights, ambience, and fusion food” says Mr. Saurabh Katyal, M.D. Lithiyum at the launch.

The property is amalgamation of 3sections: Club Room, Drawing Room (Fine Dine) & Arena (lounge area). With area of more than 13,800 sq ft, Lithiyum is a never before luxurious amalgamation of a superior fine dine, gastropub nightclub and a cocktaileria. Lithiyum’s club room envelops you with the best mixes, the perfect pitch, the right timbre and the most balanced intensity of sounds. For times when one just wants to do nothing and just hang out, you could do just that in, well our Arena. Imagine, waking up and plunging straight into our special Watery Brunch as the clock strikes noon. Indoor waterfalls put you in splendid mood to relax and rejuvenate. Our lounge area and our fine dining areas are an extension of this splendid relaxation. Then on the other hand, if you are someone driven by a compulsive desire for luxurious dining, Drawing Room is too staid for your adrenalin levels. Relish the never before presented high end service with top-class butlers along with multicuisine food delicacies. The food has been curated by Internationally Renowned Celebrity Chef Akshay Nayyar.

The Sound System is the most professional sound system in the world (yes, in the whole wide world), feel the pulsating beats and let your body groove to them from Italy based company “Outline”. Lightening Softwares are from UK based company “Madrix”.

A video wall that is more than thrice the size of any person in the club stuns you with its gorgeous picture quality. Want to keep it private and exclusive? RFID enabled entry systems and double-point security screening ushers your guests to our three VVIP sections.

“We are happy to make this launch a success. Lithiyum synchronizes with energy and surely the Place ends up your search for a perfect celebration“ says Mr. Ashutosh Sharma, Director, Marketing, Lithiyum.

Going by the drinks and starters served during the launch, I can easily say that Lithiyum will not just be a hot music destination but also a food lovers paradise. The music and graphics at the DJ console kept my pulse rating really upbeat and it truly was a great launch. I had a great fun at the launch and I really look forward to visiting the place again soon.



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