Day: July 10, 2017

A Wedding Guide For The Groom

Most weddings seem to be all about the bride, and while this is typically the case in a lot of weddings, the role of the groom should not be underestimated. First of all, you’re one of the key players in the ceremony and were probably the one who popped the question in the first place. When you are the groom in a wedding, it can be a little bit, or indeed, extremely overwhelming, with a hundred things going on

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Get Suited and Booted

Let’s be honest, all eyes are going to be on the bride’s dress during the wedding, but you’ll also want to be looking your best. There will be photos of this day which will be seen by family and friends in years to come. Smelling good, using good skincare products, and having a well cut suit is imperative. When you’re busy planning, however, and need to do 101 other things as well as getting a suit, you’ll want to sort out your wedding outfit as quickly as possible. Make sure you don’t compromise on style or quality and take a look at tailors and suit makers that offer bespoke suits to stand out at your wedding. This is one day that you need to stand out and be stylish and smart. Your suit also needs to convey your individual style, which is why it is worth spending time looking for the suit that you feel comfortable in.

Give The Bride The Morning

It is so important for the bride to have enough time to get ready in peace and quiet, most likely with her bridesmaids and close family, before the wedding takes place. She’ll probably have been stressing out in the lead up to the wedding and will want to sit back and take everything in on the actual day itself. Tradition dictates that the groom and bride shouldn’t see each other on the morning of the wedding, which, tradition aside, is a good thing because it means that the bride can take a breather and enjoy getting ready with her friends and family.

Take the pressure off of your bride to be, and make sure you organise last minute details, for the morning of the wedding. This might mean transporting the cake to the venue, sorting out the layout of the tables and any last minute seating arrangements. But do make sure you have enough time to take a seat and get ready with your groomsmen without rushing!

Don’t Have Your Stag Do The Night Before

Whatever you do, don’t have your stag do the night before! While the night before the wedding was traditionally when people would have their stag do, people are now rejecting this tradition for good reason. Having a wild night right before your wedding can lead to all kinds of disasters, the lesser of which could involve you having a thumping headache the day of your wedding, but could also mean you missing your day entirely! Take this tip, and plan your stag do for the week before and give yourself plenty of time to recover!




Monsoon Mania at Chaayos

Chaayos has been my all time favourite place, it has such a cool and amazing vibes that I love spending time with family and friends, catching up over a cup of tea and some lip smacking snacks. Also I love the fact about Chaayos that they keep experimenting with their menu, and hence every visit is full of a surprise. New items are kept added to keep the monotonous away whereas the hot selling dishes are always retained.

Over the weekend, I went on to explore the current rage, the Monsoon Special Menu and it was totally worth it. The new dishes added in the menu are apt with the theme and each one of the items taste awesome. You will have a tough time choosing which to have and which to let go, I suggest go with a bigger group of friends and get your hands on everything 🙂

Bund Samosa, a very typical old Delhi charm and a popular street food that finds it place even in homes especially during monsoons. Yes we may not typically have samosa in a bun, but samosa wrapped in bread slices is a common thing. Here at Chaayos, the same home like flavours were beautifully crafted in a soft bun stuffed with a crisp samosa and dollops of chutneys and it surely made for a delightful preparation.

Masala Kulcha with Kulhad Chicken was another amazing preparation, loved the presentation and also the taste. The kulchas seemed freshly prepared and were really soft, the chicken masala was a well cooked, loved the thick tomato gravy.

How can one not have pakodas with tea and that too on a rainy evening, or afternoon, or any time of the day for that matter, the pakodas platter at Chaayos is just amazing. Loaded with Kanda Bhajiyas, Paneer Pakodas and Mirch Pakoda, its a true monsoon delight which you can’t afford to miss.

The other two things that I totally got bowled over by were, Loaded Chicken Open Parantha and Kadhai Chicken Sandwich, both these dishes were remarkable. The open parantha was absolutely delicious and I regret not having it more. I really could have digged in for a couple of pieces more, but nevertheless, now I know what i have to go back here for. Words can’t justify this dish and hence you have to go and figure out for yourself, if you don’t eat it, you surely are missing something.

The Kadhai Chicken Sandwich was a unique preparation where in kadhai chicken was stuffed in soft bun bread and this one again is worth relishing with a cup of tea of your choice.

You must try their Shahi Chai, which is a special monsoon edition, its not like a regular tea, in fact its a thick custard like version of tea made with condensed milk, and can be enjoyed like a dessert after the savouries.

Also don’t forget to indulge in some piping hot Jalebis, crisp, tiny jalebies served in a kulhad are worth every calorie.

My love for this place can only keep increasing, so all I can say is, just got for it and experience it for yourself.