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The Health Checks You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On

Keeping tabs on our family’s health can feel like lot’s of appointments that span over the year. It can be easy to forget where you have been, and what needs to be booked. It’s understandable, after all, we only want to do the best by our family and to make sure everyone is healthy and happy. Keeping yourself organized is the key to success. So I thought I would share with you some of the family health checks that need to happen. If you aren’t on top of any of them, then get them booked in as soon as possible.

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Our dental hygiene is important. We only get one set of adult teeth in our lifetime. So it’s important that we encourage good dental health in our children from an early age. Even though they dislike cleaning their teeth so much. Regular checks with the dentist will keep those teeth in check. It’s vital you book in with a dentist as soon as your child’s teeth come through so that you start the regular check ups going forward. While it may not be a pleasant experience for all when you attend, you will be happy you did as time goes on and you have good dental hygiene.

Eye Checks

Our sight is one of the greatest senses we will regret losing if we don’t take care of it. Some of us see better than others, but without having them checked, we wouldn’t know. We may struggle to read small print or see long distance. These things can affect our reaction times when it comes to playing sports and even driving a car. So it’s vital we keep tabs on their condition. However, it isn’t just about general eye care, but sometimes we can struggle with issues with our eyes. This is when Ophthalmologists could identify issues that you may not have known you were struggling with. Thankfully, there are locations all over that can ensure that you take better care of your eyes.

Hearing tests

Our hearing is another important part of the body that we need to keep track of. It can get affected mostly if, as adults, you work or have worked in a place with loud noises. Children can also be prone to problems if they have been around sharp noises and even ear infections. Keeping tabs on your ear and hearing health will make sure that you have perfect use of them as time goes on. Some adults and children won’t even realise they may have a problem until they get checked. Things like hearing aids can transform your lives without you even realising you needed them.

General health checks

Keeping on top of our general health is important. Attending a general health check will mean your weight and body mass index are checked. Alongside things like blood pressure. You could even have blood tests to make sure that cholesterol levels are normal, and you have good iron levels. All things that can cause you problems as time goes on. It’s still very important to make sure that they are not overweight. Obesity is a real problem in the world at the moment.

I hope this helps you get on track when it comes to your family’s health.

How To Get More Out Of Your Workouts, All The Time


Working out is a fantastic way to remain healthy and improve your fitness. However, many of us are left feeling a little shortchanged after each exercise session. We don’t see the desired results quick enough, and we feel like we’re not getting a lot out of each workout.

Today, these problems will be put to rest as I’ll show you how you can get more out of every workout from now on!

Up The Intensity

One of the main reasons you do not see great results is because you’re not working out intensely. You’re very lacklustre in your approach, and everything is very much chilled. This is why you don’t finish each workout on your back dripping with sweat.

If you improve the intensity with which you attack each workout, you’ll soon see better results. The easiest way to up your intensity is to re-energize yourself. A lot of us feel lethargic when we work out, so we can’t find that right level of intensity. There are loads of organic and natural supplements such as Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 that can give you a vitamin boost to increase your energy levels. You’ll feel more energetic and have the ability to hit your workouts harder and with added intensity to get more out of them.

Push Yourself To The Limit

As well as upping the intensity you should also start pushing yourself more and more. It’s amazing how many people seem to care more about sets and reps rather than actually pushing yourself. If you have a workout where it tells you to squat for 12 reps, and you get to that 12th rep, and you feel fine, then you’re not pushing yourself. You should crank out a few more reps until you start to struggle. Then, on the next set, you should increase the weight to make it harder.


Rep goals aren’t strict, they’re just there to help guide you and show you around about how many reps you should aim for. Ideally, you should be getting to your final rep of every set and almost fail. That shows you’ve pushed yourself to the limit, and your muscles will take a good beating. This is how you see better results, as you’re really testing your body and getting it to improve.

Switch Them Up

If your workouts become repetitive, then they’ll stop yielding proper results. Your body will start to adjust to what you’re doing, and you’ll plateau. Too many people do this as they get comfortable with their workouts and like doing them.

What you need to do is switch up your workouts and keep your body guessing. If you do one selection of workouts one week, do another the next week. Or, try training in one specific fashion for a month, then change it up and shock your system with a new style of training. No matter what, you don’t want to fall into the trap of doing the same workouts for years on end as it won’t show good results.

If you take this advice onboard, you’ll soon get a lot more from every workout. As a result, get ready to see the fittest you you’ve ever encountered!



Fighting Phobias: How To Conquer The Unconquerable

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Most people have an aversion to creepy crawlies, heights or enclosed spaces but fewer no the crippling fear and panic that go hand in hand with a phobia. Around 19.2 million adult Americans live with a phobia or extreme fear of some sort. For those people, it can be an isolating experience that they struggle to communicate to friends, family and loved ones. A phobia can also be extremely damaging to the psyche and impede people in their day-to-day life. The sheer range of subjects about which one can be phobic, coupled by the almost unbearable sense of dread and anxiety that manifests in people with phobias make it a very real and serious psychological condition.

Understanding phobias

Living with a phobia can be at best inconvenient and at worst debilitating. It can prevent you from taking a family vacation, allowing your child to take in a pet, or going to the dentist. Nobody who lives with a phobia wants to continue to suffer, but it can be difficult to determine the best way to fight your phobias. WHile there are a variety of coping strategies, among the most potent is understanding.

It’s not always clear how or why phobias occur but they tend to be linked to (sometimes forgotten) traumatic experiences in childhood, adolescence or the early years of adulthood. They can also be learned by observing the behavior of others as we grow up. If your Mom got freaked out by spiders when you were little, chances are you’ll grow up to be scared of spiders too. More complex phobias like agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) or social phobia are thought to be caused by a perfect storm of genetic and neurochemical factors.

Symptoms of phobias

Many people living with phobias don’t understand the distinction between a fear and a phobia. While in many ways they are the same, the symptoms of a phobia are often much more pronounced. When brought into contact with a ‘stressor’, be it a rat, a spider, an airplane or a crowded shopping mall, the body produces a surge of adrenaline initiating a ‘fight or flight’ response in the reptilian brain and causing a state of panic, which may also include:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Trembling
  • Sweating

If you experience these symptoms, then there’s a good chance you’re experiencing a phobia rather than a fear.

Coping strategies

Having identified the causes and symptoms of phobias, let’s have a look at some strategies to stop them from taking control of your life. As with any form of cognitive therapy, these strategies require effort and persistence but if you stick with them can make a real difference.

The most important thing is to remember that anxiety is a perfectly natural survival mechanism. These strategies are designed to help manage anxiety, not eliminate it.

‘Realistic Thinking’– This is a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It requires you to explore your phobia with some searching questions. What is it that you’re really afraid of? Most of us know that a crowd, a rat or a spider pose little physical threat to us, so why do they cause us anxiety? These can be difficult questions to ask ourselves and we’re often unable to answer them which leads us to…

Research– There’s nothing as terrifying as the unknown, and our imaginations have a tendency to warp and exaggerate unknown commodities. Research the animal you’re afraid of, or the technical specifications of planes if you’re afraid of flying.You may find that the more you know and understand, the less you fear.

Controlled exposure– This is the most effective coping strategy but it’s extremely important not to rush it. How you carry out a controlled exposure will depend on your phobia. If, for example, you’re afraid of the dentist’s then a very gradual exposure to the practice is the way to go. Begin with walking in and out of the practice with a partner or friend. After a while, see if you can walk into the building on your own. The next day, try sitting in the waiting area (accompanied for around 10-15 minutes). After you’ve done this, as your partner to leave you there alone for ten minutes but ensure they’re on standby if it does get too much. Then, make an appointment with your dentist just to talk and get to know them. If you need to bring someone else in with you then that’s absolutely fine too. When you’re ready allow them to look inside your mouth then graduate to a clean and polish and eventually to whatever work you may need done.



What Any Parent Needs To Consider When They Have A Family

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting, exhausting but amazing journeys you will embark on in your life. From the moment you get that positive pregnancy test it no longer is just about yourself, you have someone to be responsible for, and that can be an overwhelming feeling. But as time moves on you sink into your new role, and life carries on developing new routines as each day passes. However, there are certain things we can put to one side that is important once you have a family to think of. I thought I would share with you what some of them are.


Consider taking out life insurance

Life insurance is important when it comes to your family. None of us truly knows what the future holds, but right now, we could be invested in mortgages and debts. Not to mention being reliant on your wages. This is why life insurance should be a vital part of your outgoings. It can then take care of anything that is outstanding, and even help towards living expenses for the future. Thankfully, a little research online should be able to determine the best policy for you.

Make decisions on health care

The health care of yourself and your family is a high priority, so you should have procedures in place for when you need daily or urgent medical care. Thankfully, in some areas, you can gain access to an urgent care clinic to deal with any of those emergencies that can arise when you least expect them to. It’s important for you to remain vigilant with your families healthcare, so encourage a healthy diet, regular exercise, and keep on top of common illnesses and issues that arise.

Think about the future with a will

Every one of us have some form of assets. It might just be the jewelry we have on, the clothes we are wearing, or even houses and cars, etc. However, on the same lines of not knowing what the future holds, it’s a good idea to have a will in place. This ensures that there is no confusion on different matters and finances.


Make sure you value your time

Time is by far one of the best and most important things you can give your children. While I appreciate that many of us have busy jobs and lifestyles, it is still important to invest in time rather than material things with your kids. Take your annual leave when you can, leave the office when you should do. No one ever regrets not spending more time in the office, do they?

Saving as often as you can

Finally, it is always worth considering saving for your children’s future at your earliest convenience, even if it is a small amount each month. At some point, your child will grow up and need help with higher education, maybe getting a car, or even help on the property ladder. Having saved up, you could be in a position to help them.

I hope this helps you get ahead when it comes to your families needs.

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