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How To Recover From Your Workout At Home

It’s all too easy to go a little too hard when you’re working out because when that adrenaline is rushing around your body, you tend to push yourself further than you intended, and then you’re left sore and aching, unable to workout or do anything of use for a few days. Luckily, there are ways that you can recover faster than normal so that you can get yourself back in the gym for another workout.


Don’t sit still

While your body is aching, all you can think of is sitting or lying very still to avoid causing yourself any more unnecessary pain. This is one of the worst things you can do because when you do finally have to get up, it will hurt more than it did before. Keep your body moving as much as possible, but at a slower pace. Once your muscles are rewarmed up, you will find that the pain eases and that you’re able to continue with regular day to day life.


Did you know, that every person can lose up to 1.4 liters of sweat during each hour of workout on average? That’s a lot of fluid to lose from your body, and since the most important thing we can put into our bodies is water, you need to concentrate on rehydrating. The more hydrated your are, the quicker your muscles will be able to recover. Many athletes have taken to IV therapy, which allows them to rehydrate faster than simply drinking water. This might be something to consider if you’re an avid gym goer.

Eat regenerative food

The food that you’re putting into your body will also affect how quickly you recover from your workouts. Bingeing on junk food will do nothing but undo your hard work from your workout. The best types of food to eat are fish, berries, nuts and broccoli. While none of them sound as appetizing as a pizza, you will notice that eating the right food will get you back in the gym faster than ever.


Also, eating the right food all of the time will allow you to notice the gains you’re working towards from the gym even faster. Foods high in protein are brilliant for muscle building and endurance.

Get enough sleep

Believe it or not, sleep is one of the most important thing you can give yourself to help you recover from an intense workout. Giving your body that time to properly rest will allow it to repair itself, while helping you feel more alert the next day too. Try and aim to get at least eight hours of sleep a night and you will find that your recovery time is shortened between workouts.


Applying these four things to your lifestyle will allow you to recover faster from an overly intense workout, and get you back on it faster than ever. Remember not to over do it as much as possible – Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will the body you’re working towards!

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How To Get More Out Of Your Workouts, All The Time

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Working out is a fantastic way to remain healthy and improve your fitness. However, many of us are left feeling a little shortchanged after each exercise session. We don’t see the desired results quick enough, and we feel like we’re not getting a lot out of each workout.

Today, these problems will be put to rest as I’ll show you how you can get more out of every workout from now on!

Up The Intensity

One of the main reasons you do not see great results is because you’re not working out intensely. You’re very lacklustre in your approach, and everything is very much chilled. This is why you don’t finish each workout on your back dripping with sweat.

If you improve the intensity with which you attack each workout, you’ll soon see better results. The easiest way to up your intensity is to re-energize yourself. A lot of us feel lethargic when we work out, so we can’t find that right level of intensity. There are loads of organic and natural supplements such as Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 that can give you a vitamin boost to increase your energy levels. You’ll feel more energetic and have the ability to hit your workouts harder and with added intensity to get more out of them.

Push Yourself To The Limit

As well as upping the intensity you should also start pushing yourself more and more. It’s amazing how many people seem to care more about sets and reps rather than actually pushing yourself. If you have a workout where it tells you to squat for 12 reps, and you get to that 12th rep, and you feel fine, then you’re not pushing yourself. You should crank out a few more reps until you start to struggle. Then, on the next set, you should increase the weight to make it harder.


Rep goals aren’t strict, they’re just there to help guide you and show you around about how many reps you should aim for. Ideally, you should be getting to your final rep of every set and almost fail. That shows you’ve pushed yourself to the limit, and your muscles will take a good beating. This is how you see better results, as you’re really testing your body and getting it to improve.

Switch Them Up

If your workouts become repetitive, then they’ll stop yielding proper results. Your body will start to adjust to what you’re doing, and you’ll plateau. Too many people do this as they get comfortable with their workouts and like doing them.

What you need to do is switch up your workouts and keep your body guessing. If you do one selection of workouts one week, do another the next week. Or, try training in one specific fashion for a month, then change it up and shock your system with a new style of training. No matter what, you don’t want to fall into the trap of doing the same workouts for years on end as it won’t show good results.

If you take this advice onboard, you’ll soon get a lot more from every workout. As a result, get ready to see the fittest you you’ve ever encountered!



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