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Perfectly Productive: Achieving Better Focus and Mental Clarity at Work

Work is a big part of our lives, and being able to get down to business and work hard is essential if you want to do well in life, earn money and live the way that you want. It’s important to set goals and to look to the future, but it’s the way you perform every day that will make a difference. Here are some of the ways you can boost productivity by improving mental clarity at work.

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Live a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle has so many benefits- but one that you might not have considered is a better focus at work. The wrong foods can make you feel sluggish, and others will cause cravings that can distract you from what you’re doing. Stay hydrated which can improve focus, eat foods that are good for your body and your mood will be elevated and you’ll be able to concentrate better. Some healthy eating plans have been shown to improve mental clarity, for example, one of the reasons why you should take Beta Hydroxybutyrate with a keto style diet is because it’s been shown to improve mental performance. If you don’t want to stick to a specific dietary plan, eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and dairy in the right quantities will benefit just about everyone.

Improve your office

Improving your workspace can make you more productive as well as feel less stressed. If you work as an employee, just clearing your desk and coming up with new storage solutions could be helpful. If you run your own business or work from home then you have it within your power to change your entire office space. Move the desk closer to the window as the natural daylight improves mood. Paint the walls a light, neutral shade to help space feel bigger and brighter. Add some decorative touches to make the office feel homely but without being cluttered or distracting.

Take regular breaks

There’s nothing worse than being faced with a problem that you just can’t solve. After a while, you can get tunnel vision towards it and it becomes impossible to overcome. Taking even a short break and returning can allow you to spot the solution right away. Regular breaks help to prevent eye strain and also decrease restless energy. If you can get active and do some exercise, even a brisk walk around your office building it will give your brain a boost of happy hormones and can wake up too! Of course, you won’t want to be taking breaks so often that you’re disrupting your workflow and breaking concentration when you’re on a roll. But if you’re struggling, don’t feel like you need to sit and give yourself a headache over what you’re doing. Have a couple of minutes away, drink a cup of tea or some water and move around a little. When you return back to your desk, chances are you’ll be ready to get right back into it.

Cash For Creatives: Making Money With Your Passion

As a creative, it can be surprisingly difficult to make money with your craft. There you are with an incredible skill that sets you apart from the rest, but turning this into a career can be tricky. As a writer, artist or musician for example you might feel like unless you get a big break you’re likely to be working your day job forever and having your passion as something that’s simply a hobby. However with the accessibility of the internet, there are increasing opportunities where you can use your skills to pay the bills. Here are a few ideas!



If you have a love and passion for music, you don’t have to wait to get snapped up by a recording artist and become a star to do well. You could create tracks, one of which could be picked up by a producer to be used in film, tv or advertising. If you’re a bit of an audiophile (check out the explanation for this to see if you match up!) chances are you’re big on sound quality and details so your music will already be of an excellent quality. You could sell your music downloads, you could even play live gigs if you’re good and this is your kind of scene. Venues are always in need of bands for live music and you could be paid well for this. Another option would be to teach or tutor. You could offer singing lessons or instrument lessons to children or adults. Have a professional website created and turn it into an exciting business.

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Gone are the days when you have to hope one of your masterpiece photos sell and earn you a decent amount of money. You don’t even need to shoot weddings or portraits either, there are other options. Thanks to sites like Shutterstock you can make great, regular income from your photos as a photographer. You can upload your photos and you get a small amount of money every time someone downloads one, which means once the pictures are on the site you can continue earning from them with no additional work. You do need to know what kind of things people are after, for example flowers and landscapes are ten a penny. But pictures featuring people in different scenarios do very well, be aware anyone featuring will need to sign a model release form.



Again, no need to focus on one huge masterpiece and hope that it sells. There are plenty of smaller projects you can take on as an artist which can all combine to earn good money. You could upload things like illustrations and sketches as clip art on sites like Etsy. Every time someone downloads it you get some money so again once the work is done you can continue earning. You could use your drawings to make things like art prints and posters, greetings cards and more and sell these online or open up a shop or stall.


Work A High-Stress Career? Look After Yourself First


Working a high-stress career is simply a must for many people trying to achieve their goals and pursue the life they want. There are almost more high-stress careers than there are low-stress, and so it’s important to tailor yourself to the job market so you can work the roles you truly want. For example, a great chef will only become great if they’re willing to suffer the long hours and hardships of the kitchen. A construction worker will need to become adapted to the rugged physicality of the job, as well as mitigating the overstimulation of the nearby machinery.

High-stress jobs are simply a factor of the working world, as they always have been dating back to antiquity. For these reasons, it’s important to take care of yourself to keep resilient and active in the direction you most want to pursue. We’d like to offer you some health tips for achieving this.


You must make sure you are well protected during your workplace activities. It shouldn’t take a H+S officer to give you the motivation to read through the safety policy at your firm. Knowing this could potentially give you life-saving information. At the very least, making sure you are well protected regarding the role you play can help.

If you’re on your feet for multiple hours a day, wearing soft crocs or supportive shoes can help your feet health and your alertness over the course of the day. Making sure you mitigate the effects of workplace trauma can help too, for example, tinnitus treatment can help you mitigate the effects of noisy environments, or become active to work again after an injury. Making sure your skin is protected in toxic environments and constantly assessing your breathing environment will give you and even more complete view of safety in the workplace.


Giving yourself time to unwind from a stressful day will help you loosen some of the tightness you feel after a hard working period. It’s important that you give yourself this time, where you allow yourself to think about nothing in particular. For some people, this involves resting in front of the television, or consuming video games as a hobby. While these can be beneficial, and it’s more than your right to achieve this, there are better hobbies to help you.

Meditating can help you become more focused in your daily life, and actually de-emphasises the part of your brain responsible for stress. A simply crafting hobby can help you meditate physically, and creative expression is often the best way to de-stress. Reading a great book can help distract you in a completely different world, coming back to your life with added rejuvenation. These tips can help you overcome the difficulty of your daily schedule, and approach it with added caution and ability.

With these tips, your high-stress career will come second to your health, just the way it should be.




Fighting Fit: Staying Healthy At Work, And For Work

It’s a real fight sometimes staying fit and healthy at work. However, it’s definitely worth doing, and this is for two reasons. The first is that no job is worth sacrificing your health for. After all, it’s really the only thing we have when you take all the trappings of life away. The second is that poor health can endanger your job. Leading to excessive time off sick and even resulting in you no longer being able to work and support your family. With this in mind read on for some advice on how to stay healthy at work, and for work.

Look at your work environment

The first thing you do to keep healthy at work is to look at the environment that you work in. Is it conducive to health and wellbeing? If not, what can you then do, or ask your employers to do to improve it?

It may be that you work in a shop or restaurant and are on your feet all day so you can decide to swap from heel shoes to flats. Something that will put less strain on your back and knees. You may work in an environment where the risk of infection is high, such as a hospital or public building. In this case why not ask your employers to provide hand sanitizer, and items like automatic doors, that can reduce the risk of infection? If you work in an office environment and are indoors all day, you may choose to start taking your breaks outside. This can help you stay healthier because you can access natural light that helps your body to create D vitamins, as well as getting a break from your desk.

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Just remember whether it is a change that you or your employer makes your environment can have a big impact on your health.

Use work health benefits

Next, a good way of staying fighting fit at and for work is to use the health benefits that your company provides. They may offer a free or reduced-priced gym membership. They may even be generous enough to provide health insurance. Although it is always worth asking what is covered by your policy, as not all grant access to eye health services as well as medical help. If this is the case with yours ask to add vision to your business insurance plan that your employer provides. They may even offer to pay for this for you, especially if you can prove that your eye health is vital to your job.

Manage your stress

Next, to stay fighting fit for work, it’s absolutely essential that you acknowledge and deal with stress. Just pretending that it isn’t affecting you will not stop it having a negative impact. Instead, you need to find constructive ways of dealing with it, ones that you can use while you are at work.

To this end, consider short guided meditations at your desk, taking breaks outside of the office, or even using a stress relief app like the ones here to help you manage any negative feelings. This will then help to stop them building up and causing more major health problems later on.









Beat Boredom At Home


Modern life is frantic, and we never seem to get enough time to ourselves. So, when we do, it’s imperative that we fill that time in a productive fashion. Sadly, that lack of familiarity means that those moments of relaxation often lead to immense boredom. It is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating things in the world.

If money is tight, you can’t just pop out to fill your time with expensive entertainment. Thankfully, there are plenty of cheap and cheerful ways to entertain yourself at home. Here are just five of the best.

Get Fit: Exercise releases endorphins, which will instantly start to make you feel positive about life in general. However, the results can also promote a better body image and increased self-confidence. Working out at home can include using DVDs, practicing yoga, and lifting weights. Either way, it’s cheaper and more enjoyable than the gym and is something you can do even when you only have a few minutes to spare. Perfect.


Read A Book: Reading is a good way to pass the time, but it can help you achieve so much more. Titles like Spirit Flows Power Grows can help you become a more complete business person, which can accelerate your career. Books on cooking, gardening, and other daily activities can encourage you to develop key skills that will enhance your life. Above all else, you’ll have cured that boredom for a few hours while becoming a better person.

Do Some DIY: Instead of focusing on self-improvement, you could also upgrade the home. Tutorials can show you how to make light work better or how to build a simple garden deck. Alternatively, with the help of Viral Nova, you could transform old toys into useful items for your child’s bedroom. If putting a smile on their face doesn’t sound like a great way to beat the boredom blues, what does?

Discover New Shows: Television plays a huge part in our lives. It’s not only a form of entertainment, but it also provides a talking point for groups of friends and relatives. Our viewing habits have changed, though, and the internet now enables us to find great shows like Ouran Host Club at our leisure. Aside from the joys of binge watching your new find, there’s a great opportunity to share it with loved ones. In turn, it could be the new topic of conversation for weeks to come.


Earn Money: Life is essentially split up into three elements – sleep, leisure, and work. So, if you can’t fill your free time with fun, why not start earning a little extra money? This can be achieved in a variety of ways, which include completing surveys and signing up to sites like People Per Hour. Anything you earn is a bonus and can be used to fight future bouts of boredom too. If nothing else, reducing financial stress is sure to bring positive to your world.

So, there we go. Five cheap and easy ways to cure the boredom without even leaving the home. Wasting time never needs to a problem again.