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Top 7 Videography Tips For Beginners

Videography is a work of art. In today’s scenario, with many budding YouTubers coming up with their unique ideas, videography is seeing its breakthrough.


Whether it is shooting a short movie, an ad film or simply shooting a wedding, people always prefer hiring a professional videographer.


Videography is similar to photography except for the fact that the former is ten folds difficult. The similarity lies in the fact that both require you to have a creative mind.

Unlike photography, in videography, you have to take care of everything from the frame to the sound and to the sequence of the scenes. So, videography is not a cake walk just as many people perceive it to be.


Many people will not be having a clear idea about videography. One reason is that they are not well equipped with everything it takes to shoot a video.


But, not to worry because we have compiled the best videography tips for people who are just about to kick-start their career in videography. As a beginner, these tips would be your lifesaver!


Let’s have a look:


  1. Get yourself a good quality professional camera!


Needless to say that the quality of entire video you’re shooting depends greatly on the camera that you’re shooting it with. Invest in a good quality professional camera, a DSLR or Mirrorless camera for instance.


You may go for Canon EOS 80D DSLR that allows superb autofocus with high-resolution video.

If you’re on a budget, go for Nikon DSLRs. Consider Nikon D3400 which is best suited for beginners because it is easy to work with.

This DSLR translates superior quality even in low light. It will prove to be your ideal companion if you’re just starting with videography.



  1. Be well equipped with the best audio tech


Hear it very loud and clear, because this tip is extremely important!.

Don’t just rely on the built-in mic of your camera but choose a good quality separate mic instead.


For shooting with DSLR cameras, Lavalier microphones are good to go.

Imagine how unpleasant it would be for the viewer if the quality of the video is great but the sound is not clear enough.


Don’t worry if you’re on a budget and cannot buy these, we’ll tell you just how you can improve the sound quality of your videos.


  • Keep the mic as close as possible to the sound you’re trying to record.
  • If you’re capturing someone who’s talking, make sure to have the camera very close to that person.
  • Do not overlook the sound quality of your video. If you feel that people will have to strain their ears in order to understand what the person in the video is trying to convey, re-shoot it. You cannot compromise with the quality of the sound!
  • Get rid of the background noises! Background noises are a hindrance to what you’re actually trying to capture. Make sure that there is no background noise so that what you’re trying to capture is loud and clear.


  1. Avoid zooming in


Zooming in just because you’re too lazy to walk up to a subject that is far away from you is a bad idea.


No matter how superior your camera quality may be, it will never be able to match the quality of video that you get, when you actually shoot the subject by keeping the camera close to it.


So, remember that zooming in is not the way out for shooting close up shots.


  1. Take care of the background


A videographer has already picturized what he wants to capture in his mind. Make sure that the background matches what you have imagined. Keep it subtle and don’t go too overboard with it.


  1. Make sure that the lighting is proper


Just as lighting plays an important role in clicking the perfect picture, it plays an important role in capturing videos too. The right amount of light will give your videos an edge over the others.


Don’t confuse ‘right amount of light’ with ‘excessive amount of light’. Too much light can ruin your video as badly as dim light does.


  1. Keep a steady hand


Shaking the camera too much while shooting will give you unpleasant output. Make sure to have a steady hand.

If you don’t have a control over that, use a tripod. For best results, a tripod is a must.


  1. Keep hard wires away from the frame

Rewatch your video, again and again, to make sure that there isn’t any sign of hard wires or any unwanted thing in that video. Critics would easily be able to catch hold of your videography flaws.!




So these are great handful tips that every beginner should swear by. Having acquainted you with these tips, we would like to introduce you to the final and the most important step i.e. editing your video.


While you do that, try to stay as innovative as possible. We hope that these tips are of great help to you. Go ahead and let your creativity tell a story.


How Stellar Data Recovery Saved My YouTube Channel Launch

My Passion for Photography

Both in my professional and personal life, traveling has played a very integral part. While traveling professionally, I have traveled the length and breadth of the country and even across the globe, from deep down rural to ultra-urban cities. And even in my personal life, I have shared some of the best moments, traveling with my family. Traveling has been a great teacher in my life and the different places and experiences have taught me a lot of aspects of life. It’s strange, how even over the years, memories of all trips remain so fresh in my mind. But I have to admit that photographs have played a big role in keeping those memories intact. Especially as a blogger, photographs became important not just as to keep memories, but also to maintain my blogging and Instagram on a regular basis. Over a period of time, these photos have become an imperative part of my life and my phone is always full of different photographs collected from different trips.

Storing Pictures

Earlier days, we used to keep our albums safely and securely locked away to ensure they don’t spoil away. But today, living in the digital world, albums have become a thing of past and its all about keeping the photos stored on digital platforms, whether it’s our phone, cloud memories or the hard drives.

But are the photos always safe, when stored digitally? No, while cloud memories are often expensive to buy, we end up storing our pictures on our phone and then maybe a back up in hard drives. But have you ever faced an issue with a hard drive? Well, I have and trust me it was devastating.

My Singapore Trip

At the beginning of the year, I visited Singapore with a friend of mine, and it was my first trip to Singapore. Also, this trip was very important to us, as we are launching women based travel channel, and this was our maiden trip for our channel. So you can very well understand the importance of this trip for us. First of all, it was an international trip and secondly, more of a business value for us than anything else. We clicked thousands of pictures because we not only had to keep our personal Instagram accounts filled with it, but also the new business venture needed those pictures. And since it was a YouTube channel that we were launching, we had over 200 videos in a 4-day trip, which were to be compiled into web series and first and foremost a launch video.

[easy-image-collage id=9981]

The Panic Moment

Now imagine my plight, that when I took the hard drive to my editor, in which all our thousands of pictures and 200 videos were transferred, did not open. We checked to plug in the hard drive into different computers, but it did not read even in one. It was a moment to panic, as I realized that the hard drive had probably corrupted. All my dreams came shattering down, as I practically had no time left for my launch. I was just a fortnight away from the launch and these videos and images were so important to me. And obviously, Singapore was not a local place that I could go back and shoot again, so a chance had to be taken for data recovery. Checked with a couple of local service providers, but no one gave a guarantee of data recovery and rather scared me that the data won’t be recovered at all. I was in a total mess.

Stellar, To The Rescue

A friend of mine then told me about Stellar Data Recovery Services, she told me they were very professional and their recovery rate was very high. They provided services for all most all kinds of data recovery and they were my only recourse.
Before going to their branch, I checked and read about them online and a lot of information was available on their site itself. Their service advantages really caught my attention and I was convinced of their professionalism.


Kinds of Services Provided

Hard Drive Recovery
SSD Data Recovery
Server Data Recovery
Storage Box Data Recovery
RAID Data Recovery
Encrypted Data Recovery
iPhone Data Recovery
Android Data Recovery
CTB Locker Virus Recovery
Laptop/Desktop Data Recovery
Flash Data Recovery
MacBook Data Recovery
Pen Drive Recovery
SD Card Recovery
Ransomware Virus Recovery
CCTV/DVR Recovery
iPad Data Recovery
Removable Media Recovery
Email Recovery
Tally Data Recovery
Photo Recovery
File Recovery
Database Recovery
Disaster Data Recovery

Why Trust Stellar

They are the only ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified organization in India. Not the one who claim on papers to be ISO certified, but the ones who practice ISO guidelines inside their data recovery operations.

They are India’s first data recovery service company founded in 1993, and Stellar can proudly boast of experienced research & development team who have developed numerous data recovery software’s. This proprietary software and tools can recover data from different kind of storage devices in various conditions. So, in addition to the expected recovery of your data, they ensure your data is safe & secure within their organization. They have a success rate of 95% on data recoveries.

The best part is that their data recovery service comes with a 100% money back policy. They work on No Recovery- No charge policy*. Which means if they do not recover data specified by you, they don’t charge for it.
They even allow you to step into their lab and see the work getting done, being completely transparent about their processes. This is a Class 100 Cleanroom lab for Data Recovery, the only one of its kind in entire India.


They follow a simple process for data recovery

The Stellar Strength

2 Million+ Satisfied Customer
8000+ Partners Worldwide
In Lab Data Recovery Service Provider
Strong Presence in USA, Europe & Asia
350+ Employees
Microsoft Gold ISV Partner
ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO 9001 certified
80+ R&D Engineers
60+ Data Recovery Experts

Advantages for opting for Stellar

No Recovery, No Charge*
15 Locations Across India
Accurate Efficient and Reliable
35000+ Data Recovery Jobs Annually
World Class Infrastructure of Class 100 Clean Room Labs
Free Door Step Drive Pick Up
Risk-Free, Privacy Ensured

To Conclude

All I can say is I was really thankful to Stellar for the video and photos recovery from my hard drive that too with a quick turn around time. In fact, I also read about preventive measures for hard drive crash on their site and know at least I can be more future ready. I was able to get my video edited and the launch did happen timely without any delays and further panic.
So remember this name whenever you face such a situation. I can easily say that there is no one better than them.

Check Out My Launch Video Here


Leica hosted its third session of ‘Coffee with Leica’ , a photo talk by Canadian Diplomat, Roger Chen

A leader in luxury camera segment worldwide, German Luxury Camera brand ‘Leica’celebrated the cultural heritage of India with the third session of ‘Coffee with Leica’on Saturday, 21stJuly 2018 by joining hands with Canadian Diplomat and proud Leica user- Mr. Roger Chen. The brand through this initiative not only promoted the Indian culture but also sharing Leica’s experience with the new generation of photographers.

Post the amazing response received for the first two sessions of ‘Coffee with Leica’, the third session was sculpted around Roger’s latest collection ‘Devotion- A Journey through India’, where he displayed photographs taken during his three years stay in India, capturing festivals, religion, culture and tradition. The session addressed new generation of photographers, sharing valuable information around ‘The art of capturing Indian streets which is filled with the amusing culture of India’ and photography journey with Leica.

The way Roger went on telling stories about each of his capture, it was a great narrative not just about photography nuances but also the culture of India. He also shared why some of his pictures, which he loved, never made it to the exhibition. All those minute details which change our perspective of looking at photographs in a certain way was just so interesting and intriguing.

His collection is up for exhibition at Leica Store, New Delhi from July 16thto July 26th, 2018.

About the Speaker

Mr. Roger Chen has been a diplomat working overseas over the past 25 years in locations such as Jakarta, Kuwait, Shanghai, São Paulo, Cairo, Beijing, New York and the past three years in Delhi. As an avid travel photographer, Roger has thrived on capturing the diverse cultures, traditions and customs he has been to be privileged to witness. In his Leica journey he documents the world through the Leica M10 and a 35mm f/1.4 Summilux. Follow him on Instagram to see India through his lenses.

About Leica

Leica is a 107-year-old popular German, luxury camera and sports optic brand. Known to be held by renowned photographers and celebrities worldwide, Leica a pioneer in camera and optics for decades, aims at bringing in a class apart photographic experience with their first store in the heart of the capital at Connaught Place, New Delhi in India.

Leica is headquartered at Wetzlar, Germany and has branch offices in Australia, China, France, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea, the UK and the US. Leica would be holding such interesting photo talk events and photo walks every month, for those who are keen to attend, must follow them on Instagram to get regular updates.

I throughly enjoyed myself and all I can say is that apart from gaining knowledge, I am filled with much more enthusiasm to try new techniques in photography, break the rules and simply keep experimenting. I also had a small chit chat with Roger and here is what he said

Your Pledge In Pictures

(Image Source)


Photographs can be incredible things. With the ability to store a moment in time, this sort of tool has had a massive impact on the way that people choose to live. At an important event, like your wedding, they become even more invaluable, and this is when it call gets really interesting. To help you to arrange the photos for your big day, this post will be exploring exactly how to get the best ones. So, now, you just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy your marriage.


Why Get Photos? When on holiday or at smaller family events, a lot of people refuse to take pictures, worried it would take away from the event itself if they are set behind a camera for it. Of course, though, at your wedding, you won’t be taking them yourself; you’ll pay someone else. Companies like Casa Loma have all of the resources you could need to create a great shoot when you tie the knot. Having photos of your event will make it a lot easier to remember going into the future.


A Touch Of Video: When you’re choosing to use a professional company, you open the doors to options which you may have never considered. Video is a lot better than photos when you’re trying to keep memories alive. There are loads of businesses out there which can record, edit, and publish the videos you’d like from your wedding. As an additional feature, this will often cost some money, but it will be worth it once you’re able to choose to relive your special day. This is a very modern approach.


Doing Something Different: Of course, using video isn’t the only way to make your wedding memories interesting, and photos can often give you everything you need. Having a shared Instagram hashtag, for example, would enable all of your guests to submit their own photos of the big day. This sort of option is great if you’d like to avoid having a professional. But, even if you do, it can still be worth grabbing one or two snaps yourself.


Finding A Company: Choosing the business which will be entrusted with your wedding photography will take some work. Reviews on websites like Google will be a great start, but it could also be worth doing some of your own comparisons. Along with this, you should be working hard to find all of the portfolios you can, as this sort of evidence is some of the best you’ll find for this sort of professional.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start looking for the right photographer for your wedding. This sort of job is a lot easier than you might think. But, of course, the approach you take will make all the difference in the end. It’s never worth trying to take the pictures for your own wedding. This will make the day stressful, and you won’t be able to focus on the right things. Instead, you need someone to do it for you, and there are loads of great candidates out there.

Blogging Equipment: The Most Useful Items to Own

One of the main reasons why many people decide to start a blog is because it is straightforward and you don’t need much to get started. But once you get into it, you start to realise that there is a whole host of equipment that can come in handy and essentially make you a better blogger. In this post, we will take a look through some of the top items that can give you a major boost so you can build up a high-quality blog that attracts a loyal readership.


Photo Credit

First of all, you need a device or devices on which you can actually write your blog in the first place. Most people choose a laptop, and you ideally want one which is fast and durable, while still being light enough for you to transport it around easily. Some bloggers also find that a tablet is a useful purchase. Even if you don’t write the posts on here, it is a good option for responding to emails and doing other admin-based tasks. And finally, you have your smartphone. Many bloggers take their images using these devices, and they are also great for updating any social media accounts that are directly connected to the blog. Even though you may judge people who use selfie sticks, there is no doubt that they can really come in useful.


Photo Credit

A lot of bloggers prefer to have a professional-standard camera on which to take their images as it gives a nice touch to accompany your posts with some high-quality pictures. Paired with this, you may also want to invest in some extra equipment like a set of lenses and a remote. Another good option is a tripod which can help you get the stillness you need and is particularly useful if you are photographing scenery.


Photo Credit

Though many people rely heavily on technology these days, it can still be useful to carry around a notebook with you so you can write down any ideas that may come to you while you are on the go. And to help out the actual writing process, it is a good idea to invest in the best keyboard for typing. Beyond this, having some photo editing software       can give your pictures an even more professional-looking edge. Also, having a portable backup charger for your phone or camera can really help you out as batteries tend to drain very quickly when you are taking a lot of photos and video footage.

Beyond these things, everyone has their own personal preferences, but this gives you a good overview of the most essential items. To start off with, you may just need your laptop, ideally an office and then you start to build up your collection over time as you develop your blog. Essentially, you just want to make life as easy as possible for yourself. Good blogging takes hard work and dedication, but the right equipment will give you a helping hand and set you off in the right direction.


A Picture Says 1000 Words – How To Capture These Memorable Moments

We may live in a digital age, but most of us still fill our homes with photos of family and friends. They serve as reminders of past events, happy moments, and memorable occasions. You might not spend hours staring at them, but you wouldn’t want to have a home without all those faces around you.

You might use a digital photo frame that scrolls through holiday snaps, historical shots of senior family members, and old baby photos. Or you might have the entire wall of your stairwell filled with framed pictures of everyone you love. A giant canvas art in the living room and printed pictures held up by magnets on the fridge are all common uses of photographs. So which moments do you treasure most?

The Family Portrait

This is often staged and produced at a professional studio. The photographer will position each of you, so you all fit in the frame. He might request that you all wear the same color, or choose something with different textures. This can add to the visual impact of the shots. Portrait photography like this is often digitally altered, edited, or graded to appear more art-like than your standard taken-at-home shot. This makes it perfect for a large print in a frame or a large format canvas art.

Photo at Pexels

The Wedding

This is a pivotal moment in your lives. And it’s also the day when you’ve never looked more beautiful. When you’re discussing the photography, make sure all the shots you want will be covered. You can also choose how they’re presented, although an album is most common. Why not invest in a large portrait print for the wall? Photos last just as long as the memory, so why shouldn’t you adore that day?

Picture at Pexels

The Big Birthday Bash

This might be the event of the year. Chances are a lot of planning went into this one to make it perfect for the birthday boy or girl. These are the photos you see most often on social media. Themes that involve dressing up certainly make the best shots, and everyone wants a pic of themselves in their fancy dress costume. You could hire an event photographer, or ask that everyone uploads their pics to a common FaceBook page. That way, you pick the ones you want to treasure and arrange for prints.

Picture at Pexels


This is another fantastic photo opportunity that is often covered by the professionals. That doesn’t stop you taking a few pictures yourself in a more casual stance. It can help to show the enjoyment of achieving that all-important certificate. Bring all the family in for a group shot.

What should you look for in a great picture? A natural smile and interaction between the people in the photo always makes for a good pic. Think about what else is in the frame. Remove clutter, and try to avoid straight-on portraits. A little turn to the side helps add depth to the image. Most importantly, let what we see in the frame tell the story of the occasion.


Looking for Pre-Wedding Shoot… Meet the Expert…

Going with the trends, pre-wedding shoots have been an in thing since long now, but innovations in the same is something every couple seeks. You don’t want your pre-wedding shoot to be done in a similar manner as of a friend of yours, you would always want something different, something exciting and innovative. This difference and innovation is a job of an expert, a photographer, a studio that takes up the challenge of making your shoot a memorable one.

Let me introduce you to one such company and the guy who owns it, so that you don’t have to boggle your head on who you need to hire for your pre-wedding shoot.

White Frog Productions is a well known name in the field of TV, Films, Wedding Photography and Ads. It is a creative agency which was founded on 2013 by Kunal Khanna. It is located in New Delhi. They are passionate about Cinematography & Photography.


White Frog Production team believes in hard work and giving best results to the clients. Their corporate clients are :- GROFERS, NIKON, ZENICA CARS, COSCO SPORTS etc. They have done many shoots for fashion like Worlds of Wonder, Diacolor jewels, TACFAB fashions, SahibaTextiles , Rajdeep Ranawat (FASHION DESIGNER) etc. They also shoot for high profile Lounge, Pubs and Bars like CLUB BW, Skooter, Hype, The town house cafe etc. They have an experience of Live Events, television production, filming and they worked for companies like TV Today Group, NDTV, CBS Love, UTV, Network 18, the team has its clear focus in delivering results and products that help to radiate their positive energy across the entire visual-communications space. The experienced team at White Frog Productions thinks with their customer hats on, delivering customized solutions tailored to every client’s need.

White frog productions pre wedding shoots are also getting more innovative day by day. They love to click the best moments of a couple in a natural form. They provide the services in Film, Photography like fashion, weddings, and corporate, commercial and full retouching services. Graphic design, corporate branding, Web design, Motion Graphics Film: pre and post Production, Editing, VFX, Production, Sound Design.





White frog productions cover every wedding in a unique style and explore new ways to make it different. They always do a lot of research and come up with innovative ideas. They always look forward to capture beautiful moments which the couple can cherish forever and ever.




Now, there upcoming projects are 10 royal place wedding Photo shoot, high profile corporate events and shooting in 3 countries Bali, Bangladesh & Bangkok in 10 days.

KUNAL KHANNA (Director, White Frog Productions)

Kunal Khanna, Director, White Frog Productions is passionate for his work. He has been a captain of the ship since the inception. A great cinematographer who has short multiple feature films, big label music video and commercials. He loves to work on mountains and his love for bikes and cameras is never ending. He has 8 years of experience in media. Recently he shot Shraddha Kapoor in veet brand shoot in bali, Indonesia. He did a high budgeted Short Sci-Fiction Film named ‘The Irrelevant Field’ with well known artists and technical production for Raftaar’s Music Video – Nasha Wikda. He worked as Producer for UTV Stars, did entertainment shows like, Khan Wars, Chat, Superstar Santa. He worked as Producer for Travel Trendz TV and worked as Producer for Aajtak New Channel for 3 Years. He also did Aerial Shoot at Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai for a Grand Royal Wedding.


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