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What Are The Differences Between Hosted Websites And Personal?

When making a website about a business or simply as a matter of your own pleasure, it should be an extension of your personality and what you believe in. Unfortunately, not everyone is a tech junky, who knows the latest and greatest ways of achieving exactly what they want out of a website. Often, we’re lead by the nose, and we simply try to put convenience before total customization. We want to be able to make the website feel personal and somehow connected to us, so the brand and or image is properly projected. It’s also fun to build something from scratch and be able to say that your website is utterly of your own making. There are definite benefits to both options but how do they relay out into the real world?

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A fully customized website

Branching out the responsibility to people with the relevant expertise to create your website is the route that most people choose to go down. However, there is always another way than palming this off to somebody else. HTML is still in use, and contrary to what many people thought a few years ago, is far from dying out. In fact, many people are learning how to make basic and advanced coding using this method by using various companies like Training Connection. Here you’ll learn how to make build a website, how to lay down the foundations and fill the structure in with different and completely customizable options. You can also make your website completely compatible with the latest smartphones as well as make it fast, reliable and responsive for people on the commute. CSS3 is the platform you’ll be learning, which will help you to create complex page layouts as well as add interactive features your viewers will like.,

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Hosted websites


Hosting websites are big business nowadays. The main platforms that are available to the public for free as well as in a charged advanced package are brands like Wix and WordPress. You are locked into their mainframe, and you function as an independent website, but you’re still technically connected to the web host. So, its always better to get the general understading of pros and cons of each available platform in order to avoid future issues. For example, you can find useful information about features and pricing in this Wix review.You can contact a plethora of web designers either from companies or freelancers, to use these platforms to make you a website. Together with this, they may teach you how to use the various functions, buttons, keys, and links so that you can do basic editing by yourself. This route is very easy but more expensive than going it alone on HTML. However, it’s also much less time consuming and the web hosts are a great way to boost your social media rating as they have integrated systems that will launch your website on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Going it alone and doing everything on your own gives you absolute autonomy. However, the learning curve is sometimes too steep for some people, so keep the option of getting a website made for you open. Web hosting is a hot topic, and many people use them for their website because it’s simply easier, more accessible, but you must be willing to have it cost more. Learning to code will help you in the future, and you’ll be able to understand how to correct and modify certain elements of your website whenever you wish





Blogging Equipment: The Most Useful Items to Own

One of the main reasons why many people decide to start a blog is because it is straightforward and you don’t need much to get started. But once you get into it, you start to realise that there is a whole host of equipment that can come in handy and essentially make you a better blogger. In this post, we will take a look through some of the top items that can give you a major boost so you can build up a high-quality blog that attracts a loyal readership.


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First of all, you need a device or devices on which you can actually write your blog in the first place. Most people choose a laptop, and you ideally want one which is fast and durable, while still being light enough for you to transport it around easily. Some bloggers also find that a tablet is a useful purchase. Even if you don’t write the posts on here, it is a good option for responding to emails and doing other admin-based tasks. And finally, you have your smartphone. Many bloggers take their images using these devices, and they are also great for updating any social media accounts that are directly connected to the blog. Even though you may judge people who use selfie sticks, there is no doubt that they can really come in useful.


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A lot of bloggers prefer to have a professional-standard camera on which to take their images as it gives a nice touch to accompany your posts with some high-quality pictures. Paired with this, you may also want to invest in some extra equipment like a set of lenses and a remote. Another good option is a tripod which can help you get the stillness you need and is particularly useful if you are photographing scenery.


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Though many people rely heavily on technology these days, it can still be useful to carry around a notebook with you so you can write down any ideas that may come to you while you are on the go. And to help out the actual writing process, it is a good idea to invest in the best keyboard for typing. Beyond this, having some photo editing software can give your pictures an even more professional-looking edge. Also, having a portable backup charger for your phone or camera can really help you out as batteries tend to drain very quickly when you are taking a lot of photos and video footage.

Beyond these things, everyone has their own personal preferences, but this gives you a good overview of the most essential items. To start off with, you may just need your laptop, ideally an office and then you start to build up your collection over time as you develop your blog. Essentially, you just want to make life as easy as possible for yourself. Good blogging takes hard work and dedication, but the right equipment will give you a helping hand and set you off in the right direction.

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