Looking for Pre-Wedding Shoot… Meet the Expert…

Going with the trends, pre-wedding shoots have been an in thing since long now, but innovations in the same is something every couple seeks. You don’t want your pre-wedding shoot to be done in a similar manner as of a friend of yours, you would always want something different, something exciting and innovative. This difference and innovation is a job of an expert, a photographer, a studio that takes up the challenge of making your shoot a memorable one.

Let me introduce you to one such company and the guy who owns it, so that you don’t have to boggle your head on who you need to hire for your pre-wedding shoot.

White Frog Productions is a well known name in the field of TV, Films, Wedding Photography and Ads. It is a creative agency which was founded on 2013 by Kunal Khanna. It is located in New Delhi. They are passionate about Cinematography & Photography.


White Frog Production team believes in hard work and giving best results to the clients. Their corporate clients are :- GROFERS, NIKON, ZENICA CARS, COSCO SPORTS etc. They have done many shoots for fashion like Worlds of Wonder, Diacolor jewels, TACFAB fashions, SahibaTextiles , Rajdeep Ranawat (FASHION DESIGNER) etc. They also shoot for high profile Lounge, Pubs and Bars like CLUB BW, Skooter, Hype, The town house cafe etc. They have an experience of Live Events, television production, filming and they worked for companies like TV Today Group, NDTV, CBS Love, UTV, Network 18, the team has its clear focus in delivering results and products that help to radiate their positive energy across the entire visual-communications space. The experienced team at White Frog Productions thinks with their customer hats on, delivering customized solutions tailored to every client’s need.

White frog productions pre wedding shoots are also getting more innovative day by day. They love to click the best moments of a couple in a natural form. They provide the services in Film, Photography like fashion, weddings, and corporate, commercial and full retouching services. Graphic design, corporate branding, Web design, Motion Graphics Film: pre and post Production, Editing, VFX, Production, Sound Design.





White frog productions cover every wedding in a unique style and explore new ways to make it different. They always do a lot of research and come up with innovative ideas. They always look forward to capture beautiful moments which the couple can cherish forever and ever.




Now, there upcoming projects are 10 royal place wedding Photo shoot, high profile corporate events and shooting in 3 countries Bali, Bangladesh & Bangkok in 10 days.

KUNAL KHANNA (Director, White Frog Productions)

Kunal Khanna, Director, White Frog Productions is passionate for his work. He has been a captain of the ship since the inception. A great cinematographer who has short multiple feature films, big label music video and commercials. He loves to work on mountains and his love for bikes and cameras is never ending. He has 8 years of experience in media. Recently he shot Shraddha Kapoor in veet brand shoot in bali, Indonesia. He did a high budgeted Short Sci-Fiction Film named ‘The Irrelevant Field’ with well known artists and technical production for Raftaar’s Music Video – Nasha Wikda. He worked as Producer for UTV Stars, did entertainment shows like, Khan Wars, Chat, Superstar Santa. He worked as Producer for Travel Trendz TV and worked as Producer for Aajtak New Channel for 3 Years. He also did Aerial Shoot at Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai for a Grand Royal Wedding.