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Chai Di Party at Tea Lounge, Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Aren’t we all so used to seeing our family members gather around a specific time in the evening to have tea, and generally its like a small ritual at everyones house. Mostly its like a small get together, where tea is just an excuse, but the chit chat, the gossip and munching snacks becomes the main focus at a later stage. This is exactly what you feel when you attend the Chai Ki Party at Eros Hotel. Its home away from home like feeling. Nothing fancy about it, just a regular homely way of enjoying tea with regular snacks included in the menu. Yes of course, in each of the dishes you will find signature touches of Chef Nikhil Rastogi which are always a welcome change, but more or less the authenticity of each dish is well maintained.

We tried Bhujiya Ki Bhel served in Papad Cones, it was a spicy delight and keeping that in mind, chef made it special by keeping Gur Paras’ along with it. Aaloo Matar Samosa, which had some mawa and roasted dry fruits was awesome and the small size of the samosas made them look guilt free. Adding the chef’s touch again, these samosas had a ring of namak paras’ which were crisp and nice.

The CDP platter which included Kanda Bhajiyas, Mirch Pakodas, Paneer Pakodas and Aaloo Rolls was a perfect accompaniment to the Ghar Wali Masala Chai. Each and every item was commendable.

But the most amazing things in the entire menu were the Jalebi Ki Chaat and Bun Maska. Just imagine, Jalebi Ki Chaat, I mean kudos to the chef for thinking of such an item, yes it was a maida jalebi which wasn’t dipped in sugar syrup, but served as a crispy substitute to papdi with curd, saunth and green chutney, just like the normal chaat, and it was awesome. Really loved it.

Similarly the bun maska wasn’t regular at all, in fact it was coated with nice sugary coffee powder and served with whipped cream, maple syrup and some blue berry sauce. One bite into it, and I was transformed into another world, it was heavenly.

Though I am not a tea fan, but this Chai Di Party was thoroughly enjoyable. And also keeping the heat in mind, amazing cold serves were there which included Jamun Thanda, Adraki Sharbat, Sambharam, Coffee Batida and Jaljeera. I personally loved the Sambharam which was a Chaas with South Indian flavours, Jaljeera and Adraki Sharbat were refreshing too.

For me going to Eros, every time is an experience I can’t get over so easily and I can never stop praising the hospitality of the place. Chef Nikhil (Executive Chef), Umesh (F&B Head), Harpreet (PR Manager), Sanjeev, everyone is like a great friend and I love spending time with my family and friends here with this extended family at Eros. The festival is on till 30th of April, so make hay while the sun shines.. and enjoy!!

Yin and Yang Food Festival at Empress of China, Eros Hotel

Yin and Yang theory is based on viewing things in a relation to its whole.The theory is based on two basic components: yin and yang, which combine in a complementary manner and form a method for explaining relationships between objects. Yin and yang are represented by many tangible dualities, such as male and female, light and dark, fire and water. It is believed that everything has both yin and yang aspects, every object, every person has both these attributes of positive and negative, its just that which of the attributes manifests more strongly than the other. Yin is represented as the feminine, passive, dark, cold, while yang is represented as masculine, active, light, warm.

This philosophy plays a very significant role in the Chinese culture and especially in the Chinese Medicine and Food. Chinese people believe that the balance of Yin and Yang food can really help a person’s physical health to remain fit. Most foods are either predominantly Yin or predominantly Yang and sometimes the combination of Yin and Yang also helps creating a balanced food. Foods with higher water content are usually Yin, as they are cooler and those with high energy or fat are Yang. Most Fruits and Vegetables thus are Yin and Duck, Beef, Alcohol and Warm Spices are Yang.

At Empress of China, Chef Nikhil Rastogi brought in this age old theory of Yin and Yang and created a beautiful food festival out of it. Two separate pantries representing and showcasing Yin and Yang foods respectively were created and one had to pick up ingredients of choice and give it to the chef behind the counter to prepare a dish out of it. Basis selection of foods the dish could be only Yin, only Yang or a combination of two.

To begin with we had Asparagus, corn and mushroom salad (YIN), five Spiced marinated asparagus and corn with sweet chilly dressing, this was a very crunchy and refreshing salad.

Crispy Noodle Salad with Spicy Tamarind Dressing was a Yin and Yang combination dish as the presence of spicy tamarind dressing added the Yang attribute to the otherwise Yin noodles. This one was a beautiful preparation indeed, the taste was perfect, I personally loved it the more than the Asparagus salad.

Lohan Dimsum and Chicken Dimsums were the next two dishes that we relished like anything. The cristal veg dumplings were so tasteful and juicy, a Yin preparation and the chicken dimsums were steamed as well a bit roasted and that itself was the highlight of the dish. I simply loved these both.

Vegetables Salt and Pepper on Skewers tossed with fresh greens and peppers was an amazing preparation. I specially liked the idea of vegetables being on skewers rather than served as a whole dish. Sichuan Chicken, going by the name sounds like a common Chinese dish, but trust me you have to try this once at Eros and you will know the difference. Such authentic pepper flavours gave completely new dimension to the dish.

Steamed Prawn brought in as individual servings were great too, I am not too fond of prawns but this one was truly amazing and its taste lingered on in my mouth for a long time.

For main course I settled for Chicken Pot Sticker, which was an amazing Yang preparation, with minced chicken on a bed on pan fried noodles, mild sauces not overly spicy, it was a perfectly balanced dish and I strongly recommend it.

The dessert which looked like the Yin and Yang symbol was a combination of dark and white chocolate mousse which was delicious. The mousse had a mild flavour of jasmine, which enhanced the overall taste.

I simply loved witnessing this festival and learning so much about the Yin and Yang theory of food from the chef. Its always a pleasure dining at Eros, the people are so warm and hospitable that what more can you ask for. Perfect food, company of Chef Nikhil and F&B Manager Umesh and Harpreet who handles the PR at the hotel, is always an added value to the whole foodie experience. I enjoyed myself completely and I am sure you too will enjoy, so don’t miss the festival, its on till 23rd, so still 2 more days to go..!!


The Third International Tango Festival

The New Delhi Tango School recently culminated its third season of International Tango Festival at the Eros Hotel, New Delhi. Brain Child of Kiran Bajaj Sawhney, who has been successfully running the NDTS, this festival has grown multi-folds since its inception and the next season looks even more promising, now that I have witnessed this one.

Tango is a partner dance that originated in the 1880s along the River Plate, the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay and soon spread to the rest of the world.

And to teach the nuances of this intimate dance Maestros Dana Jazmin Frigoli and Adrian Romeo Ferreyra flew down from Argentina and along with Kiran Bajaj herself and Maestro Eduardo Curiel, they truly made a team of experts.

Dana Jazmin Frigoli, a choreographer and teacher. A multifaceted and sensitive artist, known around the world through her extensive and intensive path. She studied at Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramático, and worked for major companies as a performer and choreographer. She created a unique technique called TTC (Conceptual Tango Technology) which has allowed other dancers to find a way to further develop their own tango, understanding the workings of opposing energies in the body, using this internal understanding, to achieve a greater connection. With this work she needed to create a space that represents and is itself the container, of the ideas that emerged from within, and in 2005 Dni Tango opened its doors – a tango school, company and store with its own identity. In DNI Tango, professional staff (chosen by her) and outstanding teachers in various disciplines (Yoga, Contemporary Dance, Contact improvisation, Rhythm, Ballet, Theatre and others) synthesize and frame, the development of her philosophy about tango. Today DNI Tango, is recognized around the world, for its excellent teaching staff and for the group shows it has created (La Colección, Los tangos de una vida, Arealidades, La Musa del Capricho). In 2010 Dana performed the choreography for Superclasico, a Danish film directed by Ole Christian Madsen, nominated for an Oscar under the category of Best Foreign Film. Thanks to La Musa del Capricho, and all the work performed by the DNI Company, Dana Frigoli received the award for Best Argentine Choreography of the season from Argentores 2010 – 2011.
Adrian Romeo Ferreyra Avellaneda (Province of Bs. as) he spent most of his childhood in Neuquén where, at 9 years old , he would run into tango almost by accident. As a dancer, always in contact with other dances but doomed to tango, he has worked with various companies and participated in shows, as well as conferences and competitions nationally and internationally. He has ‘trod the boards’ in the many theaters of Bs.As and visited countries such as Russia, Italy, Sweden, Germany, U.S., Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, among others. As a teacher he began his journey in the year 2002, where one of his most gratifying experiences was to provide free workshops run by the government, and work with groups of elderly people. In 2004 he met Dana Frigoli and had his first contact with TTC. After graduating from the Academia Argentina de Estilos de Tango(AC.E.T.A), he started working at DNI Tango in the year 2007. Since then he has formed part of the teaching staff at the DNI tango studio and its respective dance body , DNI COMPANY, participating in the shows: LA COLECCIÓN DE TANGOS DE UNA VIDA, AREALIDADES AND LA MUSA DEL CAPRICHO. Now, being the most senior member of staff, he works as a choreographic assistant for the COMPANY DNI and fulfills a pedagogical coordinating role within the school DNI Tango. — with Dana Jazmin Frigoli and Adrian Romeo Ferreyra.
Speaking on the Third International Tango Festival, Kiran Said, “For a short period of time every year I travel to festivals and workshops in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, to maintain contact with other artists and reconnect with students . I’m dedicating a lot of time to choreographing for several professional dance couples, this way I can create for other artists that inspire me. I am therefore able contribute from my vision, helping to bring out the best in people, proposing clear paths for creation. Also this allows me to be in the school and continue working with the company every morning , as well as doing my own training and group classes that I give regularly.”

Two workshops each day of 90 minute duration were held across 4 days and it covered the following topics

1.Walk me to the moon.
2.How to brake the axis and live to dance!
3.Timings for the dance floor.
4.”Los Mareados” turns in closed embrace
5.Embelishments for men and women
6.Combinations of movements out of axis
7.Musicality, different tools to play with the music
8.Elasticity movements

Glimpses from the workshop

[easy-image-collage id=5534]

N number of people registered for the workshop making it a bigger success. The finale saw top 5 couples performing while numerous of people watched them dance. The top 3 were then selected and given prizes and accolades by the Maestros. But the real deal was watching the Maestros perform, their performance was breathtakingly beautiful. I could not take my eyes off them even for a moment, it seemed like poetry in motion. The moves, the poise, the postures with which both Dana and Adrian danced was truly outstanding. Here is a small glimpse

The finesse that they bring to the performance is unmatchable and I bow down to such talent. In fact the ones who participated in the workshop also seemed like experts in the making and here is a glimpse when so many people where on the floor.

And watching Kiran herself dance is always a pleasure which I cant explain in words, because she is someone who I admire not just a dancer, but as a complete woman. She truly is a woman of substance and I am thankful to her for inviting me to witness such a fine event and giving me an opportunity to meet such wonderful talents from across the globe.




Natya Yoga by Dimple Kaur @ Eros Hotel Spa

Spiritual enlightenment and transformation of the entire human self, one’s body, mind and soul are the true virtues of Natya Yoga. Elements of natty Yoga are found in the contemporary Bharatnatyam and also to some extent in the Odissi, which are referred as the most ancient forms of classical Indian dance.

Recently as an initiative by Eros Hotel Spa, Healthy Self, a Natya Yoga Workshop was conducted by none other than a very well known Nayta Yoga and Bharatnatyam expert Dimple Kaur. Dimple is a very learned dancer with many degrees accolading her work and also she is associated with lot of causes. With qualifications in psychology (PhD., MSc.), Trainer in Clinical Hypnotherapy (CHt, USA) along with training in Indian classical dance, public communication and English literature (MA), she is also the Founder Director – Imatter Institute of Behavioral Sciences & Director – Sumangali Institute of Valuable Arts.

Pioneered first of its kind approach using Dance Movement therapy (DMT) for children with multiple disabilities, and she has been working with large number of colleges, schools (residential & day schooling) in training teachers in areas of Indian Classical Dance, Dance Movement Therapy, responsible child care and parenting.

In her own words “Dance has been my passion, my prayer, my happiness, my sadness and hence encompasses every aspect of my life. The “eternal bride” – wedded to the divine, through dance; is what I feel. I have always loved the “bhakti” aspect of dance, I see my lord as always dancing and blessing me with “Anand” & “Rasa”. My soul is always dressed in the costume, bedecked with jewellery, with alta feet and always moving with the sound of Ghungroos.

As I kept flowing with the river of life – growing up, getting educated in dance (Prabhakar), Psychology & literature, I gradually became aware of miraculous dance of life within, which is Omnipresent & is always there with me.

In my extensive research & work in areas of psychotherapy, counseling & education, I have been able to successfully use the power of Indian classical dance as a tool of self expression, motivation & positive energy.”

The workshop was specially organised for the members of Healthy Self and must say it was a wonderful experience. Dimple engaged and interacted with the audience and made them learn the basic steps of Bharatnatyam. She made it so simple and fun for everyone that even those who had two left feet, could really dance. The setting and ambience was perfect and serene and everyone was just flowing with the time.

But still the highlight of the evening was Dimple’s own performance especially curated for Shivratri and dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was a treat watching her perform and it truly felt as if being transferred in other world. Here is a glimpse from her performance

Truly a great effort by Eros Hotel, Healthy Self and Dimple Kaur to come up with this initiative and help others in unwinding and transforming their mind, body and soul through Natya Yoga.


Dhaba Food comes live at the Exquisite Singh Sahib…!!

Singh Sahib at Eros Hotel, New Delhi has always boasted of traditional Indian food with nuances from across the border as well, but they still keep innovating and bringing newness in their menu, sometimes this newness is adapted in the menu for long term and sometimes the newness is in brought like a food festival for a limited period of time. This time around Singh Sahib brought in the flavours from the streets of Amritsar right in their restaurant with the Dhaba Festival.

[easy-image-collage id=5271]

With deep insights gathered from their travel to Amritsar, F&B Manager Umesh Dalal and Executive Chef Nikhil Rastogi tried to add as much authenticity as possible with of course some twists of tastes and chef’s special inspired dishes.

With live Tandoor to Kulcha Stations and Elaborate Main Course spread, there was a lot to leave your taste buds lingering.

[easy-image-collage id=5275]

We tried Tandoori Chook, Jalandhari Seekh and Masalewali Singhada from the live tandoor station, and Lawrence Road Ka Paneer Tikka, Makhan Da Malai Soya and Sarhadi Bharwan Aaloo made for the veg options. Must say that all the dishes were exceptionally good. The Masalewali Singhada and Sarhadi Bharwan Aaloo need a special mention though, as they were superlative.

Next we tried Makhan Ki Machi, Beere Ka Roast Chicken & Atta Chicken along with a platter of Mix Pakodas. The Beere ka Roast Chicken was perfect, and Makhan Ki Machi was another highlight dish. A plate full of Pakodas is always delightful anyways.

[easy-image-collage id=5282]

For the main course, I opted for Telephone Exchange Ki Mutton Chaap and then tried a bit of Kunna Gosht Patialashahi and it surely was one of the best dishes I had for the evening. Bharawan Ke Choley, Palak Paneer Ambalewale, Malka Masoor Take Wali and Amritsari Wadiyan were all delectable and I can easily say that the veg spread was simply amazing.

A variety of Chutneys and Papads really added to the flavour and I personally loved Kali Gajar ka Achar and Lahsun Ki Chutney the most.

For desserts Kadhai Doodh which was superb, Sharma Ji Ka Jalebi was fabulous but here the clear winner was Chef’s own creation which was Kurkura Lachha with Gur Sorbet. I mean the Gur Sorbet was outstanding, I could never imagine something like this and Chef Nikhil Rastogi creation emerged as a sure shot winner.

My experiences at Eros are always top notch, the food, the ambience and most of all the hospitality of people is just amazing. I mean how many times you get to really enjoy a meal with insights from the F&B Manager, PR Manager and the Chef himself sitting across the table and engaging in candid conversations. It was a splendid evening spent relishing amazing Dhaba Food in a great company. I always look forward to my next visit at Eros.




Jashn-E-Fateh, a culinary delight at Singh Sahib, Eros Hotel

Food Festivals allow us to experience Culinary Delights of different regions and most of the times they leave me elated and asking for more. I was recently invited to Singh Sahib by their most loving PR and F&B team, for Jashn-E-Fateh Food Festival. Singh Sahib commemorated the incessant victories and the legendry journey of Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa, who was the commander in chief of the Sikh empire and was famous for his valour, which led to the glory of the Sikh empire. Equally famed were the celebratory feasts that followed every successful conquest. Jashn-E-Fateh was a culinary tribute through an extravagant buffet, which celebrated the flavours from Punjab to Peshaawar. Otherwise also Singh Sahib is known for its Punjabi food from the undivided India and hence flavours from Pakistan have always been a highlight, but in this ode to Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa, the culinary delights were specially curated keeping those times in mind. img_6449

There were 3 major live cooking stations that highlighted the era and the dishes that formed the most famous part of that era. Then there was the buffet that had dishes from across the regions of Punjab and Peshawar.

Badam Milk served in a traditional way made for the welcome drink, and it was simply awesome, very flavour and refreshing.


Our culinary journey began with the region of Peshawar and Namak Mandi in Peshawar to be precise. In earlier days it used to be a trading ground for salt and hence the name. Namak Mandi, today is a famous food street in Peshawar that serves authentic food and barbecued meats are a speciality. Here at Jashn-E-Fateh, Namak Mandi Sigri served selection of meats and vegetables cooked on Sigri just the way Pashtus do.






There was Gosht Ki Chaap, Murgh Saaji, Namak Mandi Paneer Tikka and Surkh Mushroom.

Each and everything on this menu was just delicious. The muttonchops were amazing; they were so tender and tasteful. The roasted chicken also had a very unique flavour; it wasn’t anything like the regular tandoori chicken. It had very authentic taste. My son polished off the paneer tikka in no time, and he liked it so much that I had to call for a second helping. Mushrooms too were delectable and I controlled myself from not going for a second helping on this one, else I wont have been able to try the other dishes, they were so delicious.





The next dish was from Haripur, it was the Katwa Gosht. I loved the way; this live cooking station showcased the various stages of cooking this mutton dish. It is basically a mutton cry cooked in an earthen pot over slow fire and takes about 4-5 hours. It also has a particular eating tradition; the chunks of khameeri roti are dipped in the curry and served in an earthern pot to relish. I loved this dish from every aspect, the way it is cooked, the aroma, the presentation, the tradition of eating and of course the taste. 10/10 for this one.




The third live station was from Kashmir; the one in Pakistan and it showcased Kashmiri Kalaahri Kulcha. Pan grilled leavened bread and ripened cow’s milk cheese of the Dogra community; this specialty was served with spiced chickpeas. The Kulchas with their filling had a very authentic and different taste, it was mild but wonderful. The chickpeas added spice to the whole experience.


I gave the dishes in buffet a skip, as I was feeling too full with these live station delicacies. My son though tried the Handi chicken and as per the expert, it was delicious too.

The live station cooking and their delicacies were enjoyed multifolds with the live music and some ghazal singing in the background, and that makes the experience at Singh Sahib even greater.

The only thing I felt was absent, was the ambience decor, it would have added a lot of value if decor was also done keeping in mind the food festival.


I am grateful to the team at Eros for inviting me for this amazing foodie experience and I look forward to more culinary delights from the house of Eros Hotel.

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Sunday Brunch @Blooms, Eros Hotel

Sunday is always the most sought after day of the week, one either wants to relax completely or go out and have some fun, but doing something special is indeed a part of Sunday. Out of all the things one may plan whether to stay at home or go out, food is I guess the biggest discussion point and with me its no different. Last Sunday I was fortunate to have been invited for reviewing the Sunday Brunch at Blooms, Eros Hotel, Nehru Place and I really can’t explain in words what fun it was. Blooms organizes Sunday brunches every weekend, but the last Sunday of every month is the most special one, as its always done centered around a theme. When I visited, the theme was Monsoon Magic, the weather was just perfect to justify the theme and yes the ambience and the food, both were magical.


The magic began right at the entrance as I eyed the lavish spread of desserts. It was difficult to resist the temptation of not beginning the brunch with desserts, but nevertheless, I started at them for a long time and captured them in my camera at least.






The ambience of blooms is very comfortable and relaxing and they have both indoor and outdoor seating. Some special elements were added in the decoration to compliment the monsoon theme. There were umbrellas, paper boats and even the staff was wearing raincoats. It all looked very very cute and interesting.





The menu was elaborate; there was a lavish buffet spread inside along with a lot of live counters that were placed outdoors. Just taking a stroll around and looking at all that yummy food made me hungry, and I can feel the hunger pangs even now as I write this review.



There was a thela that served assorted pakodas, now monsoons are almost incomplete without pakodas and hence it was a sure shot hit amongst the guests An assortment of pakodas were served, paneer, aaloo pyaaz bhajiya, achari green chilli and others. Then there were a variety of Samosas on the thela, Potato & Cashew filled traditional Indian samosa, Chicken Patti samosa, Keema mutter samosa with mint & saunth chutney.

Chole tikki, sizzling stew of Dry peas with spiced potato was also served with tamarind chutney and selection of toppings.

Also I just loved the way the Pakodas were served from an upside down umbrella, it just looked so interesting.







Bhutta Corner

Charcoal grilled corn was served with lemon, salt, green chilli & spicy masala.

There was also the steamed buttered corn with spicy masala.



Rain forest Grill

Selection of meats and vegetables with spices mix from the RAINFOREST region of America, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela

Lamb chops, Chicken breasts, Red snapper, Salmo, Seabass, Prawns, Button Mushrooms, Potatoes, Peppers, Asparagus, Zucchini, and more, one had ample choice of staples to try out these rain forest flavors.




Traditional South Asian dumplings with choice of vegetarian & non- vegetarian fillings were served with spicy sauces & dips and they were simply amazing.


London Fish & chips

Batter fried fish was served with homemade wafers and it was a true delight, the fish was very very delicately fried and light in taste, the handmade chips were the highlight of the dish.



Asian hawker counter

Then there was this counter, which served the Pan Asian delicacies and just passing by the counter, the aromas made by tummy rumble with hunger pangs.


Main Course

This buffet lay out all that you could think of, with wide variety of dishes in India, Continental and Chinese, you just couldn’t ask for more.






Desserts Spread was mouth drooling and had a perfect mix of both western and Indian desserts. I tried quite a few of them and especially loved the raspberry eclair and chocolate mango mousse.








The live bar counter knocked out some amazing drinks and also there was a live band to keep the mood upbeat at all times.




The Sunday Brunch by Blooms, Eros Hotel is definitely not to be missed, so do plan your weekend accordingly and also watch out for their next theme on the last Sunday of August. I had a lot of fun and I am sure you too will enjoy!


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