Yin and Yang Food Festival at Empress of China, Eros Hotel

Yin and Yang theory is based on viewing things in a relation to its whole.The theory is based on two basic components: yin and yang, which combine in a complementary manner and form a method for explaining relationships between objects. Yin and yang are represented by many tangible dualities, such as  male and female, light and dark, fire and water. It is believed that everything has both yin and yang aspects, every object, every person has both these attributes of positive and negative, its just that which of the attributes manifests more strongly than the other. Yin is represented as the feminine, passive, dark, cold, while yang is represented as masculine, active, light, warm.

This philosophy plays a very significant role in the Chinese culture and especially in the Chinese Medicine and Food. Chinese people believe that the balance of Yin and Yang food can really help a person’s physical health to remain fit. Most foods are either predominantly Yin or predominantly Yang and sometimes the combination of Yin and Yang also helps creating a balanced food. Foods with higher water content are usually Yin, as they are cooler and those with high energy or fat are Yang. Most Fruits and Vegetables thus are Yin and Duck, Beef, Alcohol and Warm Spices are Yang.

At Empress of China, Chef Nikhil Rastogi brought in this age old theory of Yin and Yang and created a beautiful food festival out of it. Two separate pantries representing and showcasing Yin and Yang foods respectively were created and one had to pick up ingredients of choice and give it to the chef behind the counter to prepare a dish out of it. Basis selection of foods the dish could be only Yin, only Yang or a combination of two.

To begin with we had Asparagus, corn and mushroom salad (YIN), five Spiced marinated asparagus and corn with sweet chilly dressing, this was a very crunchy and refreshing salad.

Crispy Noodle Salad with Spicy Tamarind Dressing was a Yin and Yang combination dish as the presence of spicy tamarind dressing added the Yang attribute to the otherwise Yin noodles. This one was a beautiful preparation indeed, the taste was perfect, I personally loved it the more than the Asparagus salad.

Lohan Dimsum and Chicken Dimsums were the next two dishes that we relished like anything. The cristal veg dumplings were so tasteful and juicy, a Yin preparation and the chicken dimsums were steamed as well a bit roasted and that itself was the highlight of the dish. I simply loved these both.

Vegetables Salt and Pepper on Skewers tossed with fresh greens and peppers was an amazing preparation. I specially liked the idea of vegetables being on skewers rather than served as a whole dish. Sichuan Chicken, going by the name sounds like a common Chinese dish, but trust me you have to try this once at Eros and you will know the difference. Such authentic pepper flavours gave completely new dimension to the dish.

Steamed Prawn brought in as individual servings were great too, I am not too fond of prawns but this one was truly amazing and its taste lingered on in my mouth for a long time.

For main course I settled for Chicken Pot Sticker, which was an amazing Yang preparation, with minced chicken on a bed on pan fried noodles, mild sauces not overly spicy, it was a perfectly balanced dish and I strongly recommend it.

The dessert which looked like the Yin and Yang symbol was a combination of dark and white chocolate mousse which was delicious. The mousse had a mild flavour of jasmine, which enhanced the overall taste.

I simply loved witnessing this festival and learning so much about the Yin and Yang theory of food from the chef. Its always a pleasure dining at Eros, the people are so warm and hospitable that what more can you ask for. Perfect food, company of Chef Nikhil and F&B Manager Umesh and Harpreet who handles the PR at the hotel, is always an added value to the whole foodie experience. I enjoyed myself completely and I am sure you too will enjoy, so don’t miss the festival, its on till 23rd, so still 2 more days to go..!!