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Dhaba Food comes live at the Exquisite Singh Sahib…!!

Singh Sahib at Eros Hotel, New Delhi has always boasted of traditional Indian food with nuances from across the border as well, but they still keep innovating and bringing newness in their menu, sometimes this newness is adapted in the menu for long term and sometimes the newness is in brought like a food festival for a limited period of time. This time around Singh Sahib brought in the flavours from the streets of Amritsar right in their restaurant with the Dhaba Festival.

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With deep insights gathered from their travel to Amritsar, F&B Manager Umesh Dalal and Executive Chef Nikhil Rastogi tried to add as much authenticity as possible with of course some twists of tastes and chef’s special inspired dishes.

With live Tandoor to Kulcha Stations and Elaborate Main Course spread, there was a lot to leave your taste buds lingering.

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We tried Tandoori Chook, Jalandhari Seekh and Masalewali Singhada from the live tandoor station, and Lawrence Road Ka Paneer Tikka, Makhan Da Malai Soya and Sarhadi Bharwan Aaloo made for the veg options. Must say that all the dishes were exceptionally good. The Masalewali Singhada and Sarhadi Bharwan Aaloo need a special mention though, as they were superlative.

Next we tried Makhan Ki Machi, Beere Ka Roast Chicken & Atta Chicken along with a platter of Mix Pakodas. The Beere ka Roast Chicken was perfect, and Makhan Ki Machi was another highlight dish. A plate full of Pakodas is always delightful anyways.

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For the main course, I opted for Telephone Exchange Ki Mutton Chaap and then tried a bit of Kunna Gosht Patialashahi and it surely was one of the best dishes I had for the evening. Bharawan Ke Choley, Palak Paneer Ambalewale, Malka Masoor Take Wali and Amritsari Wadiyan were all delectable and I can easily say that the veg spread was simply amazing.

A variety of Chutneys and Papads really added to the flavour and I personally loved Kali Gajar ka Achar and Lahsun Ki Chutney the most.

For desserts Kadhai Doodh which was superb, Sharma Ji Ka Jalebi was fabulous but here the clear winner was Chef’s own creation which was Kurkura Lachha with Gur Sorbet. I mean the Gur Sorbet was outstanding, I could never imagine something like this and Chef Nikhil Rastogi creation emerged as a sure shot winner.

My experiences at Eros are always top notch, the food, the ambience and most of all the hospitality of people is just amazing. I mean how many times you get to really enjoy a meal with insights from the F&B Manager, PR Manager and the Chef himself sitting across the table and engaging in candid conversations. It was a splendid evening spent relishing amazing Dhaba Food in a great company. I always look forward to my next visit at Eros.




Jashn-E-Fateh, a culinary delight at Singh Sahib, Eros Hotel

Food Festivals allow us to experience Culinary Delights of different regions and most of the times they leave me elated and asking for more. I was recently invited to Singh Sahib by their most loving PR and F&B team, for Jashn-E-Fateh Food Festival. Singh Sahib commemorated the incessant victories and the legendry journey of Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa, who was the commander in chief of the Sikh empire and was famous for his valour, which led to the glory of the Sikh empire. Equally famed were the celebratory feasts that followed every successful conquest. Jashn-E-Fateh was a culinary tribute through an extravagant buffet, which celebrated the flavours from Punjab to Peshaawar. Otherwise also Singh Sahib is known for its Punjabi food from the undivided India and hence flavours from Pakistan have always been a highlight, but in this ode to Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa, the culinary delights were specially curated keeping those times in mind. img_6449

There were 3 major live cooking stations that highlighted the era and the dishes that formed the most famous part of that era. Then there was the buffet that had dishes from across the regions of Punjab and Peshawar.

Badam Milk served in a traditional way made for the welcome drink, and it was simply awesome, very flavour and refreshing.


Our culinary journey began with the region of Peshawar and Namak Mandi in Peshawar to be precise. In earlier days it used to be a trading ground for salt and hence the name. Namak Mandi, today is a famous food street in Peshawar that serves authentic food and barbecued meats are a speciality. Here at Jashn-E-Fateh, Namak Mandi Sigri served selection of meats and vegetables cooked on Sigri just the way Pashtus do.






There was Gosht Ki Chaap, Murgh Saaji, Namak Mandi Paneer Tikka and Surkh Mushroom.

Each and everything on this menu was just delicious. The muttonchops were amazing; they were so tender and tasteful. The roasted chicken also had a very unique flavour; it wasn’t anything like the regular tandoori chicken. It had very authentic taste. My son polished off the paneer tikka in no time, and he liked it so much that I had to call for a second helping. Mushrooms too were delectable and I controlled myself from not going for a second helping on this one, else I wont have been able to try the other dishes, they were so delicious.





The next dish was from Haripur, it was the Katwa Gosht. I loved the way; this live cooking station showcased the various stages of cooking this mutton dish. It is basically a mutton cry cooked in an earthen pot over slow fire and takes about 4-5 hours. It also has a particular eating tradition; the chunks of khameeri roti are dipped in the curry and served in an earthern pot to relish. I loved this dish from every aspect, the way it is cooked, the aroma, the presentation, the tradition of eating and of course the taste. 10/10 for this one.




The third live station was from Kashmir; the one in Pakistan and it showcased Kashmiri Kalaahri Kulcha. Pan grilled leavened bread and ripened cow’s milk cheese of the Dogra community; this specialty was served with spiced chickpeas. The Kulchas with their filling had a very authentic and different taste, it was mild but wonderful. The chickpeas added spice to the whole experience.


I gave the dishes in buffet a skip, as I was feeling too full with these live station delicacies. My son though tried the Handi chicken and as per the expert, it was delicious too.

The live station cooking and their delicacies were enjoyed multifolds with the live music and some ghazal singing in the background, and that makes the experience at Singh Sahib even greater.

The only thing I felt was absent, was the ambience decor, it would have added a lot of value if decor was also done keeping in mind the food festival.


I am grateful to the team at Eros for inviting me for this amazing foodie experience and I look forward to more culinary delights from the house of Eros Hotel.

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