12 Most Instagrammable Restaurants In North Goa

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Goa is truly heaven on the face of this earth and I feel so blessed to call it home. In Goa, beauty typically lies in every nook and corner and you don’t have to really search for it. Click a picture wherever you stand, and it will turn out to be good and when it comes to restaurants, Goa has some of the most beautiful restaurants that our country can boast off. Even though the list can be endless, I am sharing the top 10 restaurants that I feel fall in the most beautiful category and are truly Instagram worthy.

Artjuna, Anjuna

A cafe, a lifestyle store, a library, a yoga house, all rolled into 1, this place is a creative person’s delight. Artjuna is one of the most beautiful restaurants that one can come across in North Goa. The collection spills over fashion apparel, accessories, furniture items and other arty stuff that you would want to own.

Coming to food, Artjuna takes great pride in not just saying but maintaining high-quality standards in all their food items. They strictly use fresh farm produce, seasonal vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, imported tahini and wild honey to prepare healthy meals. They serve Meditteranean, Israeli and Lebanese cuisines. You can read my in detail review on Artjuna here

Cafe Aria by Natti Naturals, Vagator

Nestled in a hostel, this tiny miny cafe is one of my favourite spots in Goa. It has such a warm and inviting vibe and the food is just awesome. Focusing on healthy food, this cafe dishes out some amazing smoothies, salads, meal bowls and burgers. Its a place where you wanna sit for long hours and just chill with your friends or even alone for that matter.

Sol de Goa, Nerul

Situated in Sol de Goa Hotel, this restaurant has a very uncanny charm. The partial covered and open-air seating overlooking the pool and then the green fields are very calming and of course, you cannot get tired clicking pictures here. They serve modern Indian cuisine and the food is just fab. This place also organises regular musical events and the Jazz nights especially are something to look forward. Read more about my stay and dining experience here and also check out this special menu event that I recently attended

Old Bombay Bar, Baga

Spread across 3 floors, this place is sheer beauty. Exquisite decor and various corners that exude charm, it’s my personal favourite. This is worthy of Instagram pics in every sense. Sit or stand in any corner of the place and you are bound to get a good picture. Don’t believe it, see it for yourself. The interiors of Old Bombay are class apart.

And when it comes to food, Old Bombay serves great North Indian and Mumbai food and thus this place is a total winner. Read a detailed review on Old Bombay Bar here.

Tataki, Panjim

New kid on the block, this place has my heart. I simply love the interiors and the food. The use of big cane lamps, makes the place look very attractive and impressive especially during the evenings. The little balcony area is my favourite. Coming to food, Tataki offers by far the best Asian cuisine experiences in North Goa. Go for their dim sums, wontons and sushi and you will know exactly what I mean.

Bombay Adda, Vagator

The interiors of Bombay Adda are spell binding. The walls, the ceilings, the installations, everything speaks to you. Make sure you order your food after a little while, because you will just end up clicking all possible corners and the food will get cold in the meanwhile. So have ample time on hand when visiting this place. I have been there just once during its launch, although I can’t say too much about food, because I just had a couple of starters, but whatever I had was good enough, this place should definitely be on your list for some cool pictures and fun times. I myself look forward to visit again.

Gunpowder, Assagao

This place was one of the first hidden gems I discovered with my friends a few years ago. Apart from serving scrumptious coastal food, the ambiance of gunpowder is alluring. Tastefully decorated with a beautiful lifestyle store inside, this place is cent percent instagrammable. I am dying to go to gunpowder during day time, but every time I have visited during the night and yet the place doesn’t lose its magic.

Cuebebar, Assagao

One of my favourite places because of the ambiance, the food and the most loveable people behind it. The collection of vintage bikes makes the place Instagram worthy for sure and the aroma of smoked food gets your taste buds tingling and asking for more. Not just the place, trust me the food is Instagram worthy too. Try their smoked meats and burgers, I am sure you will love everything about it. Read my detailed review here.

Mahe, Anjuna

Huge outdoor spaces, a classy bar, a dining area and a lifestyle store, Mahe will ensure you get beautiful clicks all along. I personally love the space around the bar and the outdoor area. Mahe is one of those places wherein I like keep moving from one place to another, I love being on my foot, sitting outside for a while, then coming in to the bar and then peeping in at the lifestyle store and controlling my shopping instinct :). The food won’t disappoint you either, its totally worth your time, money and camera. Read more about my experience here.

Thaal, Reis Magos, Nerul

This concept restaurant that promotes community eating is worth all your attention. Overlooking the coco beach, the outdoor seating is particularly charming during the day time and evenings. But yes if you have booked yourself the traditional thaal, then you will have to sit inside, and that floor seating, the huge thaal, the rituals and the food, everything will make your visit worthwhile. The decor of the place speaks for itself and will compel you to capture the beauty in every frame possible. And the image of the thaal will make your Instagram followers drool. Read my detailed review here.

Purple Martini, Anjuna

If you are sucker for pics with amazing sunset views and those lashing waves of sea, this is the place for you. I once again comment too much on food, as I didn’t try much, but its the kind of place where I would recommend spending leisure hours. The views are breathtakingly beautiful and especially during sunset. You cannot afford to miss this place, its Instagram worthy after all.

Royal Enfield Garage Cafe, Baga

Fond of bikes, whatever your answer be, Garage Cafe deserves a visit whatsoever. Its a cafe, a place for entertainment, storytelling sessions, riding events and a bike museum too. It’s not just a cafe, it’s an experience and one obviously loves catching experiences on the camera, isn’t it. It overlooks the beautiful Baga creek and you can’t help pose with the different bikes and get some Insta worthy shots. It serves comfort food that every taste bud can savour and its a place meant for chilling. Read all about my experience here.

P.S. – These restaurants are in random order and not as per any ranking. These are my personal choices and by no means these recommendations are paid for or influenced.

Hope you enjoy my recommendations and pay these 12 Instagram worthy restaurants a visit, if you haven’t done up till now :), and do tell me which are your favourites.

Bon Appetite and Happy Clicking!

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