Why Women Need Regular Eye Checks as They Get Older

There is no denying that regular eye testing can be massively beneficial to your health. Especially as you get older, your eyes need just as much care, and attention as the rest of your body and undergoing regular eye testing for women as you get older can help you to understand your overall health a little bit more and keep on top of any sight and optical you might be experiencing.

With over 50% of eye loss being preventable, you should prioritise eye care.

Prescription Changes

As we get older, our eyes, much like other parts of our body, can change, and while you might have previously had perfect vision, once you turn 40, this could all change. If you currently wear glasses, you might find you need different lenses. Getting the correct type of Prescription Eyeglasses can help you see correctly regardless of the changes your eyes are going through.

Identify Health Concerns

Did you know that your optician can spot many health issues that can’t be identified via regular doctor appointments? Changes to your eye health can sometimes be because of health issues or medical concerns, even if you’re not experiencing any other symptoms aside from a difference in your sight.

High blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and more can all be identified through a thorough eye exam. From your primary health concerns and worries to the small things such as irritated or dry eyes, regular eye exams can be eye-opening concerning your current health situation.

Reduce Eye Strain

We use our eyes all the time, and thanks to modern lifestyles and the increased use of screens especially, your eyes are under more strain than ten years ago, for example. Blue light emissions can damage your eyes and cause increased headaches and eye damage.

Your optician can talk you through how to prevent eye strain and reduce the effects of blue light on your eyes. From getting a  blue glare coating on your lenses to discovering how best to protect your eyes via the use of eye exercises, drops and more, your optician is the best port of call when it comes to protecting your eye health.

Keep on Top of Age-Related Concerns

As women, we can experience many health changes as we age. Knowing your body can be a great way to make sure you know what to expect, what is happening and if anything of major concern is becoming apparent. While you will visit your doctor to bring changes to their attention, the same applies to other health checks too such as dental and optician appointments. Wear and tear on bodies is normal but these changes can feel like they multiply as you get older. Being able to get ahead of changes to adapt your habits and behaviours will serve you well.

There are many health benefits to having regular eye appointments for women. Knowing your body is vital to obtaining optimal health and having your regular appointments is a key part of this.

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  1. These are great recommendations to prevent any eyes problems in the future. Thank you so much!

  2. I think not just women. I think those going in their prime or at senior level need an eye check. It is a good routine so that we can check if you need a prescription glasses.

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