How To Create A Welcoming Atmosphere In Your Home

Your home can be as welcoming as you want it to be. Sometimes, though, it can be quite challenging to decide on elements that can create the type of ambiance you desire. It is probably why many households in India use lots of flowers, aromatic candles, and essential oils to complement the desired décor in the home. India’s essential oils market is predicted to grow steadily at 4% from now to 2030. Below are some pointers here on creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Incorporate some aromatherapy

The power of smell goes beyond just what the olfactory senses perceive. It creates memories, relaxes the body, and contributes effectively to your home’s desired ambiance. Indeed, people perceive fragrances differently, but the binding element here is getting them right. Since the focus is on the home, you may want to consider mild fragrances that waft into your indoor air. 

There are several scented products to choose from in the market. However, it helps to try natural and health-based ones. For example, if you’re going with scented candles for your home, you may want to look at bees wax candle. These types are mildly scented and will not release harmful fumes into your home. Furthermore, there are also scented air sprays you can spray on small portions of your interior walls and will fill your home with a welcoming smell. As a safety tip, never leave lighted candles unattended. 

Keep the color scheme warm

Colors have a way of impacting your home’s ambiance. For example, cool hues like purple, green, and blue evoke calmness in the mind. Meanwhile, colors like yellow, orange, peach, and pink are described as warm and inviting. For a welcoming atmosphere in your home, you can choose any of these colors depending on the emotions you want to evoke. 

Depending on the room, you can blend in these shades in some instances. For example, your hallway, the entrance to your home’s interior, can be painted in cool colors to evoke relaxation. Meanwhile, your living room can be in warmer hues with a mix of neutrals like gray, beige, or white. The final decision rests with you and whoever you share the home with.

Spruce up your hallway

Do you consider your hallway a high-traffic area of the home? For some people, the hallway is only an entry point, which feeds into the notion that sprucing it up is a waste. However, there is more to this area. So how about altering this essential part of the home now that you know? You can start by laying a wear-resistant rug in the hallway.

You can also consider hanging artwork on your wall, with the ‘welcome’ inscription written boldly across the surface. Keep in mind that the hallway is also the entry point for your guests. For that reason, it makes sense to make this area as inviting and appealing as possible. 

Play around with textures and layers

Different fabrics can add to the atmosphere you wish to create in the home. They add to the overall artistic appeal of the space you live in. The welcoming environment you wish to create in the home can be achieved by dedicating a little time and attention to the details that speak volumes.

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