Recipe- Prawns in Banana Leaf by Spice Goa!

Recipe- Prawns in Banana Leaf

Spice Goa is one of the most sought after restaurants in Goa when it comes to the authentic Goan cuisine and seafood is their speciality. I personally love their food and enjoy going back there. My last visit was when they opened up a new branch in Verem and I can’t tell you how much I relished the food. But this time around I went there to learn their very popular recipe of Prawns in Banana Leaf.

And then as a part of my channel’s series about the Goan cuisine, I shot this recipe video with none other than Odette Mascarenhas. A celebrated author, a tv host, columnist, food critic and historian, Odette is like a walking talking encyclopaedia on Goan food and its heritage and thus she made for a perfect co-host for the video. We earlier shot at the O’Coqueiro restaurant and saw coming live of their very popular Chicken Cafreal recipe.

Spice Goa
Odette Mascarenhas with Atul and Aparna Shah

Spice Goa delighted us with their variety of sea-food, I mean just looking at all those different types of fishes and crabs and lobsters was so enticing that I can’t explain in words. Atul Shah the owner of the place is fondly called as Dr. Fish and looking at the image below, I am sure you will agree with those who call him that because he knows everything about all this seafood.

Sea Food

Apart from the recipe, we got enlightened on the history of the restaurant, its food and age old recipes and its one of those recipes that I take immense pride and happiness in sharing with all of you.

Spice Goa Kitchen
In the Kitchen of Spice Goa

Prawns in Banana Leaf

It's a very simple recipe and requires ingredients that are easily available at home but trust me, it tastes so good that you just can't stop eating. I am very sure that you will enjoy making and relishing this recipe as much from the comfort of your home as I did at the restaurant.

  • 16 Pieces Prawns (Medium Sized)
  • 8 Nos Green Chillies (Medium Sized)
  • 3 Table Spoon Lemon Juice
  • 1 Bowl Coriander (Roughly Chopped)
  • 1 Table Spoon Turmeric Powder
  • Salt to taste
  • 8 Banana Leaves (And Twigs or Thread for Tying)
  • 1 Cup Oil (For shallow frying)
  1. Wash the prawns, clean and de-vein them and keep aside.

  2. Take coriander, green chillies, lemon juice and turmeric powder in a blender and make a thick paste.

  3. Add roughly chopped onions to this paste.

  4. Now apply salt to prawns and then coat them nicely in the prepared paste.

  5. Wrap the prawns in banana leaves, tie them and shallow fry in oil for about 5 minutes.

  6. Do not overcook the prawns, once done, serve hot, remove banana leaves and enjoy!

You can also watch the video to see how the recipe was prepared and also get some lovely insights about the Goan cuisine.

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  1. What an interesting recipe! This sounds like a unique combination of flavors. It is nice to have some different recipes to try.

  2. The dish seems very simple to prepare. What makes it different is the mixture of spices that coated the shrimp.

  3. I’ve never had prawns in banana leaves. It sounds so exotic to me! I love prawns, so I’ll give this recipe a try. πŸ™‚

  4. Yummy, I would love to try this recipe! I do love prawns but I never had them in banana leaves before.

  5. it looks so amazing and delicious…recipe seems to be very easy to make but seriously i don’t like seafood much and am not gonna try it but will surely share with those who loves it.,…

    1. I can understand, but try using this masala and method with any meat of your choice or even veggies and cottage cheese, it will be worth trying.

  6. I wannnnnt!!! This looks sooo good! I can’t wait to your recipe, hopefully this weekend. Thanks a lot.

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  8. This looks so delicious! I will try to make one out of your recipe, thanks!

  9. You have me craving for prawns! These look so good! I really wish I had a full functioning kitchen area so I can try your recipes out.

  10. This looks absolutely mouth watering. I love prawns and I think this dish will impress any guest. I must try it.

  11. First time I hear about this recipe… It is so different from my culture that I don’t know if I like it but it is something I’d like to try. Thanks for sharing the recipe. – Paolo

    1. I can understand, its a traditional kind of a recipe, but as you can see the ingredients are pretty common, do give it a try, I am sure you will like it.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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