Staying as Safe as You Can On a Day to Day Basis

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Safety is most of our top priority. Every single day, we take steps to make sure that we don’t come into unnecessary trouble. Half of them are subconscious and ingrained as a habit. Some we take more thought and care over. Here are just a few that you might like to focus on to stay happy and safe all of the time!

Staying Safe
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Follow Current Coronavirus Guidelines

Let’s start with a pretty current, and hopefully temporary, set of measures you need to follow to stay safe on a day to day basis. You need to follow coronavirus guidelines that have been set to slow the spread of the virus and protect everybody’s lives. The rules and measures in place will differ depending on which country you’re in, but also make sure to keep on top of updates and announcements, as they can change as time passes and the situation further unfolds. The recommended measures will help you to stay safe and will minimise your chances of becoming ill.

Take All Necessary Precautions While Driving

Now, onto advice that can come in useful at any time. For now, let’s focus on driving. While driving is a day to day activity for many of us, it’s important to remember just how dangerous cars can actually be. There’s a collision every 3.7 minutes on the roads and you can’t always guarantee that you definitely won’t be involved in any. You can be the safest and most responsible driver in the world, but you can still find that other people’s actions, adverse weather conditions or sudden illness can impact your driving while you’re behind the wheel. This is why it’s important to take all necessary precautions. Only drive when you’re feeling well. Always use your seatbelt. Avoid driving unless absolutely necessary in adverse weather conditions. Also importantly – know what to do in the event of a collision. It’s a good idea to have some basic first aid knowledge and to know what details you need to take from others involved.

Remember to Turn Appliances Off

Many of us actually fret over whether we’ve left appliances on or off once we’ve left our homes for the day. Did we turn the oven off? Did we turn the hob off? Did we turn the hair straighteners off? Of course, products left to heat for extended periods of time can be dangerous. So make a habit of ensuring everything is turned off once you’ve finished using it. This is an extremely simple step, but it’s worth making a conscious effort about. It will keep you safe and it will also help to put your mind at ease throughout the day.

Sure, there are endless things you can do and steps you can take to ensure your safety. The three options outlined above are just a few ideas to help you get started out in the right direction. Hopefully, they’ll come in useful for you!

26 thoughts on “Staying as Safe as You Can On a Day to Day Basis

  1. I’ve been sheltering in place since 5/13 so I pretty much have it down. These are great suggestions.

  2. WOw..this is much helpful and important blog..your ideas seems to be very clear about the situation and these facts and suggestions are really beneficial for everyone..will surely keep in mind..Thanks for sharing…

  3. Great advice. I feel like a lot of people overlook the importance of basic first aid skills. You never know when something’s going to happen and those skills can make a BIG difference! Especially if you’re somewhere where you aren’t near assistance.

  4. Excellent tips! I’m trained in first aid and I’m a former health and safety officer, so I tend to be the safety freak in the family!

  5. Safety first. That’s my motto. We have been secluded since March. That’s my way to protect myself and my loved ones. That’s my way to show respect to those on the frontline. Thanks for your post.

  6. I am definitely someone who has forgotten to turn off her hair straightener before. A BUNCH! WHOOPS! That being said, I generally always just unplug all of my appliances!

  7. I have never been out away from my house gate since day 1 and now it’s on day 78. This is my contribution to the world by staying home.

  8. Thank you for sharing. Turning of appliances is important, not just for safety, but also money saving.

  9. These are all good habits to inculcate. Thanks for sharing. We always forget to turn off the mains on our appliances, especially the TV.

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