Are You Prepared For Anything Life Throws At You?

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Prepared For Anything
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If the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it is that our lives can be turned upside down overnight. While there wasn’t much any of us could have done to prepare for this pandemic personally, it is now important to look to the future to see what you can do to be better prepared for other life-changing events that may arise in the future.

Should you prepare for a natural disaster?

Depending on where you live, it could be an idea to prepare for a natural disaster? If you live somewhere susceptible to flooding or storms, then it’s imperative that you have insurance for these kinds of events. You should also prepare a decent emergency kit and five-day supply of food and water on hand in your home, car, or office.

What do you need insurance for?

While many people have life insurance and home insurance as their top priorities, what they often forget is short-term disability (STD) insurance. STD plans cover conditions such as mental illness and usually workers’ compensation related claims and will usually cover you for twelve months or less and provide you with income replacement while you cannot work

Do You Have Life Insurance?

It is essential that you have life insurance for your family or your spouse if you are married or have children as it should provide your family with enough money to pay off any debt you have and then live on if you are not around anymore. If you do have children, you should make sure that the insurance is enough to help cover the cost of their education. Remember that if your partner doesn’t work or doesn’t earn enough to support your family, not only will they have that burden, but they will also have to deal with stress and bereavement so a good life insurance policy can take just a little bit of the pain and worry away.

Who do you know that could help you?

If you have an accident or suffer from an illness, have you thought about who you can rely on? Do you have people around you that you can count on? Perhaps you have helped people in the past when they have needed it? Having a support system can be what gets you through when an unexpected event occurs, but it’s good to think about this beforehand so you know who you would call if you need them.

Do you have an emergency fund?

Having emergency savings is something that many people are now realizing the importance of. An emergency savings fund should ideally cover three to six months of living expenses. However, if you are single or you are a single-income family, then it is advisable to have a fund that can cover you for up to a year. This will provide your family with security if you suddenly lose your job and struggle to find another one, or if you are struck with an unexpected illness and have an unplanned gap in your earnings.

It is reassuring to know you have the money there while you are concentrating on dealing with other issues such as finding a new job, doctor appointments, or anything else that could affect your income. 

38 thoughts on “Are You Prepared For Anything Life Throws At You?

  1. When the coronavirus started, I was immediately happy that our family has an emergency fund. Having that available changes your anxiety around things like this so much!

  2. It is crazy the fact that just not being able to get toilet paper will show you what will happen in a disaster. It makes me realize that we need to be a little more prepared than we currently are.

  3. True..this is much awesome and amazing…we all should be prepared to face everything coz problems never came by informing..these all are sudden incidents..

      1. Yeah..totally agree with you..problems never happens by informing..therefore pre-preparation is very necessary..Even true this current situation has also taught lots of things…🙂

  4. I am most definitely not prepared for everything life may throw at me! But then again, who is, really? Great tips!

  5. I hope I’m prepared. We have life insurance and in case of injuries. Also we have saving acvount and we put money there every month.

  6. So many people wish they had emergency funds at a time like this. I am so glad you are helping people prepare and plan.

  7. I like to think I’m resilient. It’s difficult to be prepared for everything but I think I can cope with most things. I’ve managed to get through the death of two very important people to me, so if I can handle that I can handle anything.

    1. I can understand, we can never be fully prepared for what life has to throw, only learn to fight it out and come out as a survivor.

  8. Quite informative content here. I agree that some emergency preparedness is so important.

  9. I think that this whole situation has shown me that I need to be a whole lot more prepared for life. In so many different aspects.

  10. It’s difficult to anticipate every problem that might arise. But there are some steps you can take to protect yourself. This year we took life insurance and house insurance and this has given us some peace of mind.

  11. I’m really not prepared for everything. I was lucky to continue working during the pandemic, and wasn’t effected too badly. I really need to be better at saving money.

  12. A nice reminder Aditi, a scare for me in this situation is the impending recession that is around the corner. I do agree, savings do come a long way and I am glad we pulled out of a commitment we were about to make in the view of this crisis. However, one thing I don’t know is how this recession will play out.
    I suppose, there’s only so much we all can prepare and in the large realm of things, this too shall pass 🙂

    1. Yes, this particular situation is quite an unpredictable one and no one can really tell what are we headed for. All we can do is to be a little cautious with the spends and hope for the best!

  13. This is really helpful. Everyone should be prepared and ready for all the unexpected things in life!

  14. Life throws all kind of things at you some you would knock down easily but others would knock you down, no matter how prepared you are. However important is to get up from there and learn from that so that you can face the si kind of events with better confidence next time.

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