Monsoon Magic At Antares!


Monsoons in Goa are something that you can only feel and experience, words can never justify the beauty of it or even the not so beautiful part for those who don’t like rains. Both ways, it has to be literally experienced to know what Goa monsoons really are.

For me monsoons are a season of sheer bliss, I love them to the core. The wet roads, the windy rains, the fragrance of mud and even the roaring sea, for me it’s all a turn on.


And some places in Monsoon are magical, Antares for me is one such place. Although Antares is beautiful all year round, the monsoons enhance the beauty of this place to another level and dining here on a rainy afternoon, gorging on to the wonderful food is just my kind of thing. I love the ambience, especially the sea view and a certain raw appeal that Antares offers. It’s beautiful without being too loud in your face.


Now coming to food, I have been an admirer of the food Antares serves since a long time. Helmed by Australian Master Chef Finalist Sarah Todd and Ashish Dev Kapur, the food has a charm about it that you don’t find in regular restaurants in Goa. It is particularly known for its seafood and pizzas, but the Goan and Indian dishes also find their place on the menu and they are equally worthy. And cocktails at Antares need all your attention!


As part of the monsoon special menu, we tried the BBQ Chicken, Pear and Apple Salad and Lamb Kebabs for starters. The lamb kebabs were an instant hit with my dining partner, my son, so much so that he decided to repeat the order right then. I particularly liked the smoky pepper dip which was served alongside.

Lamb Kebabs

The BBQ chicken had almost the same effect on me, I didn’t go for a repeat order, but it was definitely love in first bite. I loved the tender yet crispy chunks of chicken tossed in barbecue sauce, but the part I loved most was the bed of creamy corn puree on which the chicken was served. The subtle and creamy flavours of corn were perfectly balanced with the sweet and spicy barbecue sauce. One of my favourite dishes for the day and paired with my Bloody Mary, it was just perfect!

BBQ Chicken

The pear and green apple salad was another winner dish from the kitchen of Antares. The tanginess and juiciness of both the fruits, made the salad a very refreshing one indeed.

Pear and Green Apple Salad

For the main course, we opted for the staples, Prawn Curry with Rice. Since we were already too full with the starters, a simple main course made a lot of sense. The meal was definitely simple but flavourful. The prawn curry was as perfect as it should be and we hogged till the last grain of rice.

Prawn Curry And Rice

Sadly there was no room for desserts, but going by my past experiences, desserts at Antares are always good and you should definitely try them.

Aditi Malhotra

Well it was a very fulfilling day with good atmosphere, great hospitality, fantabulous food and amazing drinks. The monsoon obviously added their magic and made the experience all the more worth while. I am already looking forward to my next visit at Antares, what about you..?

Happy Me!

Restaurant Details

Phone Numbers

+91 7350011528
+91 7350011538
Table booking recommended 


Seafood, Pizza

Average Cost 

₹2,000 for two people (approx.) Exclusive of applicable taxes and charges, if any ₹110 for a pint of beer (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted


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