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How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat While Travelling – Essential Travel Preparations

In the eyes of many dedicated fitness enthusiasts and sports figures, travelling is a challenging task, an arduous task. For them, the idea or thought of travelling itself is accompanied by a strong feeling of reluctance. This reluctance is not due to a fear or hatred for travelling. It’s due to a fear of compromising their fitness regime.



But yes, muscle building is a strict discipline. In order to be successful at it, your priorities have to change and you have to make certain compromises somewhere. Thankfully for you, there’s no need to compromise on forgoing travel for this cause because there are many ways in which you can keep in-tune with your regime even when on the move.

A fitness regime has a lot to it. One possible objective of the regime could be to gain muscle and lose fat. So this has a lot to do with one’s diet. And yes, it’s hard to control one’s diet while travelling because of the high calorie intake and low-exercise rate but all you need is some dedication.

Protein-rich diet


There are a couple of things that you can do to gain muscle and lose fat while traveling; these things are elaborated below:

Get your packing right

It all starts with the packing. You want to maintain a proper diet, pack right and according to it then. Carry all essentials like:

  1. Cutlery
  2. Portable grill (if possible; allows you to eat healthy-grilled food)
  3. Canned food (to meet your nutritional needs on the go)
  4. Dry foods (protein-rich, if possible)
  5. Basic, portable workout equipment (dumbbell, stretch rope, skipping rope etc.)

Reduce Meal Frequency (if needed)

Generally, on a normal day if you are trying to gain muscle and lose fat, you may be eating around 6-7 meals a day. While travelling, it would be wise to reduce your meal frequency. Instead, focus on having a lesser number of meals but each meal that you take should have high-calorie content. Some people like to call this ‘flexible dieting’.

Keep track of your protein intake

Here’s where you cannot compromise on, especially if you are very serious about building muscle. Even while travelling, it’s super important for you to keep a track of your protein intake.

Ideally, you should be ingesting 1g of protein for every pound of body weight, per day. The best way to monitor your protein intake is by using mobile applications that allow you to do so. An example of one such mobile application is, MyFitnessPal.

Change your workout regime a little

It may seem annoying but if you are dedicated to your goals, it’s very important to be consistent in your efforts. Thus, even while travelling, it’s important for you to continue working out. Change your regime a little; adjust it to your travel.

If there’s a gym closeby to where you are staying, nothing can be better. If there’s a gym in your hotel, even better! But if these facilities aren’t available, just change your workout to something that you can do in any room without major equipment. Try working out before meals and try to fit in a high-intensity cardio workout into your regular workout.

If you love travelling and are a fitness freak, remember this:

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

Authors Bio– Mitravinda is a Nutritionist at DietChart with a doctoral degree in Food Science and Nutrition. She is a teacher, researcher and an author. Her passion for the subject prompted her to start writing blogs on various nutrition-related topics such as diet chart for weight loss, diet chart for weight loss in 7 days, how to remove dark circles in 2 daysetc. Through her blogs, she wishes to help people gain a deeper understanding about the relationship between food, nutrition, lifestyle and health.


Date Night Ideas That Will Blow Everything Else Out Of The Park

When you’re busy with work, children and other commitments, it can be easy to neglect your spouse in the sense of not spending enough quality time together. Queue the idea of date nights. They’re a great way of spending some quality time together, a great reason to put your best frock on, and also gives you the chance to have time away from the kids to be yourself again. However, the same date night over and over can become monotonous quickly, so it’s important to try and switch up the plan for your date nights as often as possible. Here are some date night ideas that will blow everything else out of the park.

Photo by Annie Spratton Unsplash


While you might not get the chance to spend the night away from the children very often, you should make the most of the chances that you do get. Next time you’ve got the opportunity to be child free overnight, consider booking yourself a romantic hotel near the beach. This gives you the chance to take some long romantic walks on the beach, dine in seaside restaurants, and also get away from the full on routine that you have at home for a night. Sometimes simply spending the night away can do you both the world of good!


If you and your partner enjoy a good challenge, then why not book a date night in an escape roomso that you can challenge your minds and also work together to solve the puzzles that come with escape rooms? It encourages you to work together as a team, so if you’ve been finding yourself at loggerheads with your partner, it can really help you solve any issues you have and simply have fun together!


It’s understandable that sometimes you might not have the funds to take yourselves off for a plush date, but you don’t need money to have an awesome time together! Why not have a games night with your partner? Games like Wii sports encourage you to work together (or even challenge each other) and make for a fantastic night in. Have a few drinks and gather some nibbles and you can create a brilliant night without having to spend a penny!


If there’s one thing that’s needed in every relationship, it’s a good laugh as often as possible. With stresses of life it can be easy to forget about the lighthearted things in life, and that’s why you should take yourselves off to an open mic nightwhere you can volunteer yourselves to do five minutes or so of your favourite jokes (or even your own sketch). If you don’t fancy that, simply being around comedy for an evening will have you both laughing in no time. You never know, you might be better at stand up comedy than you think!


Try these amazing ideas so that you can shake up your next date night and fall in love with each other all over again! Remember that it’s not always where you are, it’s who you’re with!

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