The Idiots’ Guide To Travel Comfort

Sick of getting to your destination, whether it’s for work or business, with a cramp in your back, tired out, and in need of a good rest? Well, you are not alone! In fact, millions of people travel in uncomfortable conditions every day, but there are some improvements you can make to your journey to avoid this. Read on to find out what they are.



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Depending on your mode of transport seating can be an issue. You may not be able to get a seat, the space may be too small and cramped, or it may not be as comfortable as you’d like.

To deal with the first issue, it can help to arrive for your journey early. Something that will allow you to be at the front of the line and giving you a better chance of getting a seat.


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To deal with uncomfortable seating, you have the option of upgrading the section you are sitting in. Although this will often cost extra. You can also take your own travel pillow and blanket to make things comfier. You earn even now get scarves with a structure in that will support your head while keeping you warm. They don’t even take up too much room in your luggage either, making them a great way to stay comfy no matter how long your journey.



Privacy is a major comfort issue on public transport. Passengers tend to be packed in as close as possible because it allows providers to transport more people and make a better profit. Many folks like to plug in their earphones to deal with this as this can help them feel less overwhelmed by the number and close proximity of people.

Of course, some folks avoid this problem altogether by using private transport. This could take the form of driving your own vehicle or even go so far as to charter a private boat or plane when the situation requires. Something you may think of as prohibitively expensive but before you write it off, learn more about the massive discounts available by clicking the link. After all, why be uncomfortable if options like this are within your price range?

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Controlling your temperature and temperature of the environment around you is something that is hugely difficult on public transport and can lead to you feeling uncomfortable. You really are limited to changing the clothes you are wearing and taking along a cold or warm drink. Although fans and gel hand heaters can also be used.


With private transport, you have a lot more freedom over this. This is because as can use the client control to increase or decrease the temperature as you see fit. Something that can make your journey a lot more comfortable.


Lastly, making a journey can be boring, especially if it’s one that you repeatedly do. That is why many people ensure they have some form of entertainment while they are travelling to keep them comfortable and alert.

When on public transport you are limited to entertainments that you can access via your earphones, so you don’t impinge on anyone else. Although, now with smartphones, this can be anything from popular TV box sets to mobile games.

When travelling on private transport, you have more of an option as you can play things out loud to everyone in the space. Many cars also come with infotainment centres now, that integrate your travel information needs with music, and audiobooks to keep you entertained on-route. Something that can definitely help a long journey go quicker and be a lot more comfortable for the traveller.





15 thoughts on “The Idiots’ Guide To Travel Comfort

  1. Ha, I wish I could afford to take my own private transport. However, I don’t think I’m there yet! Very true about getting to your mode of transportation early, I can always get a better seat!

  2. Well, I’m not sure everyone who doesn’t travel by private plane is an idiot but it certainly would be a nice way to go when you can. As far as your tips for making yourself comfortable, bringing your own entertainment and comfort items certainly does make the journey better. And having a neck pillow is so important for not getting that horrible neck crink that always happens when you forget it.

  3. I’d like to be able to hire my own jet to take me to wherever I want in the world. I also think that sometimes it’s a good idea to have a variety of different entertainment options available. Whether it’s bringing a book, having music, or writing pieces available, I know that I like to have options when I travel.

  4. This jet looks stellar! I don’t think I’d have any troubles getting comfortable on this flight. Great tips for staying entertained. Also, I’m one who hates cold flights, I wear tons of layers so I’m not shivering the entire time and get that AC off my face, it dries my skin out! Ha 🙂

  5. I have realized the boon of a travel pillow – it is so comfortable to just catch that little nap while traveling. Temperature is another thing that I have learnt to deal with. Always carry a shawl to battle the cooler temperatures and wear layers in case it get hot – you can always remove some.

  6. I carry my neck pillow for flights. Gadgets for music too is a must carry for me. And some comfort food for munching along the way. Sometimes the list gets longer.

  7. These are all very good tips! I always carry a neck pillow with me when flying, but now there are so many too choose from! A shawl is also a very good idea to dealing with fluctuating temperatures.

  8. Well, carrying neck pillow, ear plug and a shawl or a scarf is something one should not miss whether you are traveling in a private or public transport. One can make his/her journey comfortable in-spite of problems in both spaces.

  9. These days travel with private jet is the new trend thing. I guess it getting more popular and may be more affordable for the years to come. Now it is still quite expensive and only the rich and famous is using it.

  10. Wow, I wish I can afford to travel on a private transport, hopefully soon If I get the chance. Anyway I always bring something that makes my long travel journey comfortable like a small neck pillow and listening to a refreshing music. Through this, I feel comfortable. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  11. I would definitely say temperature is my biggest problem, I am either cold or carrying a pack of unnecessary clothes around! Even in hot countries due to AC … ahhh, the sweet troubles of travelling 🙂

  12. The fanciest private transport I’ve ever traveled in is a van, but maybe one day I’ll be able to fly by jet hahaha Meanwhile I agree with everything you say, having your own vehicle is great. Stop wherever you want, change the temperature, door to door… all great!

  13. I personally prefer public transport since in addition to being cheaper, it also offers me the chance to interact with the locals. But different travellers have different priorities and those who value comfort should certainly avail themselves of the discounts on offer.

  14. comfort – for sure is really important. privacy to some extent is needed but if travel does not expose you to a variety of people, it is somewhat incomplete.

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