Hot Topic: Do I Need Travel Insurance?


To an average person, this isn’t a topic which keeps them up at night. To a traveler, it’s enough to make or break the trip. You see, conventional wisdom says every person who goes abroad needs coverage. However, travel insurance policies are pricey, and travelers only have a small budget. Plus, the majority of individuals who travel never visit a hospital. It seems like a lot of money to waste, but is it worth the risk? After all, should the worst happen, a policy becomes a lifesaver.

Here’s how to find out whether you need insurance or not.

What Are The Laws Of The Country?

People from countries such as America are surprised when they go to Britain and the healthcare is free. But, to Brits, a NHS-style system is the norm. The moral of the story is that every country is unique and has different rules. says there are places with universal health care, such as Germany and France, where treatment is free. In this case, there is no reason to splash out on a policy. However, a place such as the US requires you to have an insurance plan by law if you want treatment. Before you set off, make sure you understand the fine print.

Is There A Special Arrangement?

Politics is a funny game. At the moment, with Trump and Brexit, it seems as if the politicians have lost their minds. The truth is they try to do the best for their constituents wherever possible. As such, there are arrangements with foreign countries which cover health care and other vital areas for non-nationals. Take Europe as an example. Any European citizen whose country is part of the EU is liable for treatment within the block. Again, if this is the case for you, a private plan is not a sound investment.


Will It Cost More Or Less?

Travelers think that an insurance policy is bound to cost the more, but it isn’t always the case. Let’s say you need protection. A single policy, such as a travel plan, is cheaper than three or four different plans. By searching you can see how the cost of healthcare alone fluctuates. With extras such as contents insurance and airline coverage, the price will skyrocket. At least all of the major features are included in travel insurance, and that keeps the cost low. When a policy is cheaper, it is well worth the investment.

What Are The Odds?

People will say travel insurance is essential regardless. Why? It’s because the odds of something going wrong are high. Are you flying with an airline which has punctuality problems? Or, are you going to a country where there is a high risk of injury? If the answer to these questions is yes, then travel insurance is a savvy investment. So, before you jet set to Florida or hit up Asia, think about your itinerary. If there is a high percentage of danger in any sense, you need a contingency plan.

Do you need travel insurance? Only you can answer that question.