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Gadre Marine- India’s Largest Surimi Producer

Gadre Marine- India’s Largest Surimi Producer

Founded in 1978 by Mr. Deepak Gadre, Gadre Marine Export was originally a processing and packaging unit of frozen marine products such as shrimps, squids, cuttlefish and other fin-fish. In 1994 however an unprecedented and bold step was taken, India’s first and only Surimi manufacturing plant was set up in Ratnagiri. Gadre Marine since then became the third largest Surimi** manufacturer in the world.

What is Surimi? Surimi (a  Japanese  word ) is an edible paste made from processed fish or other meat. It is used to imitate the texture/color of the meat of lobster, crab etc. The production process includes – Descaling of Fish wherein the fish meat, skin, bones and scales are separated.
In 2004 the company under the leadership of its Managing Director, Mr Arjun Gadre set up a Surimi** value added products plant with a wide product line encompassing surimi value added products, marinated ready to cook fish and cut n cleaned raw fish. Gadre challenges the very roots of Indian culture where fish is always served fresh; their authentic frozen seafood touches the very essence of modern Indians looking for a simpler, healthier and tastier alternative.
Gadre Marine has roped in Vikas Khanna-an award winning Indian chef as their brand ambassador. With this association the brand aims to change the perception about frozen seafood in India and create more awareness about its specialities. Gadre challenges the very roots of Indian culture where fish is always served fresh; their authentic frozen seafood touches the very essence of modern Indians looking for a simpler, healthier and tastier alternative. 

Some of the products retailed and produced by the brand are:
Masala Mackerel – We have delicately flavoured our fish with authentic Konkani masala’s to bring out its richness in every bite, while simultaneously maintaining the nutrition value. This preparation will truly tantalize your palate.

Lobster Bytes – Pamper palates with the memorable taste of these Lobster Bites.  They are prepared with authentic lobster flavor and coated with bread crumbs to create a mouth-watering  experience in every bite!
Masala Prawns– Authentic Konkani Masala combines with our Prawns to create an exceptional flavour. The Freshness crunchiness and the blend of flavourful spices are set to make the eating experience of your customers truly scrumptious.

Amritsari crab claw – Blend of Amritsari Masala  with our  Crab Claw ingredients to create the most exclusive taste; one which is crispy , fresh and spicy. This appetizer is conveniently cooked, is low on cholesterol & high on satisfaction. 

Gadre Marine Pvt Ltd already exports Surimi and other Fish products in large quantities to Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and Australia. The company presently running 3 plants one in Ratnagiri, another in Chorwad Gujarat and Brahmwar- Karnataka. After successfully exporting abroad, Gadre has now decided to focus on the Indian Market despite the challenges it faces.
 Website –
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And the quest begins…

And the quest begins…

Seven billion people, searching for connection, redemption, meaning. Oprah Winfrey presents the seven-night event, “Belief,” a groundbreaking television event exploring humankind’s ongoing search to connect with something greater than ourselves. 
Journeying to the far reaches of the world, and to places cameras have rarely been, “Belief” searches the origins of diverse faiths and the heart of what really matters. From the epic to the intimate, webbed throughout each hour are stories of people on spiritual journeys, taking them to sacred spaces.
Starts 1st February, Every Monday 9PM, only on Discovery Channel. Don’t forget to tune in..!!

iRevo enhances viewer experience with Netfilx

iRevo enhances viewer experience with Netfilx

iRevo Multimedia, founded in Silicon Valley and now firmly focused on the India market released a major software upgrade for its Smart devices with feature enhancements and integral support for Netflix.

Announcing the new update Mr. Dhimant Bhayani, Founder & CEO of iRevo, said, “We released a new updates for iRevo Smart TV box and iRevo Smart PC. With this Over the Air Update release, iRevo users will be able to install the update on a single click. This update release gives users access to several major enhancements and access to additional content. Major takeaway from this update is the support Netflix and Live News channel on Home screen of iRevo Smart TV Box”.

Further elaborating, Mr Dhimant said, “The way this updates works is that for our Smart TV device users, Netflix will appear as one of the tile on its home page and for iRevo Smart PC box users Netflix will appear as a tile under ‘Movies and TV category’. By clicking on the Netflix Tile, user will now be able to launch the Netflix service. The addition of Live News channel brings live broadcast of Door Darshan, India Today, Aaj Tak, TV9 and others. Other major update is the Event and Content Notification dialog box which notifies user of daily major events for entertainment and sports and direct access to related content.”
The iRevo Smart PC; which became #1 Best Seller on Amazon during initial product launch; comes bundled with a wireless keyboard and a mouse, making it easy to interact when TV (CRT or Flat panel) is used as a PC Monitor. iRevo Smart PC is available at a street price of around Rs 6,000/-. iRevo Smart PC runs Microsoft Office Suite enabling consumers to create Word documents, Excel spread sheets and PowerPoint presentations at no additional cost. Furthermore, users can enjoy web browsing, do emails, Skype with family and friends, or play their favourite games from Google PlayStore. iRevo is proud to support Government of India’s #DigitalIndia initiative and comes with several Apps & Services pre-installed.
iRevo Smart TV; connects to your TV (CRT or Flat Panel) and a world of entertainment is brought to your fingertip. It comes with an Air Mouse remote control that makes it super easy to interact with TV interface software to access and view large variety of content. This iRevo Cloud powered device enables consumers to enjoy TV shows and Live News, Music Videos and Youtube or run Apps like DittoTV, ErosNow, HotStar, Hungama, Netflix and SonyLiv. From devotional songs to kids gaming to Skype – iRevo Smart TV has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. iRevo SmartTV model with IR Remote is available at a street price under Rs. 6,000 and with Air Mouse at around Rs. 6,500/-
Both products have received a number of positive reviews and product recommendations by print media, online media, and bloggers since its launch.
All iRevo Smart devices come with 1 Year warranty and telephone and e-mail based support.
 About iRevo Multimedia:
iRevo is founded by an experienced team of Silicon Valley professionals with depth and breadth of knowledge in the area of Consumer, Internet and Device technologies. The team is further strengthened via addition of senior Marketing and Engineering management in India. iRevo is one of a handful of companies that embraced the Cloud based approach (Web Technologies) for TV Everywhere & Smart Devices initiatives, including supporting of mobile devices. We are the inventors of TelePlay screen shifting technology that enables you to browse on your mobile device and play on your TV for multi-screen user experience. The Company is working on a number of initiatives; including TV Everywhere and IoT driven by Cloud managed Smart Devices. For further details visit:
Upcoming Artist on the Block- Bahaar Dhawan

Upcoming Artist on the Block- Bahaar Dhawan

Bahaar is a self-taught Artist whose works are embed with soul and passion. She has taken the path of a full-time artist only since June 2015 prior to which she spent over five years working with leading law firm Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas. While her stint at Amarchand gave her the opportunity to work on several high stake matters, earning her plenty client recognition; painting remained in her heart and soul.

Each canvas is brought to life under Bahaar’s artistic strokes, which are bold, visceral and dramatic. Her art is unique and her style extremely versatile. She is a fearless and uses a range of different mediums. After years of practising law, she has developed an innate sense of storytelling through her works. 
Bahaar’s work is truthful and self reflective, whether it is incandescent murmurings from the animals filled with a flurry of colours and quirk, her meditative abstracts which are loaded with texture or the tranquillizing faces. Her art takes you into a trance yet leaves you fulfilled with inner bliss. The range of expression clearly demonstrate that her art knows no boundaries, no silver linings yet the recourse to what we face every day is so recognizable. Bahaar’s is a quest that goes beyond form, yet pulsates with an awareness of a larger order, revealing gleaming epiphanies. Each of her work is a reflection of her energetic personality, which is experimental and spontaneous.
Bahaar’s Mentors: 
Bahaar’s paintings are an outcome of the marriage of very different disciplines, law and the freedom of an artist detached from straightjacket of definition and boundaries. She is also greatly influenced by Scandinavian and American contemporary artists. Hence, an important part of Bahaar’s work is transfiguration of the perceived form, almost like deconstruction and abstract expressionism. She is also an avid admirer of Late Mr. J.Sabavala’s and Mr. Shakti Burman’s artworks amongst the Indian artists. 

Her work can be viewed at
Organic Farmer’s Market on 30th Jan at IHC

Organic Farmer’s Market on 30th Jan at IHC

There is increasing evidence to suggest good and healthy food is a scarce commodity. Centre for Science and Environment’s research has found various contaminants and unwanted substances in human food – be it antibiotics or pesticides, to name a few of these. In order to further its objective of promoting natural and good food, CSE is organising a Farmers’ Market on January 30. The event will be held at India Habitat Centre’s Margosa lawns from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. The participants in the Farmers’ Market will include individual farmers, farmer collectives like Kheti Virasat. On display and available for purchase will be their produce such as grains and vegetables. Visitors will also have the option of sampling dishes made out of natural ingredients.

Underlining the importance of good food, CSE Director General Sunita Narain said, “We eat relatively good homemade and locally grown food only because we are not rich. As we proceed on the wealth ladder, the business of food also changes—moves to industrial and processed food. Unfortunately, this also means we will move down the food-nutrition ladder unless we put protective systems in place. CSE has been a strong advocate of what we call ‘good food’ – food that is good for nature (rich in biodiversity), nutrition (not junk food and without poisons) and livelihoods (where local people derive benefits). A few years ago, we published our book, First Food, in which we celebrated the diversity of such food and recipes from across the country. To take this work forward we are organising an Organic Farmers’ Market.”
The Farmers’ Market will have a number of educative demonstrations for visitors. These will include: how to make your own compost, how to put together the right ingredients for a pot to grow plants, how to create a healthy plate and a cooking demonstration on millets, among others. The theme for the Farmers’ Market is millets.
Said Narain, “How can we continue to eat local food, built on local biodiversity? How do we improve food safety without deploying inspectors who destroy small and local good food businesses, but do not hurt the ever-evolving and sophisticated industry of global food? These are critical questions. We are running out of time in the food-health trajectory.”
The stalls at the Farmers’ Market will sell various products such as organic vegetables, millets, dishes staples, breads and dairy products. Sessions on traditional and natural food, food and health, air pollution and other issues important in preserving good health will be held. Some well-known personalities from the world of food will deliver talks and participate in the event.
CSE’s Programme Director for the Environmental Education programme, Ranjita Menon said, “Good food is all around us. For generations, Indians have incorporated biodiversity in their daily food – using millets instead of wheat or rice, eating vegetables sourced from forests rather than farms, eating local food and changing their diet with changing seasons.”
Event Highlights:
  • Organic Farmers’ Market to be held on January 30 at Margosa Lawn, India Habitat Centre
  • Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about healthy and natural food
  • Stalls will sell farmers’ produce and also hold live cooking demonstrations
  • Moving up wealth ladder leads to abandoning of natural food, says Sunita Narain
Event Details:
Organic Farmer’s Market by Centre for Science and Environment
on January 30, 2016 to promote good food
at Margosa Lawn, Habitat World, India Habitat Centre ( Entry from Gate No. 2)
Free Entry
Time: 10:00 am- 3:00 pm
Bear Grylls Takes Hollywood Celebrities To the Wild

Bear Grylls Takes Hollywood Celebrities To the Wild

Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, Ed Helms, James Manderson, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and other renowned personalities take on a one-on-one adventure challenge of surviving the wild with Bear Grylls
Famed adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls returns for a second season of ‘RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS’. The programme will take eight of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and sports stars into the most pristine locations around the world for a 48-hour journey. RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS will premiere February 1 on Discovery Channel and will air Monday to Friday at 7 pm.

The celebrities that will join the survival expert Bear Grylls in the season II are Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, Oscar nominee Kate Hudson, ‘Hangover’ star Ed Helms, Emmy nominee and ‘Modern Family’ star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, ‘Furious 7’ star Michelle Rodriguez, Super Bowl-winning quarterback Drew Brees, and award-winning film and television actors James Marsden of X-Men: Days of Future Past and Michael B. Jordan of ‘Fantastic Four’.
Together, they will tests their survival skills and mental and physical limits as they enter into uncharted territory and wilderness. From skydiving into the Catskill Mountains, to rappelling down the cliffs of Utah and battling torrential wind and rain in Scotland, Bear Grylls and each celebrity will push themselves to the limit in some of the extreme environments to successfully complete their journey.
Commenting on the programme, Rahul Johri, EVP & GM – South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “Discovery Channel continues to offer differentiated content that delivers supreme viewing experience to our viewers. The new season of RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS will show leading celebrities challenge themselves in the harsh wilderness.”
Join the action-filled one-hour episodes every Monday to Friday at 7 pm on Discovery Channel, Discovery Tamil and Discovery HD World from February 1.
About Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel, the flagship network of Discovery Communications, is devoted to creating the highest quality pay-TV programming in the world and remains one of the most dynamic networks on television. First launched in 1985, Discovery Channel reaches 210 million subscribers in Asia Pacific. It offers viewers an engaging line-up of high-quality non-fiction entertainment from blue-chip nature, science and technology, ancient and contemporary history, adventure, cultural and topical documentaries.
Ordering home-style food made simple with

Ordering home-style food made simple with

What do you do, when you wanna have home style food, but not wanna cook either, or when you crave for some simple regional food, but don’t want to visit that fancy restaurant, or when you want to eat home style food while in office and you didn’t get your tiffin..or worse still, when your maid doesn’t show up and you don’t know how to cook..
You crib..crib and crib more..
But ta daa.. you no longer need to crib.. has made it really simple and convenient for us.

Biteclub is a Gurgaon based marketplace for chef prepared meals, which has daily menu options of different meals to choose from. The menu options are plenty and range from India food to Oriental and Italian etc. and also the food is quite reasonable making it very pocket friendly.
They recently launched a campaign called Musafir Hoon Yaaron.. an innovative food tour that will offer a chance to Delhi NCR residents to sample scrumptious, home style regional cuisines.
I ordered on a day when Punjabi Cuisine was the highlight. I must admit that when I was looking through the menu of the day, the options were many, and all of them looked very tempting and inviting. After a lot of head spinning, I opted for Mutton Gushtaba and Ghee Rice by Chef Gautam Jana, and Veg & Paneer Jalfarazi, Dal Makhani, Jeera Rice & Methi Parantha Combo by Chef Shivani Sahni for the mains and Gajar Ka Halwa and Death by Chocolate Cake for dessert.
Before time delivery of the order was the first thing that I loved about ordering from Biteclub. The hygienic and neat packaging of food spoke volumes about the quality assured by the brand.

The food was exactly the way I expected it to be, nothing out of the world and fancy about it, but simple and home style tasty.
The mutton gushtaba was good to taste, but had a little too runny gravy, I personally feel that it could have been a little thicker, but nevertheless, with ghee rice, it tasted just right.
The paneer jalfarazi and dal makhani were just the way we cook at home, and the methi paranthas were great too.
The gajar ka halwa too had this home made feeling to it, and was nothing like those over dose of mawa halwas that we get in markets, sweet shops and restaurants. It was simply awesome, but the show stealer of the day was the death by chocolate cake. It was a real mouth melting experience. I just could not get over it for a long time and wanted more of it.

I am definitely ordering from Biteclub again, to explore new menus, other chefs and the death by chocolate cake and will also recommend to all my friends and colleagues.
Do give it a try..!!

Finally India gets beauty products without chemicals…!! Vert -Fresh & Handmade

Finally India gets beauty products without chemicals…!! Vert -Fresh & Handmade

Finding beauty and skin care products for people with sensitive skin is a never ending task, but I think, finally I have got the solution to end my search.
Vert brings completely chemical free, beauty and skin products which are safe, fresh and handmade.
I happened to visit their store at DLF Palace, Saket and also got an opportunity to meet the brains behind this concept, Ms. Anupama.
It was during her travel to Europe, that she came across products that were totally natural and chemical free, and this gave her the idea to bring this concept to India as well.
Since then months of research and handwork went in to develop beauty and skin care products that give us the freedom from chemical abuse and Vert was born.

They are known for their high quality ethical products which are made from natural ingredients in innovative ways to produce traditional concepts with contemporary twists. Their natural bath & body care products are carefully made by hand, using time honoured methods. They are individually hand cut, hand poured & hand wrapped, ensuring that the products are of high quality through all stages of the manufacturing process. It is their belief that what is best for our skin should also be best for our mother Earth.
Manufactured in smoke free environment the products are 100% vegetarian which contains no animal fat. They are not tested on animals. 
Their products are made by using only the finest oils, herbs & botanicals which are sourced from across the world, and have long lasting fragrance.They endeavour to keep their packaging simple, minimal and recyclable to avoid it clogging up dustbins and the environment. All of their packaging material which includes bottles, jars and lids can be easily recycled after you have finished using the products.  No paraben is used as preservative in any of the products.
I was really impressed with the detailing with which I was explained about the products. I am listing down a couple of them here for all of us to understand what actually goes into making them.

Lemon Grass Ginger Body Wash

In this soap free blend, rejuvenating lemongrass essential oil is paired with fresh, stimulating ginger absolute to invigorate the senses. Further enriched with soothing aloe vera gel, fresh lemon juice & sea salt to gently cleanse, they have also added shea butter to nourish and moisturise the skin.

Cafe Walnut Foot Scrub

Pamper your feet with 100% natural foot scrub. This super luxurious blend of coffee & walnut powder not only exfoliates the dead skin but also contains antioxidants which repairs damage due to environmental pollutants and free radicals. A splash of fresh lemon juice is added to deodorise, ligten, tighten and brighten your feet. Be ready to flaunt your feet with this one. I can really vouch for the effectiveness of this product, as I tested it at their store, though on my hands and not feet, but just two minutes of scrubbing, left me with soft and supple skin.

I also happened to test a solid perfume, called Love Potion and I fell in love with its fragrance right there and then, and even after 6-7 hours, it smelled as fresh as it did when I applied it.

I was really very impressed with the entire range of products, which includes, face creams, face cleansers, face scrubs, foot scrubs, foot creams, shampoos, soaps, lip scrubs, perfumes and even a choice of gift hampers to pamper your loved ones.

I got lucky that a sweet little hamper came my way, and I will surely write about them once I experience them for a little while, but two days of use, and there is this one product that I really wanna praise, its the Ginger, Clove & Lemon Shampoo for Daily Wash. I have a very oily scalp and need to wash my hair daily, but one wash with this shampoo and it controlled my oil beautifully, its first time in years that I gave a days miss to my shampoo, and washed it after a day. This alternate day of hair washing is something I haven’t experienced with any product. I am very sure their other products will also deliver the promise of quality.

Look forward to using them and experiencing freedom from chemical abuse.

Dunkin Donuts Launches 4 New Coffees

Given Enough Coffee You Could Shake The World!!!
This is what Dunkin Donut claims as they launch some very interesting new coffees. Its not a very regular thing when innovation with coffee happens. We may visit different cafes, and they might name their coffees differently, but they all end up tasting the same, with hardly a difference to make out.
To bridge this gap, Dunkin has really gone overboard in their research and come up with not one but four new coffees, and these coffees are of the kinds that we normally don’t get in coffee shops.
Mr. Dev Amritesh, President and COO, Dunkin Donuts, India along with their coffee expert Barista Phelix, hosted this exclusive session for food enthusiasts.

Each coffee had its own story to tell, which was communicated through AV medium and elaborated by quick witted and very lively Dev himself.

The first coffee is named Bangalore Start-Up Coffee. As the name suggests, its for the night owls busy working on ideas that will one day(hopefully) change the world. A 100% Arabica roast coffee beans decoction, in piping hot milk, inspired by South-Indian filter coffee and the start-up culture. But you really don’t need to be in a start-up to drink this one.
This coffee reminded me of the coffee I drink at home every morning, which is basically coffee added to a warm glass of milk. To get this kind of homely taste in a coffee shop, is something we never expect. We go to coffee shops for fancy coffees, but sometimes what you really need is that feeling of home comfort, home like taste and Bingo, this coffee gives you exactly that.
The next coffee, is meant strictly for bold and daring people, because this guy is tough and its actually named Tough Guy Cappuccino. This coffee is like the real friend who has no sympathy for you, he is like the friend who tells you, your face is dirty and you look like an idiot, when other friends like your pic on the social media, this coffee makes you wake up and smell the coffee. The triple shot of dark roasted espresso with a tint of brandy is so tough that you can’t escape the reality. Do not drink this one if you are clear-headed!
I personally liked this coffee the most, though the comfortable Bangalore Start-Up Coffee reminded me of home like taste, this one truly became my best friend. The aroma of coffee, the tint of brandy, made it a more than perfect combination when in need to think clear. I am gonna go back a lot to Dunkin for this tough guy, because you don’t find guys like this easily these days 😉
 I even clicked a selfie with this one 🙂

What do you do, when somedays you felt like being held, you hold a cup of fuzzy mix of chocolate and coffee, with whipped cream for some extra love and cinnamon for the feeling to linger. This is the coffee you hold when you need to be held. Its your partner in therapy, its called the Therapeutic Cappuccino.
And just as the name says, it is that therapy you need when sometimes you are too low or even too happy, its a coffee, you at back and relax with. Its a coffee that makes you forget things happening around you, its a coffee, that even after its finished, makes it difficult to part with. So its really not a coffee, its a therapy, its a coffee spa, its a massage, that you want to go on and on with. The chocolate and coffee mix, the sweetness of whipped cream and that dash of cinnamon, all put together make it more than a perfect combination of tastes.

And last but not the least, came the coffee which had no story, it was too direct and straightforward. Simply a no nonsense stuff, a straight up black coffee, minus the bitterness. This is one thing that we all drink black coffee for, for it being straight, strong and directly hard hitting, and at the same time, we still dislike the too much of bitterness it comes with. I am personally very fond of black coffee, but yes honestly speaking, the bitter taste it leaves me with, is not quite liked. Duncan has really found a solution to it, and come up with a coffee, which is black, but doesn’t taste bitter. And to substantiate the difference, we were served a Dunkin Black along with a regular Americano Black Coffee. The difference was very very evident and Dunkin gives me another reason to go back to them.

In fact Dunkin has really given me 4 new reasons to go back to them again and again and I definitely will. I am very sure that these four new coffees will give coffee lovers a lot of reason to visit Dunkin Donuts soon and I recommend tasting all of them, so at least 4 visits for that and then keep going back for one or the other 🙂

Dunkin' Donuts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The School Opens- Back to School@ Odeon Social

The School Opens- Back to School@ Odeon Social

What do you call a school; where the school boys aka waiters dressed in white shirts, trousers and green sweaters, serve you cocktails in a school water bottle, right at the entrance? A very very cool and happening school, isn’t it. Yes and we call it Back to School@Odeon Social and the school is officially open now.

Social took over CP with the launch party of Odeon Social hosted by Riyaaz Amlani, CEO & MD Impresario Handmade Restaurants on Thursday, January 14. As the third Social in Delhi within the last year and a half and the ninth in India, the launch of Odeon Social is an ode to the timeless stories embedded in the walls & pillars of Connaught Place.

The grand launch party saw Ash Roy and Ashwin Mani Sharma’s latest project – ‘Bit of Both’ take the energy to another level with their music and set the tone for the night. Their groovy and dance-floor friendly music was electric and relaxing at the same time and in spite of lack of open spaces, it saw people dancing at their respective places; it was just so hard to resist not dancing.

Recess saw guests snacking on food being served in tiffins and sipping their drinks in water bottles.
Pork Popcorns, Chilly Paneer, Chaat, Chicken Tikka and many other mouth- watering snacks were being served.
The bar was open, and liquor was almost freely flowing for people to taste variety of cocktails, tequila shots and tonics.
The place was bustling with people and yet the staff very efficiently managed to cater everyone with a personal touch. It was truly commendable.

Speaking at the launch of Odeon Social, Riyaaz Amlani, CEO & MD, Impresario Handmade Restaurants said, “With the launch of our third Social in Delhi, we stay committed to the creation of innovative and easily accessible workspaces across the city. The initiative stays true to its course – a collaborative space for inspired ideas where creative energies can complement each other. And of course, we continue to push boundaries across food and drink as well, for a relaxed space where you can work and play. Odeon Social only adds to our intelligent network of collaborative work spaces spread across the city with the convenience of easy access.”

Many eminent personalities including Harmeet Bajaj, Sid Mathur, Sunil Sahni, Rahul Aggarwal, Gaurav Karan, Actor Sameer Kochhar, Shivkaran Singh, A.D. Singh, Thenny Mejia and Ramola Bachchan were seen at the launch.

Nida Mahmood, Pranav Misra (Huemn), Shyma Shetty (Huemn), Anuj Bhutani (Reboot), Shweta Kapur (431 88), Abhishek Paatni (Thread Factory), Gauri Verma (The Jodi Life), Surbhi Shekhar, Aashna Singh (Olio), Sneha Saxena (Olio), Pranav Guglani (Cord), Dhruv Aditya Davé (Stylist) from the young fashion fraternity were also present at the launch to check the new Social out.

Odeon Social has now swung open its doors in the hub of Delhi – Connaught Place and should definitely be a must visit on your list.