Finally India gets beauty products without chemicals…!! Vert -Fresh & Handmade

Finding beauty and skin care products for people with sensitive skin is a never ending task, but I think, finally I have got the solution to end my search.
Vert brings completely chemical free, beauty and skin products which are safe, fresh and handmade.
I happened to visit their store at DLF Palace, Saket and also got an opportunity to meet the brains behind this concept, Ms. Anupama.
It was during her travel to Europe, that she came across products that were totally natural and chemical free, and this gave her the idea to bring this concept to India as well.
Since then months of research and handwork went in to develop beauty and skin care products that give us the freedom from chemical abuse and Vert was born.

They are known for their high quality ethical products which are made from natural ingredients in innovative ways to produce traditional concepts with contemporary twists. Their natural bath & body care products are carefully made by hand, using time honoured methods. They are individually hand cut, hand poured & hand wrapped, ensuring that the products are of high quality through all stages of the manufacturing process. It is their belief that what is best for our skin should also be best for our mother Earth.
Manufactured in smoke free environment the products are 100% vegetarian which contains no animal fat. They are not tested on animals. 
Their products are made by using only the finest oils, herbs & botanicals which are sourced from across the world, and have long lasting fragrance.They endeavour to keep their packaging simple, minimal and recyclable to avoid it clogging up dustbins and the environment. All of their packaging material which includes bottles, jars and lids can be easily recycled after you have finished using the products.  No paraben is used as preservative in any of the products.
I was really impressed with the detailing with which I was explained about the products. I am listing down a couple of them here for all of us to understand what actually goes into making them.

Lemon Grass Ginger Body Wash

In this soap free blend, rejuvenating lemongrass essential oil is paired with fresh, stimulating ginger absolute to invigorate the senses. Further enriched with soothing aloe vera gel, fresh lemon juice & sea salt to gently cleanse, they have also added shea butter to nourish and moisturise the skin.

Cafe Walnut Foot Scrub

Pamper your feet with 100% natural foot scrub. This super luxurious blend of coffee & walnut powder not only exfoliates the dead skin but also contains antioxidants which repairs damage due to environmental pollutants and free radicals. A splash of fresh lemon juice is added to deodorise, ligten, tighten and brighten your feet. Be ready to flaunt your feet with this one. I can really vouch for the effectiveness of this product, as I tested it at their store, though on my hands and not feet, but just two minutes of scrubbing, left me with soft and supple skin.

I also happened to test a solid perfume, called Love Potion and I fell in love with its fragrance right there and then, and even after 6-7 hours, it smelled as fresh as it did when I applied it.

I was really very impressed with the entire range of products, which includes, face creams, face cleansers, face scrubs, foot scrubs, foot creams, shampoos, soaps, lip scrubs, perfumes and even a choice of gift hampers to pamper your loved ones.

I got lucky that a sweet little hamper came my way, and I will surely write about them once I experience them for a little while, but two days of use, and there is this one product that I really wanna praise, its the Ginger, Clove & Lemon Shampoo for Daily Wash. I have a very oily scalp and need to wash my hair daily, but one wash with this shampoo and it controlled my oil beautifully, its first time in years that I gave a days miss to my shampoo, and washed it after a day. This alternate day of hair washing is something I haven’t experienced with any product. I am very sure their other products will also deliver the promise of quality.

Look forward to using them and experiencing freedom from chemical abuse.

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