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Gadre Marine- India’s Largest Surimi Producer

Gadre Marine- India’s Largest Surimi Producer

Founded in 1978 by Mr. Deepak Gadre, Gadre Marine Export was originally a processing and packaging unit of frozen marine products such as shrimps, squids, cuttlefish and other fin-fish. In 1994 however an unprecedented and bold step was taken, India’s first and only Surimi manufacturing plant was set up in Ratnagiri. Gadre Marine since then became the third largest Surimi** manufacturer in the world.

What is Surimi? Surimi (a  Japanese  word ) is an edible paste made from processed fish or other meat. It is used to imitate the texture/color of the meat of lobster, crab etc. The production process includes – Descaling of Fish wherein the fish meat, skin, bones and scales are separated.
In 2004 the company under the leadership of its Managing Director, Mr Arjun Gadre set up a Surimi** value added products plant with a wide product line encompassing surimi value added products, marinated ready to cook fish and cut n cleaned raw fish. Gadre challenges the very roots of Indian culture where fish is always served fresh; their authentic frozen seafood touches the very essence of modern Indians looking for a simpler, healthier and tastier alternative.
Gadre Marine has roped in Vikas Khanna-an award winning Indian chef as their brand ambassador. With this association the brand aims to change the perception about frozen seafood in India and create more awareness about its specialities. Gadre challenges the very roots of Indian culture where fish is always served fresh; their authentic frozen seafood touches the very essence of modern Indians looking for a simpler, healthier and tastier alternative. 

Some of the products retailed and produced by the brand are:
Masala Mackerel – We have delicately flavoured our fish with authentic Konkani masala’s to bring out its richness in every bite, while simultaneously maintaining the nutrition value. This preparation will truly tantalize your palate.

Lobster Bytes – Pamper palates with the memorable taste of these Lobster Bites.  They are prepared with authentic lobster flavor and coated with bread crumbs to create a mouth-watering  experience in every bite!
Masala Prawns– Authentic Konkani Masala combines with our Prawns to create an exceptional flavour. The Freshness crunchiness and the blend of flavourful spices are set to make the eating experience of your customers truly scrumptious.

Amritsari crab claw – Blend of Amritsari Masala  with our  Crab Claw ingredients to create the most exclusive taste; one which is crispy , fresh and spicy. This appetizer is conveniently cooked, is low on cholesterol & high on satisfaction. 

Gadre Marine Pvt Ltd already exports Surimi and other Fish products in large quantities to Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and Australia. The company presently running 3 plants one in Ratnagiri, another in Chorwad Gujarat and Brahmwar- Karnataka. After successfully exporting abroad, Gadre has now decided to focus on the Indian Market despite the challenges it faces.
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And the quest begins…

And the quest begins…

Seven billion people, searching for connection, redemption, meaning. Oprah Winfrey presents the seven-night event, “Belief,” a groundbreaking television event exploring humankind’s ongoing search to connect with something greater than ourselves. 
Journeying to the far reaches of the world, and to places cameras have rarely been, “Belief” searches the origins of diverse faiths and the heart of what really matters. From the epic to the intimate, webbed throughout each hour are stories of people on spiritual journeys, taking them to sacred spaces.
Starts 1st February, Every Monday 9PM, only on Discovery Channel. Don’t forget to tune in..!!

iRevo enhances viewer experience with Netfilx

iRevo enhances viewer experience with Netfilx

iRevo Multimedia, founded in Silicon Valley and now firmly focused on the India market released a major software upgrade for its Smart devices with feature enhancements and integral support for Netflix.

Announcing the new update Mr. Dhimant Bhayani, Founder & CEO of iRevo, said, “We released a new updates for iRevo Smart TV box and iRevo Smart PC. With this Over the Air Update release, iRevo users will be able to install the update on a single click. This update release gives users access to several major enhancements and access to additional content. Major takeaway from this update is the support Netflix and Live News channel on Home screen of iRevo Smart TV Box”.

Further elaborating, Mr Dhimant said, “The way this updates works is that for our Smart TV device users, Netflix will appear as one of the tile on its home page and for iRevo Smart PC box users Netflix will appear as a tile under ‘Movies and TV category’. By clicking on the Netflix Tile, user will now be able to launch the Netflix service. The addition of Live News channel brings live broadcast of Door Darshan, India Today, Aaj Tak, TV9 and others. Other major update is the Event and Content Notification dialog box which notifies user of daily major events for entertainment and sports and direct access to related content.”
The iRevo Smart PC; which became #1 Best Seller on Amazon during initial product launch; comes bundled with a wireless keyboard and a mouse, making it easy to interact when TV (CRT or Flat panel) is used as a PC Monitor. iRevo Smart PC is available at a street price of around Rs 6,000/-. iRevo Smart PC runs Microsoft Office Suite enabling consumers to create Word documents, Excel spread sheets and PowerPoint presentations at no additional cost. Furthermore, users can enjoy web browsing, do emails, Skype with family and friends, or play their favourite games from Google PlayStore. iRevo is proud to support Government of India’s #DigitalIndia initiative and comes with several Apps & Services pre-installed.
iRevo Smart TV; connects to your TV (CRT or Flat Panel) and a world of entertainment is brought to your fingertip. It comes with an Air Mouse remote control that makes it super easy to interact with TV interface software to access and view large variety of content. This iRevo Cloud powered device enables consumers to enjoy TV shows and Live News, Music Videos and Youtube or run Apps like DittoTV, ErosNow, HotStar, Hungama, Netflix and SonyLiv. From devotional songs to kids gaming to Skype – iRevo Smart TV has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. iRevo SmartTV model with IR Remote is available at a street price under Rs. 6,000 and with Air Mouse at around Rs. 6,500/-
Both products have received a number of positive reviews and product recommendations by print media, online media, and bloggers since its launch.
All iRevo Smart devices come with 1 Year warranty and telephone and e-mail based support.
 About iRevo Multimedia:
iRevo is founded by an experienced team of Silicon Valley professionals with depth and breadth of knowledge in the area of Consumer, Internet and Device technologies. The team is further strengthened via addition of senior Marketing and Engineering management in India. iRevo is one of a handful of companies that embraced the Cloud based approach (Web Technologies) for TV Everywhere & Smart Devices initiatives, including supporting of mobile devices. We are the inventors of TelePlay screen shifting technology that enables you to browse on your mobile device and play on your TV for multi-screen user experience. The Company is working on a number of initiatives; including TV Everywhere and IoT driven by Cloud managed Smart Devices. For further details visit:
Upcoming Artist on the Block- Bahaar Dhawan

Upcoming Artist on the Block- Bahaar Dhawan

Bahaar is a self-taught Artist whose works are embed with soul and passion. She has taken the path of a full-time artist only since June 2015 prior to which she spent over five years working with leading law firm Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas. While her stint at Amarchand gave her the opportunity to work on several high stake matters, earning her plenty client recognition; painting remained in her heart and soul.

Each canvas is brought to life under Bahaar’s artistic strokes, which are bold, visceral and dramatic. Her art is unique and her style extremely versatile. She is a fearless and uses a range of different mediums. After years of practising law, she has developed an innate sense of storytelling through her works. 
Bahaar’s work is truthful and self reflective, whether it is incandescent murmurings from the animals filled with a flurry of colours and quirk, her meditative abstracts which are loaded with texture or the tranquillizing faces. Her art takes you into a trance yet leaves you fulfilled with inner bliss. The range of expression clearly demonstrate that her art knows no boundaries, no silver linings yet the recourse to what we face every day is so recognizable. Bahaar’s is a quest that goes beyond form, yet pulsates with an awareness of a larger order, revealing gleaming epiphanies. Each of her work is a reflection of her energetic personality, which is experimental and spontaneous.
Bahaar’s Mentors: 
Bahaar’s paintings are an outcome of the marriage of very different disciplines, law and the freedom of an artist detached from straightjacket of definition and boundaries. She is also greatly influenced by Scandinavian and American contemporary artists. Hence, an important part of Bahaar’s work is transfiguration of the perceived form, almost like deconstruction and abstract expressionism. She is also an avid admirer of Late Mr. J.Sabavala’s and Mr. Shakti Burman’s artworks amongst the Indian artists. 

Her work can be viewed at
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