Day: January 19, 2016

Dunkin Donuts Launches 4 New Coffees

Given Enough Coffee You Could Shake The World!!!
This is what Dunkin Donut claims as they launch some very interesting new coffees. Its not a very regular thing when innovation with coffee happens. We may visit different cafes, and they might name their coffees differently, but they all end up tasting the same, with hardly a difference to make out.
To bridge this gap, Dunkin has really gone overboard in their research and come up with not one but four new coffees, and these coffees are of the kinds that we normally don’t get in coffee shops.
Mr. Dev Amritesh, President and COO, Dunkin Donuts, India along with their coffee expert Barista Phelix, hosted this exclusive session for food enthusiasts.

Each coffee had its own story to tell, which was communicated through AV medium and elaborated by quick witted and very lively Dev himself.

The first coffee is named Bangalore Start-Up Coffee. As the name suggests, its for the night owls busy working on ideas that will one day(hopefully) change the world. A 100% Arabica roast coffee beans decoction, in piping hot milk, inspired by South-Indian filter coffee and the start-up culture. But you really don’t need to be in a start-up to drink this one.
This coffee reminded me of the coffee I drink at home every morning, which is basically coffee added to a warm glass of milk. To get this kind of homely taste in a coffee shop, is something we never expect. We go to coffee shops for fancy coffees, but sometimes what you really need is that feeling of home comfort, home like taste and Bingo, this coffee gives you exactly that.
The next coffee, is meant strictly for bold and daring people, because this guy is tough and its actually named Tough Guy Cappuccino. This coffee is like the real friend who has no sympathy for you, he is like the friend who tells you, your face is dirty and you look like an idiot, when other friends like your pic on the social media, this coffee makes you wake up and smell the coffee. The triple shot of dark roasted espresso with a tint of brandy is so tough that you can’t escape the reality. Do not drink this one if you are clear-headed!
I personally liked this coffee the most, though the comfortable Bangalore Start-Up Coffee reminded me of home like taste, this one truly became my best friend. The aroma of coffee, the tint of brandy, made it a more than perfect combination when in need to think clear. I am gonna go back a lot to Dunkin for this tough guy, because you don’t find guys like this easily these days 😉
 I even clicked a selfie with this one 🙂

What do you do, when somedays you felt like being held, you hold a cup of fuzzy mix of chocolate and coffee, with whipped cream for some extra love and cinnamon for the feeling to linger. This is the coffee you hold when you need to be held. Its your partner in therapy, its called the Therapeutic Cappuccino.
And just as the name says, it is that therapy you need when sometimes you are too low or even too happy, its a coffee, you at back and relax with. Its a coffee that makes you forget things happening around you, its a coffee, that even after its finished, makes it difficult to part with. So its really not a coffee, its a therapy, its a coffee spa, its a massage, that you want to go on and on with. The chocolate and coffee mix, the sweetness of whipped cream and that dash of cinnamon, all put together make it more than a perfect combination of tastes.

And last but not the least, came the coffee which had no story, it was too direct and straightforward. Simply a no nonsense stuff, a straight up black coffee, minus the bitterness. This is one thing that we all drink black coffee for, for it being straight, strong and directly hard hitting, and at the same time, we still dislike the too much of bitterness it comes with. I am personally very fond of black coffee, but yes honestly speaking, the bitter taste it leaves me with, is not quite liked. Duncan has really found a solution to it, and come up with a coffee, which is black, but doesn’t taste bitter. And to substantiate the difference, we were served a Dunkin Black along with a regular Americano Black Coffee. The difference was very very evident and Dunkin gives me another reason to go back to them.

In fact Dunkin has really given me 4 new reasons to go back to them again and again and I definitely will. I am very sure that these four new coffees will give coffee lovers a lot of reason to visit Dunkin Donuts soon and I recommend tasting all of them, so at least 4 visits for that and then keep going back for one or the other 🙂

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The School Opens- Back to School@ Odeon Social

The School Opens- Back to School@ Odeon Social

What do you call a school; where the school boys aka waiters dressed in white shirts, trousers and green sweaters, serve you cocktails in a school water bottle, right at the entrance? A very very cool and happening school, isn’t it. Yes and we call it Back to School@Odeon Social and the school is officially open now.

Social took over CP with the launch party of Odeon Social hosted by Riyaaz Amlani, CEO & MD Impresario Handmade Restaurants on Thursday, January 14. As the third Social in Delhi within the last year and a half and the ninth in India, the launch of Odeon Social is an ode to the timeless stories embedded in the walls & pillars of Connaught Place.

The grand launch party saw Ash Roy and Ashwin Mani Sharma’s latest project – ‘Bit of Both’ take the energy to another level with their music and set the tone for the night. Their groovy and dance-floor friendly music was electric and relaxing at the same time and in spite of lack of open spaces, it saw people dancing at their respective places; it was just so hard to resist not dancing.

Recess saw guests snacking on food being served in tiffins and sipping their drinks in water bottles.
Pork Popcorns, Chilly Paneer, Chaat, Chicken Tikka and many other mouth- watering snacks were being served.
The bar was open, and liquor was almost freely flowing for people to taste variety of cocktails, tequila shots and tonics.
The place was bustling with people and yet the staff very efficiently managed to cater everyone with a personal touch. It was truly commendable.

Speaking at the launch of Odeon Social, Riyaaz Amlani, CEO & MD, Impresario Handmade Restaurants said, “With the launch of our third Social in Delhi, we stay committed to the creation of innovative and easily accessible workspaces across the city. The initiative stays true to its course – a collaborative space for inspired ideas where creative energies can complement each other. And of course, we continue to push boundaries across food and drink as well, for a relaxed space where you can work and play. Odeon Social only adds to our intelligent network of collaborative work spaces spread across the city with the convenience of easy access.”

Many eminent personalities including Harmeet Bajaj, Sid Mathur, Sunil Sahni, Rahul Aggarwal, Gaurav Karan, Actor Sameer Kochhar, Shivkaran Singh, A.D. Singh, Thenny Mejia and Ramola Bachchan were seen at the launch.

Nida Mahmood, Pranav Misra (Huemn), Shyma Shetty (Huemn), Anuj Bhutani (Reboot), Shweta Kapur (431 88), Abhishek Paatni (Thread Factory), Gauri Verma (The Jodi Life), Surbhi Shekhar, Aashna Singh (Olio), Sneha Saxena (Olio), Pranav Guglani (Cord), Dhruv Aditya Davé (Stylist) from the young fashion fraternity were also present at the launch to check the new Social out.

Odeon Social has now swung open its doors in the hub of Delhi – Connaught Place and should definitely be a must visit on your list.

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