Amazing Concept, Awesome Food- Restaurant Review- I Do Barbeque, Jaypee Siddharth

I have visited a lot many restaurants and amazing food joints, but this one is a class apart. From ambience, to the food and most importantly the novel concept, this place entices you through and through.
Let me introduce you to ‘I Do Barbecue at Metro Grill by Jaypee Siddharth’. Metro Grill at Jaypee has introduced this very innovative concept ‘ I Do Barbecue’ which is synonym to DIY (Do it Yourself) and winters in Delhi has been the perfect time to launch this concept.
The ambience is just beautiful and apt to spend a winter evening enjoying with your family and friends, its one of those places, where the more people you visit with the more you will enjoy.

Now the idea is, that they have these shops, from where you buy your selection of meats or veggies, then select your marinates or rubs, and then they set up a barbecue grill for you, which comes with all the necessary equipments and spices, oil, utensils etc.
The meats start for as low as 90/-Rs for 100 gms and veggies for Rs. 65/- onwards per 100 gms which makes it very reasonable and affordable as against normal 5 star rates.One can choose the accompaniments and dips as per liking from a variety of offerings.
You are also given a chef’s apron and all necessary assistance you could need to become a chef and barbecue for yourself. The staff is extremely friendly, takes care of minutest details and makes you feel very very comfortable. BTW, they also have few leisure games to take care of those long interesting hours that you sit and enjoy while barbequing the food.

Well, in my case I left the decision of choosing meats and marinates in the hands of extremely talented and friendly chef, chef Ashish Joshi, who is the executive chef for Jaypee Siddharth. To start with chef brought us Five Spiced Chicken Picatta, Cajun Chicken Breasts & Tandoori Marinated Cottage Cheese Steak.

The chicken breasts were very tender and very very yummy and so was the chicken picatta. I was surprised to see that the cottage cheese was very well coated with the spices and retained the complete flavour, because normally the paneer tikkas that we get at restaurants end up tasting bland with a very thin coating of the marinate, but this cottage cheese tasted amazing, were grilled to perfection.

The fun of doing it one self, makes the barbeque experience indeed a unique one and most enjoyable. The next set included some Curried Spice Fish Fillet and Indian Spiced Pineapple and both the preparations were impeccable. The fish was succulent and pineapple very very juicy and both the marinades had a very distinct flavour complimenting the dishes respectively.

The place in itself fills with so much excitement, that one starts looking forward to going there again even before the first visit comes to an end. My son accompanied me on the visit, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, because its not just eating, but the entire process of choosing things, wearing the chef’s aprons, chilling and relaxing, sipping a mocktail,/cocktail while you see the food getting grilled, and giving them twists and turns in between.We tried the Fruit Punch and Mixed Berries Mocktail and both were amazing

The next we tried some Garlic Peppered Marinated Chicken Sausages and Orange Citrus Glazed Chicken with Skin. I am personally not very fond of Sausages, but all I can say is they tasted quite nice, but this zesty chicken was something I cannot forget, it just tasted amazing. It had a perfect zing because of the orange flavour and the spices balanced it nicely, so as to not overpower the citrusy taste.

Last on the barbeque were some Chicken Thighs with Balsamic Reduction Marination and Garlic Peppered Chicken Breasts. And once again they tasted awesome, though we ended up tasting quite a variety of marinades and rubs, but I must say that each one had its own distinct flavour and cannot be compared. One must definitely try all of them and pick your own favourites.

Well they also offer a Lazy Menu, for those who do not want to indulge in this process of Barbequing, though I highly recommend giving it a try, its so much fun. The lazy menu includes some pre decided food combinations and have quite a few options to choose from, not only in Indian, but Continental, Italian and other Cuisines as well.
In spite of feeling too full with the over load of Barbeque menu, we ordered Dal Makhani and Butter Naan. Somehow without a Roti, Indian meal seems incomplete and hence the choice. I suggested the chef to keep some Roomali Rotis as accompanimants with the Barbeque Menu, so that it becomes a complete meal in itself, and I hope they would try and accommodate the same in near future.
The Dal was simply top class and proves the quality of overall preparations of the restaurant.

I really cannot put in words how much I enjoyed being at this place, and I extend my wishes and thanks to Chef Ashish Joshi, F&B Managers Prashant and Ravish for their hospitality and excellent fooding experience.

This place is highly recommended if you are fond of Barbeque Items and want to spend a great time in the company of your family and friends trying your hands at doing the Barbeque on your own without worrying about getting and collecting the ingredients and cleaning the mess next day. I give it a very deserving 4.5 star rating out of 5.

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