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Indigo Delicatessen- A delicious experience!

This place truly offers an authentic and delicious food experience for European and Continental Food. The place exuberates class and premiumness in both their ambience and the quality of food. Yes you might find it a little expensive as you glance through the menu, but trust me, when you order and the food comes on your tables, half the battle is won, and other half you won’t even think about once you taste the food.

Now coming to what I tasted, I tried the Deli Cubano- Deli Classic Burger and it was yum! Pulled pork with some special sauce, it was sweet, hot, tangy and everything else at the same time. I simply loved it. The pulled pork was so tender and juicy that it almost melted in the mouth and I highly recommend this one.

Creamy Chicken Salad Sandwich was my next pick and I was extremely happy with my choice. Truly creamy chicken, with some veggies and roasted pineapple in 1000 island dressing, grilled to perfection, this one was a sure shot winner.

Chicken Caesar Salad served as a perfect accompaniment , crunchy with croutons, chicken chunks and lettuce leaves.

For the mains, I settled for Deli Roast Chicken and believe you me, roasted chicken can’t get better than this. Served with mashed potatoes and a mild gravy, the chicken was so juicy and delicious that words really can’t justify.

My friends also tried Seriously Sloppy Joe Burger, Falafel Wrap, Eggs Benedict, Roast Beef and Salmon Steak and they were all praises about every dish. This place is a food lovers paradise and you should not miss it at all.

Even the desserts are commendable especially their home-made ice creams. Mocha and Caramelised Banana, Belgian Chocolate Truffle, White Chocolate and Cherry, Dulce De Leche and Roasted Hazelnut are the must tries. Also don’t miss the Creme Brulle, I am sure you will love it.

I know that I am visiting Indigo Delicatessen very very soon because I can’t get over that pulled pork burger, and what are you waiting for.. please do visit and enjoy a mean worth all the money and effort.
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Grills on Fire @ The Ancient Barbeque

The Ancient Barbeque hosted a preview of their Grills on Fire festival specially curated by Chef Ashish Massey, Director, The Ancient Brabeque, along with Rohini T Chawla, Masterchef top 12 contestant, Sadaf Hussain, Masterchef , Top 10 contestant and Majid Khan, Biryaniwala discovered by HT City.

Held on the terrace on a warm winter afternoon the setting was absolutely right for A Fiery Feast of Barbeque delights. The entire space was filled with mouth drooling aromas, I mean you just could not ignore it and felt automatically hungry.
There were 26 starters both Non Veg n Veg to be savoured along with some wine and beer and each one of them was a delight. Practically it won’t have been possible to try all 26 of them so we ended up tasting most of the non-vegetrarian variety.

They started with the Brazilian Churrasco Chicken which was grilled to perfection with a right balance of spices.
Then there were the Murg Asafjahi, Mexican Chicken Wings with Hot Sauce, Butter Biryani Chicken and all of them were absolutely delicious. My mouth waters even as I write about them.

Then there were the Mutton Galouti with Ulta Tawa Paratha which were simply mind blowing. Really soft and juicy.
The Mutton Barra was a real treat. The chops were tender and a superb marination enhanced the flavours.
The Kasundi Mahi Tikka, Patrani Machi, Drunken Fish and Prawn Verde were a gourmet’s delight. After trying so much I really could not figure out which one ended up being the best, because all of the dishes were one better than the other.
Tandoori Chicken Momos were another fine creation. Each and every dish served was just simply awesome.

Kudos to all the Chefs, they did a fabulous job with food, their hard work was visible and definitely paid off.
A special mention on the Veg staters which we tried, Brazilian Churrasco Pineapple, Dal Harimirch ki Shammi and Tandoori Chinese Dahi ke Sholey were extraordinary. Even the Tandoori Bhutta looked so tempting.

This entire experience was not just a foodies delight, but to say the least, it was a visual delight too, in fact it evoked all the five senses, the visual beauty, the tastes, the aromas, the sizzles and the warmth.. truly everything was beautiful.

They also served a superb Chicken Biryani and a specially made Chicken Korma which were superb.

The service by the ever smiling most courteous staff was something out of this world.

The Ancient Barbeque deserves a visit over n over again for their mouth watering delicacies and efficient service. We are really grateful to Neha Bahl from Qube Communications to have invited for this culinary experience and also Chef Ashish Messy for his warm hospitality

Rush! Rush!Rush!
Not only for Grills on Fire but anytime you want to relish good food, drinks and an ambience of its own with a smiling cheerful staff who really are efficient.

Oriental Pavilion at the Fortune Select Hotel, Sohna Road

Oriental Cuisine is one of my all time favourites and I can literally have it continuously for days without feeling bored and when you get a chance to visit one of your favourite places to explore the same, its a win win situation. It was a pleasure to be back at the Fortune Hotel after a grand Lohri Lunch at the Zodiac Restaurant, this time it was the Oriental Pavilion, their roof top restaurant this time around .
The restaurant claims to be a roof top restaurant but alas there is roof on the top and contrary to expectations is not open air.
A touch disappointed but all the disappointment disappeared once the ever courteous staff served the Starters.

[easy-image-collage id=5136]

Wok fried Tofu in Cilli Basil was a superb treat with chilli and basil in just the right proportions.
Spinach and Corn Crystal Dumpling and the Thai Vegetable Spring Roll were a veggies delight both crispy n done to perfection.
The Chicken Sui Mai, Chicken in Hunan Style and The Pan Fried Fish with Kaffir Lime were a gourmet’s delight.
All three dishes with their very own distinct flavours and tastes.
The Mizotaki Soup was simply superb.

[easy-image-collage id=5141]

In the Main Course they served Chicken in Oyster Sauce which was simply out of this world and The Sliced Fried Fish in Chilli n Cilantro was another delicious offering. For the veggies Vegetable in Thai Green Curry and Oriental Greens With Golden Garlic and Sesame were absolutely fabulous.

To go along with the mouth watering main dishes were The Chilli Garlic Noodles, Vegetable Fried Rice and Steamed Rice.
The Vegetable Fried Rice and Chicken in Oyster sauce made an awesome combination As did the Noodles and Sliced Fried Fish.

[easy-image-collage id=5146]

The complete spread of Starters and Main Course was most appetizing and delicious. One of the best and authentic offering.

For Dessert there was the Tempura Fried Ice Cream which was a bit of a disappointment. But the food served is a worth a visit over n over again. The service and ever courteous smiling staff deserves a special mention. All in all a most wonderful gastronomical delight.

Review Credit: Rani Malhotra


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Dockyard- Restaurant Review

Naval life has always held my keen interest but somehow I have never been able to experience the same closely. As a child also the big ships, the coal engines, the big metal pipes and propellers have intrigued me a lot and even now when I watch such movies I wish I could for once see a ship closely enough, not just for traveling and luxury, but the working of a ship.

That may or may not happen, but visiting a restaurant which is based on the naval theme is something that I could achieve and hence Dockyard was on my list since long. Recently I got a chance of visiting this amazing place, that not only has interesting ambience and interiors but also serves lip smacking food and some amazing variety of cocktails and mocktails. It also houses a microbrewery and hence serves fresh beers as well.

The ambience is bold and has a very rustic appeal to it. Big dockyard type lights, the raw looking furniture and a huge screen behind the bar that stands out completely.

For drinks I tried Melon Vs Ginger and then Wild Herb Guava, both of them were nice and refreshing. I personally loved the Guava one more, Nashila Nariyal which a friend of mine ordered attracted me because of its sheer presentation and a sip of same ensured its great taste as well. When it comes to mocktails I judge a place lot of times by its ability to pull of a great Mojito because sometimes simple things aren’t done perfectly, but at Dockyard the Mojito was awesome. Calling Hey You and Pan Bahar were some other cocktails that were amazing. Though I found the Pan Bahar a bit strong, it was appreciated by a lot of people.


[easy-image-collage id=4859]

Chakhna Sampler to go with drinks is a must have.

Lebanese Delight, a two way humus served with Pita Bread, this was a good beginning into the food world.

Veg Bruschetta, Afgani Paneer Tikka and Vada Pav Sliders were amazing. The Bruschetta had different toppings and I loved the corn topping the most. Paneer Tikka was soft and a mouth melting experience. The Vada Pav Sliders looked so drool worthy that I could not ignore them, they tasted equally well.

[easy-image-collage id=4865]

Next I tried Methi Malai Murg Tikka, presented on a skewer, it looked awesome and the taste was delectable. Korean Barbecued Chicken and Wasabi Prawns are a must try, they were both each better than the other.

[easy-image-collage id=4871]

Mandarin Chicken Pizza was really nice, crispy thin crust with amazing chicken topping. Chicken Satay and Naram Garam were also served, the Chicken Satay was tender and juicy, normally I find the satays to be quite dry, thankfully this was different. Naram Garam was a deep fried sphere with soft and creamy filling inside. It was really yummy.

[easy-image-collage id=4875]

Coming to desserts I tried Crispy Fried Ice-Cream and Tiramisu. The Fried Ice Cream was a pure delight and I loved it, Tiramisu has always been my favourite and indulging in this one was as amazing.

[easy-image-collage id=4879]

My overall experience at Dockyard was very fulfilling and I highly recommend it. You must visit it soon.

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Lohri Lunch at Zodiac, Fortune Select Hotel, Gurgaon

Zodiac at the Fortune Select Hotel, Gurgaon hosted a grand Lohri Lunch with a lavish buffet spread out for us to indulge in.
A word about the property, it a small but elegant and beautiful hotel exuding great ambience. As one enters the Hotel Lobby, the Zodiac is situated just across the lobby. Zodiac is billed as a fine dining restaurant and it fully justifies the same.
It is very elegantly furnished and the decor is simple but very appealing.
They had laid out a lavish spread of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes from across cuisines and a wide range of desserts and mocktails.
The veg Margarita Pizza was perfectly done, the thin crisply done crust and delicious topping.
A really appeasing preparation was the Gol Gappas which were really very crisp with two varities of water to accompany regular n the other sweet. Absolutely mouthwatering.
To go alongside was the Dahi Tikki Chat again very thin and crisply made tikkis.

[easy-image-collage id=4820]

The Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce was another delightful creation. The fish was perfectly done in the lemon butter sauce a very subtle taste indeed.
The Hyderadi Gosht Biryani was a perfect blend of tender mutton cooked in some wonderful spices which lent it a great aroma and superb flavour. A real wholesome meal in itself.
The Paneer Tikka had the right marination and was tender and delicious.
Paneer lababdar was very well made with a real creamy and sumptuous gravy.
Dal Tadke Wali and Dal Fortune need a special mention as each was simply delicious. The Soups and Mocktails served were simply awesome.

[easy-image-collage id=4825]

To accompany there was very wide spread of superb salads and they were super awesome. Fresh, crunchy and very refreshing.

[easy-image-collage id=4829]

Last but not the least there was a lavish spread of mouth watering desserts, each a winner on its own, to name a few Ras Malai, Kulfi Falooda, Mississippi Brownie and the Mud Cake which was amazing.

[easy-image-collage id=4834]

All in all a wonderful spread of delicious food easy on the palate. Zodiac truly is wonderful place to visit.
The staff is extremely polite and provide a very efficient service. The place is really worth a visit over n over again.

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Twigly- An Awesome Food Delivery Joint

In this era of busyness, sometimes cooking food takes a miss and home delivery and take aways come as a big rescue for us. Recently on my way back from Gurgaon after a business meeting, I thought of ordering food from a near by joint and then brought it home. This delivery only place was called Twigly. Now first things first, as soon as I reached home, which was almost after 1.5 hours after grabbing my delivery packet, I opened the packet to check how messy it would have become after the rumbling and tumbling in the car, but to my surprise, all the packets were in their place, still perfectly and neatly packed. My first impression of this perfect packaging scored very high.

I had ordered a Piri Piri Chicken Sandwich, A Chicken Arrabbiata Pasta, Twigly Fiery Grilled Chicken & A Blueberry Brain Freezer.

As I opened the individual packets of each of the things, I must admit again that the packaging was superlative. It was so neat, clean and packed with all required things one can think of, sauces, cutlery, tissues, spices, everything.

The sandwich looked extremely tempting and I could not hold my temptation and immediately dogged into it. A multigrain bread was used and normally I find these breads too thick and dry but the bread inspite of being thick was really soft and delicious. The filling of veggies and piri piri chicken was awesome, crunchy veggies and tender chicken, it was a perfect combination. I just loved it.

The Twigly Fiery Chicken was mind blowing, served with Pita Bread, Hummus and Pickled Beetroot, this made for a wholesome dish and is highly recommended. The chicken was perfectly grilled and spiced and tasted awesome with soft pita bread.

By now I am sure you already know that the food from this place is simply awesome, and hence the Pasta too was exactly as per my expectation, delectable. The sauces were perfect and thankfully inspite of the time and distance it didn’t dry out at all.

The blueberry shake is a must try and you should not be missing it.

As for me I am very sure that I am ordering from this place sooner than you think, as they also have an outlet in Kalkaji which is near to my home, so what are you waiting for, dial in and enjoy a hearty meal.

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Pier 38, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon- Your Gateway to Persian Food!

Craving for some Lebanese and Arabic Food, head to Pier 38 in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon and you can definitely satiate your cravings with some lip smacking food and signature cocktails.

Piers being significant because of the trade between India and other countries and Persia amongst the prime ones, Piers 38 as a name came into existence serving flavours from Persia!

The whole ambience of the place is extremely vibrant and yet very inspired by the actual Piers at the oceans. It has a very rustic appeal and a lot of elements are like a reflection of actual things being used. For example actual Pier at the entrance, bar lights that look like ship searchlights and many other detailing in interiors gives the place a very thematic appearance.

I was recently invited for a bloggers meet and had a great fun with my foodie friends indulging in some great food, music and drinks.

To begin with, we were served the Mezze Non Veg Platter, which consisted of Chicken Cigar Rolls, Kebabs and Cutlets, along with some Pita Bread and Dips. This one surely is like a meal in itself and one must give it a try. Next was a wholesome serving of Chicken Cigar Rolls and I really liked them. They were crispy on the outside with tender and juicy chicken on the inside.

We tried some Persian Barbecue specialties like Iranian Hot N Sour Paneer Skewers and Lamb Chelo. The Lamb Chelo was delectable and being a non-vegetarian I gave Paneer Skewers a miss, though they looked quite tempting.

Next we were served Galautis and they truly were amazing. Soft, tender and mouth melting, this is one dish you should not miss. We also tried some Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tangri Kebab and Chicken Shawarma, and all of them very fabulous.

Dilli Chaat was a surprise for me and I was completely blown over by it. It was so delicious. Crisp and tasteful, this dish is highly recommended.

I was too full with all the above-mentioned dishes that I had to give main course a skip, but this too looked very tempting. There was Veg Khoresht, which is like a vegetarian stew, and Veg Moussaka, which again is a very popular classic dish.

For non-vegetarians there was Khoresht Bamia and Ghalieh Mahi, a traditional Persian Fish Curry.

There was also a wide array of signature cocktails like La Orange Cosmo, Pomegranate Basil Martini, Habibi amongst others. I personally liked La Orange Cosmo the most and Smokey Bourbon Bot was good too.

Coming to desserts, there were Nutella Cigar Rolls, Persian Baklawa and Fereni. Out of these I was really tempted to try the Nutella Cigar Rolls, for the obvious reasons, I mean who can ignore Nutella, but this is the only thing that ended up disappointing me, because the cigar rolls in themselves were a tad too salty and it seemed more like a snack than a dessert. Hence I sweetened my mouth with the traditional Baklawa that was good.

Overall I loved the place and meeting fellow foodie friends is always a bonus. So Pier 38 should definitely be on your list and you must try it out soon.


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New Menu Launch at The Grill Mill, Cyber Hub

The Grill Mill at Cyber Hub recently launched a new menu with few more dishes finding their way in the existing menu. I was invited to witness the same by Blue Beans Foodies Meetups. The place was bustling with people and it was a chance to meet up fellow foodies as well. There were about 14 dishes included in the menu, though all were starters and just about 2 desserts. There were no mains.

The dishes that I tried were:

Water Melon with Danish Feta & Green Black Olive Dust- The water melon with feta cheese and olive dust was really refreshing. Also the vibes around the place overall felt very festive and this dish in particular looked very Christmasy to me, because of the colours Red, White and Green.

Mint Paneer Walnut Ki Tikki- This was nice and crispy on the outside and extremely tender on the inside, but somehow I could not relate it to the fact that it was made of paneer. I could not taste paneer at all, but it was nice.

Mushroom Crostini- A toast topped with mushrooms tossed in creamy sauce, these made for a nice snack and definitely a delight for vegetarians. I personally love mushrooms and hence it was a delight for me too.

Sea Food Ceviche with Baby Rocket- This was like a sea-food salad served in a shot glass. It was delectable.

Puff Pita and Chicken Chettinad- I somehow didn’t like this one much. Chettinad chicken placed over a pita puff, it definitely looked tempting but didn’t taste the same. For me the Chettinad chicken didn’t score too well.

Keema Kaleji with Maska Pao- This was was the sure shot winner of the evening. The keema placed on top of a maska pao was delicious. The keema kaleji was perfectly spiced and the maska pao can never fail. What I loved the most about this dish was it being bite sized, I mean one bite that explodes flavours in the mouth. Must try for sure.

For drinks I settled for Fruit Punch & Water Melon Cooler and both were good.

The desserts got too delayed and hence I had to give them a miss. The Chef there also gave a live demo of preparing a pepper sorbet and it was really nice. All I can say is that go and try for yourself, the new items of the menu and I am sure you will like them. Enjoy!


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Boombox Brewstreet is back with a lot of Boom and Bang..!!

Boombox Brewstreet located in the hustling bustling market of sector 29, Gurgaon is definitely your next go to bar and casual dining space. Music is in the air, on the walls and everywhere here, because that is the central theme of this lively place. The place opened some 4-5 months back and then temporarily shut for renovation and now its back with a bang. I was recently invited by Mukul Verma, co-owner of the place for a wonderful food tasting session.







My foodie experience began by a mind blowing gastronomic Amuse Bouche, which was melt in a mouth version of our traditional dahi bhallas, served like a dollop of curd on spoons emitting smoke, it was sheer delight to watch it.


Something is Fishy and Yeh Reshmi Zulfein were served first. Something is Fishy was a tangy and lemony fish tikka and served with big chunks of aloo chaat, which gave it a real twist and a pleasant one indeed. I loved it. Yeh Reshmi Zulfien was a nicely done Reshmi Chicken Tikka marinated with creamy pesto sauce and tandoori mayo, I loved it.




Up next were the Chemical Brothers, a trio of Jhalmuri, which had one original style, one fennel flavoured and one achari, well Jhalmuri has never been something that I am keen for and hence I did taste, but didn’t like it much. I find the flavours of oil too strong for my liking.


Aye Mere Pyaare Mutton, Punjab Se Lekar Delhi Via Spain and Mr. Gulati Kebab were served next. Aye Mere Pyaare Mutton was a sure shot winner for me, tender and saucy meat balls served with cucumber and basil yogurt and tomato chutney. This is not to be missed. Mr. Gulati Kebab, served with chutney droppers and mini paranthas were delectable too, the kebabs were really soft and delicious. Punjab Se Lekar Delhi Via Spain was also an interesting dish, where Rajma Chawal were fried like a croquette in Amritsari Papad Crust.





Teri Meri Kahani, Kool-Cha and Main Toh Raste Se Jaa Raha The found space on our tables next. Teri Mere Kahani was an interesting version of Caesar Salad with Vegetable Croquette, it was really nice. Kool-Cha was an amazing take on a stuffed kulcha with a tasteful filling of Chettinad mushrooms, I really loved the taste of it. Main Toh Rasta Se Jaa Raha Tha was Boombox way of presenting Dahi Puris, they were nice and tangy, but one should have them immediately because they tend to turn soggy sooner than you imagine.




Hothon Pe Bas Tera Naam Hai, PB&J and Imly Ka Buta Berry Ka Pulao were the final dishes served, Chicken Tikka done the Chettinad way with some molecular gastronomy on display with coconut bubbles is what made Hothon Pe Bas Tera Naam Hai. A Parsi influenced dish, Imly Ka Buta Berry Ka Pulao was basically rice cakes with pulled khatu meethu chicken and tasted really well. PB&J was also an interesting concept of bread spheres with paneer filling, fried like pakodas with salli crust and served with a berry jam, no.. the jam wasn’t sweet, it was salty and spicy and delicious.




This brought our culinary journey to.. no not an end, but a break, which was followed by desserts to finally bring it to an end. There was I Love My India, Rabdi & Boondi Cheesecake with Kiwi and Blueberry, I really loved this one and got inspired to try making it at home(you know I am a baker and a cook who loves to experiment with food..isnt it). The other dessert was called Khaike Paan Italy Wala, a paan flavoured Tiramisu. I did taste it and it was nice, but I basically don’t enjoy paan flavoured desserts so didn’t have much of it.


Overall I loved my experience at Boombox, the ambience, the food, the presentation of food and the molecular gastronomy was really commendable. Even the drinks were amazing, I tried the Orange Mojito and Slushy Margarita, my son tried the Oreo Shake and all the drinks were superlative.




I highly recommend visiting this place where you can enjoy some great music, quirkiness and amazing food that looks equally interesting.

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Hyatt Place, Gurgaon Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with a Lavish Sunday Brunch..!

Brunches to me are celebration of food, you get to explore so many tastes, cuisines and flavours under one roof, and what would you call a brunch that was organised to mark completion of 2 years of a modern essential business hotel, double celebration! Yes, Hyatt Place, a modern business hotel, strategically located in Udyog Vihar, the heart of Gurgaon recently completed two years and a grand celebration took place with an exclusive buffet laid out at their Gallery Cafe. Hyatt Place in association with CrazeMag and Saddi Dilli, two very successful online publications, invited a selected few bloggers to be a part of this celebration, and I was privileged to be one amongst them. A sweet gesture of sending a personalised invite made me look forward to the event even more.


It was a warm Sunday afternoon and I headed to Hyatt Place with lots of excitement in my heart, I was looking forward to the lavish celebration brunch and also meeting fellow bloggers. A very warm welcome by the entire staff including the hotel General Manager, Ms. Maulina Gupta and Head Chef Gaurav started the event at the right note. While entering the gallery cafe, the dessert lay out caught my attention right away and I was already eyeing it. an array of cocktails and mocktails were being served and, a special Hoegaarden Beer counter was set. I tried the Mango Marry and this mango version on the likes of Virgin Marry was awesome. I really loved it. I also tried a orange mocktail and it too was made perfectly.




[easy-image-collage id=3541]

Chef Gaurav, briefly explained about the menu of the day, highlighting the fact that it has got something for everyone, even preferences of children were kept in mind while designing the menu. After this brief introduction and welcome address by Ms. Maulina Gupta, we were all set to explore this culinary journey.

There was a wide range of breads like French Baguette, Multigrain Loaf, Pitta Bread, Soft Rolls, Focaccia Breads, Puffs etc.to choose from along with a plethora of dips, Roasted Vegetable & Parmesan Dip, Marinated Olives, Mustard Vinaigrette, Flavoured Butter, to name a few.

[easy-image-collage id=3545]

Antipasto, which is an Italian word for ‘before the meal’, also had a lot of options to choose from, soups, salads, cold cuts and some traditional snacks were a part of this section. I tried Roasted Pear, Baby Spinach & Walnut Salad and it was amazing, I also tried Pineapple Carpaccio, Smoked Chicken with Arugula & Quinoa and Peppered Fish. There were other dishes like Squids, Khandvi, Dhokla etc as well and the spread had a wonderful balance for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. For me it was a very satisfying experience, I loved each item, and now my expectations from the main course and live counters was raised very much.







Eggs to order and Pastas as per choice were being made tirelessly by the chefs at the live kitchen. For starters there was Murg Malai Tikka, Fish Fingers, Chilli Paneer and Corn & Cheese Poppers. Being a non-vegetarian I opted for Murg Malai Tikka and Fish Fingers, the tikka was melt in a mouth kind of an experience, the chicken was so tender and mildly spiced, and the marination made it very very delectable. The Fish Fingers were crispy outside and soft inside, just the way they should be.


My next halt was the TEX MEX Live Station, which was serving Burritos, Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Nachos and Various type of salsa and refried beans. I tried the Chicken Quesadillas and they were out of this world, I could not resist a second helping and enjoyed every bite of it. I even propagated it to the fellow foodies.


The next Live Station was of Barbecue and Grill, and the sheer aromas of meats getting grilled pulled me to this counter. I opted for some Lamb Kibbeh and Paneer Shashlik, as my son who was accompanying me is very fond of Paneer.



This entire area where the Live Stations were placed was a gastronomic as well as a visual treat. The lawns with lots of greenery, cane furniture and wooden sheds made it an idle spot to sit back and enjoy tasteful meals. With approaching winters I am sure this place will be a favourite for many.






Coming to the main course, it had Indian, Asian and Western items. My tummy was filling, but I had no intentions to miss the main course and hence I tasted a bit from every cuisine. The Indian section consisted of Murgh Musallam, Paneer Laung Lata, Methi Chana, Aloo Gobhi, Mirch Baigan ka Salan, Dal Makhani and Mutton Biriyani.

I picked the Mutton Biryani and my son settled for Dal Makhani and Murg Mussalam. The Biryani was undoubtedly the best I have tasted in recent times, the mutton was tender and juicy, the spices perfect and loved the fried onions that topped it. I started by taking only a spoonful of it, but after tasting it, I had to help myself with a better serving. The Dal and Murg Mussalam as per my son were equally outstanding, he being a blogger and a foodie has become an expert in Dal Makhani over a period of time, and he generously and willingly gave it a 5/5.

[easy-image-collage id=3567]

[easy-image-collage id=3570]

The Asian Section had Vegetable Hakka Noodles, Seasonal Vegetable with Hot Garlic Sauce, Fish in Lemon Sauce and Chicken in Soya Ginger Sauce and I tried the Hakka Noodles with Fish and they were good too. By now I was already convinced with the quality of food at Hyatt Place, because I didn’t come across a single food item which was disappointing or below my expectations.

[easy-image-collage id=3577]

The Western Section had Poached Fish in Tomato and Saffron Broth, Bouquet Erie of Vegetable, Double Baked Potato and Roasted Chicken. I tried the roasted chicken and the double baked potato, the chicken was nice and juicy, the potato too had a perfect taste, just that the outer shell of potato was slightly hard making it little difficult to cut through.

[easy-image-collage id=3578]

Now coming to the best part of the brunch, the desserts, the spread was so beautiful and lavish that it was hard to choose on what to pick and what to leave.

But being a chocoholic, I am a little biased towards chocolate desserts and hence tried Chocolate Orange Dacquoise, it was dense and flavoursome, I quite liked it. The next I tried Burnt Chocolate Gateaux and I can again say that this was the best I have ever eaten, it was so moist and delicious that I ended up helping myself with two generous servings. There were drool worthy Indian Desserts as well, but I guess I gave my all to the Chocolate Gateaux but I am sure the other desserts would be as delectable as the ones I tried.








There was a special counter for kids which served interesting pan cakes, assorted cupcakes, chocolate dumplings and more.


Then there was a small cake cutting ceremony lead by Ms. Maulina Gupta and the entire Hyatt staff and it brought my pleasant day to an end.




The experience at Hyatt was soulfully satisfying in both culinary and overall way. I really look forward to visiting the place again sometime soon. Here is to the fond memories of the day..!


Enjoy your Sunday at Hyatt Place Gurgaon with SOCIAL SUNDAY BRUNCH at GALLERY CAFÉ where you choose from an elaborate buffet spread serving a wide selection of Indian, Asian and Western delicacies. Get spoilt for choice and select from an expansive range of salads, Antipasti, Live Counters and Desserts.Spend the day with us and we will make sure to make it a memorable one.

Hyatt Place Gurgaon Hosts SOCIAL SUNDAY

Timings: 12:00 Noon – 1600 Hours


INR 1199/- plus taxes per person for non-alcoholic

INR 1699/- plus taxes per person for the beer buffet

INR 1899/- plus taxes per person for unlimited IMFL


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