Hobbies To Get You Out In The Great Outdoors

If like other people, you found a love for the outdoors during the Covid-19 pandemic then you might be looking for new hobbies to get into. In most places, you were only allowed out of your house to exercise and get fresh air so you might have gotten very close to nature. 

If you are looking for new hobby ideas then take a look at the list below for inspiration.


You might have a love for water and nature, if that is the case then you should definitely try kayaking. You can see some amazing sites while kayaking downstream. You can get a one-man kayak if you want to do it alone. You can also get two man ones so you and a family member or friend can go along and do it together. 

You can even buy river maps which tell you the best places to kayak in your hometown and surrounding areas. Kayaking is a wonderful activity to do in the summer, take along a picnic and you can be out all day. You can get waterproof accessories for when you are on the water, such as rucksacks and phone cases. You can take a look at a wide range of these products on the EcoGear FX website. 

You can even go on kayaking holidays if you enjoy it. The whole family can even get involved with this one. Grab a paddle and a buoyancy aid and you are set to go. If you find a nice spot of water there is even kayaking safaris. This involves paddling to your location and then hopping into the water with your snorkel gear to get a good glimpse of what is below the surface. 

Wild Swimming 

Wild swimming can be great fun. You can find rivers and streams to swim in and get exercise. It has been proven that swimming in cold water can actually be good for you and it has many health benefits. The benefits include a boosted immune system due to the cold activating your body’s immunity, a strengthened cardiovascular system as swimming is a great exercise, and it is also a huge stress reliever. 

It can be slightly tricky finding out which rivers are suitable for wild swimming. Some are not suitable due to strong currents and the wildlife residing in them. If you decide to do wild swimming abroad, be aware of any diseases that may be in the water. 

Wild swimming is a great way to make new friends. There are even groups that go along to the rivers together to explore. They hold regular meets, usually once a month or twice a month. 


Finally, a great outdoor hobby is hiking. Hiking is not just usual walking, it usually involves walking through wooded areas or up hills. There are hiking groups around the country that arrange regular meets to explore different places. Hiking is a great way to make friends and do something with existing ones. It is also really good exercise as it gets the heart pumping and burns calories. 

We hope you found this article helpful and it gave you a few ideas of hobbies to take up outdoors.