How To Stick To Your Exercise Routine

You may have the desire to want to work out and get fit but you might also not be good about sticking with what you set out to do. In this case, it may be useful to review ideas and tips for ensuring you continue to exercise even when you’re feeling defeated or uninterested.

The following pieces of advice will help you stay on track so you can get the results you want. No one’s perfect and there will be setbacks along the way but all that matters is that you pick yourself up and start again.

Set Goals

You can stick to your exercise routine by setting goals for what you want to achieve. Write them down and review them daily to keep this matter at the forefront of your mind and thoughts. Not only record down what you want to accomplish but also specifics about how you’ll go about meeting each goal. For instance, maybe it’s that you’ll wake up and exercise in the morning five days per week or that you want to incorporate more weight training into your schedule.

Find Activities You Enjoy & Make it Easy

Make exercising and working out easy on yourself by setting up a home gym and finding activities you enjoy doing such as biking. Check out the products and options that Hoist Fitness offers so you can get started with your fitness journey immediately. The easier you make it to exercise and fit it into your daily schedule the more likely you are to do it.

Identify Your Motivation

Another tip for sticking to your exercise routine is to identify your motivation for wanting to get fit and in shape. For instance, maybe it’s that you want to look good in a swimsuit when summer rolls around or to fit into a pair of jeans that you haven’t been able to wear in years. All that matters is that it’s something that gets you off the couch and working out so you can begin to transform your body. Think about this motivation often and maybe hang a picture on your fridge to remind you what you’re after.

Reward Yourself & Your Efforts

It’s about working hard when you’re trying to get fit and exercise more but also about taking breaks and rewarding yourself and your efforts. Monitor your progress and how you’re doing and be proud of yourself when you see the scale going down. Find healthy ways to reward yourself such as taking a nap, investing in new workout clothes and gear, or making a nutritious smoothie to enjoy. Pat yourself on the back once in a while and take a step back and be proud of yourself for making forward progress.


Sticking to your exercise routine isn’t easy but it is possible. Applying these tips is an excellent way to get started on the right path and they’ll keep you going strong even when you feel like slacking or quitting. Have fun with it and enjoy your new physique and the boost in your mood that comes with you putting your health and well-being first.