3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

Every day is an opportunity to know more about your body. The human body is a complex makeup of muscles, bones, organs, nerves, etc., and each part plays a specific role in maintaining your well-being. However, there are some peculiar occurrences that you didn’t know can have an impact on how you feel or look. For example, have you considered why your blood makes up 8% of your total body weight? Or better yet, why does the human nose detect one trillion different smells? Learn more about other things you didn’t know about your body.

1. Your skeleton regenerates every ten years

The human body’s framework is constantly changing. The total transformation is completed in every ten-year cycle, which explains why nutritionists recommend building upon calcium reserves to help the process. Poor nutrition within the ten years contributes immensely to the likelihood of developing brittle bones. Moreover, for persons within the age bracket of thirty-five and forty-five, the chances of suffering from painful arthritis are significantly increased.

Furthermore, every human baby is born with about 300 bones. This number further reduces when some bones fuse during the growth process and as cartilage ossification set in. Therefore, by adulthood, the total number of bones in the body is 206.

2. The human body accumulates toxins

The body is constantly exposed to toxins through the air, things you touch, and in the food and drinks, you consume every day. You may not see these toxins with your eyes, but they manifest in other ways. For example, quickly ageing skin, constant weakness, fatigue, digestive distress, nausea, etc., are a few examples of how toxin accumulation is present in the body. Toxins cause damage to natural body enzymes and consequently end up hampering their everyday performance.

In dealing with the daily exposure to these pollutants, people adopt several measures to rid the body of these poisons. However, there are trusted ways you can try out to flush these toxins away safely without causing harm to your system. An excellent example of this is the Kristen Blake easy parasite cleanse from KB Wellness. With a well-designed course intended to walk you through this easy detox system, you can be assured of your body’s instant rejuvenation.

3. Poor posture can impact digestive functions

Poor posture increases acid reflux and is likely to cause what’s popularly known as ‘heartburn.’ With increased pressure on your backbone, your slouched posture causes tension in the stomach and abdomen. When this happens, stomach acids and other digestive enzymes have less room to function as they should. As surprising as this may sound to you, it’s a problem several people don’t know about and are yet to correct. Fortunately, regular exercising routines can contribute to correcting bad posture.

Now you know some things about your body that you probably weren’t aware of initially. Always ensure to give your body the best natural treatment, primarily through excellent nutrition and regular exercise. The more you do this, the stronger your body will be.

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  1. Wow, I knew about poor positions leads to trouble but I didn’t know about the other facts. It is cool that the skeleton regenerates every 10 years!

  2. This is brilliant, I 100% agree on the third one. I also think that standing up desks are a good idea from time to time because when you are sitting all day in an office job it is not good for your posture.

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