Pizza Delizia and Burrito Boys, Dining at the Cafe!

Pizza Delizia and Burrito Boys have been one of my favourites and by now you would know this since I have mentioned about them in my previous posts as well. With Pizza Delizia, my experience was limited to a home delivery only, and Burrito Boys I had visited physically last year. But now since they have both come together and it has become like a gourmet cafe, my experience of dining out was very different.

Going out for dining is still not very frequent and each time I step out there is a dilemma of being too cautious or just being easy and let go all apprehensions. Visiting Pizza Delizia, I truly experienced the difference between getting paranoid and being cautious and safe. The atmosphere was totally relaxed and I did not see anyone panicking over sanitisation or wearing clothes resembling an astronaut, but that did not mean that they don’t take care of hygiene. Without being over-hyper, the kitchen at Pizza Delizia and Burrito Boys is like a lab. They use cleaning and sanitizing agents of the kind that probably no one else does, but on the outside, they have kept an atmosphere that helps you calm down and feel good about finally stepping out of the house.

Also just to update you a little more about the cafe, the place is all set to become much more than a cafe. They already have a functioning studio that holds different workshops and classes like Yoga, Salsa, Painting etc on different days of the week. They are also setting up a vegan cafe along side and a garden area is being worked upon for some live performances in the near future. I already mentioned it as a gourmet cafe for this reason, because out of a single place, you will be able to savour different cuisines and also get to experience different forms of activities and entertainment. They are also managing all their deliveries from this one central kitchen.

Coming to food, when visiting Burrito Boys, I just can’t do without having their Orange Braised Beef Burrito. Its such a delight in every bite that you just can’t miss it. It’s loaded with all good stuff, tender chunks of beef, red beans, rice, veggies, sauces and lots of love.

While I binged on this one, my sonny boy settled for aa Chicken Burger and by the looks, only one could tell how delicious it would be and it truly was. A perfectly soft bun, a delectable chicken cutlet topped with tomato slices and caramelised onions on a bed of lettuce, made this burger worth the indulgence.

We also ordered a medium Margherita Pizza which had some cherry tomatoes, basil leaves and of course lots of stretchy cheese, just the way I love. You also have a choice of having a pizza made with sourdough. We finished our meal with a nice fudgy brownie and it was surely a Saturday afternoon well spent.

The menu also offers some great choices of Quiches, Quesadilla, Shepherd’s Pie (Which is really good), Lasagnas and more. With a chilled beer or some nice coffees, having a meal at Pizza Delizia will surely be worth your while. If you haven’t been there yet, you surely must. It’s nestled in the quaint village of Arpora and with lush greenery and peace around, it’s definitely a calming as well as delectable experience to dine at the cafe.

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