Day: January 21, 2017

18+ Cafe- food, drinks, sheesha and more.. have you grown up yet..?

Quirkiness, youthfulness, vibrancy and lively energy are the words that come to my mind when I think of describing 18+Cafe. The place literally feels really alive and is apt for youngsters. Quirky posters and work of art covers the walls on both sides and I had a fun time reading all of those funny posters, don’t be surprised if you find me copying those quotes as my Facebook status 😉

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This place is a multi-cuisine and hence makes it a very friendly choice for the youth who likes to eat a variety of things. There are Pizzas, Burgers, Pastas, Chinese food and Indian as well. I have heard their breakfast tray is also very popular, I went here for dinner and hence had to miss it, but next time around I am surely gonna try it.

Now coming to the food that I had, for starters we ordered, Chilly Paneer and Chilly Chicken, I know it sounds weird to order both veg and non-veg variety of the same dish, but what to do, my son wanted to have paneer and I chicken and hence ordered both. We also ordered the Classic Chicken Dimsums.

The Chilly Paneer was really nice, though I just got to try one piece of it and the rest was polished off by my boy, I can say that its very rare that its made to so much perfection. It was neither too spicy nor too sweet or bland, the paneer pieces were really soft and assured the freshness of ingredients used, the overall taste was awesome.

Same was the case with Chilly Chicken as well, only I wished the chicken was slightly more tender, but otherwise the sauces were perfect and it was juicy enough.

The Chicken Dimsums were truly a delight, we thoroughly enjoyed gulping them down quickly.

For the mains we ordered, Chicken Hakka Noodles and Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce. The noodles were yummy and I could have really eaten them without the gravy as well. The Chicken in Hot Garlic tasted nice, but I found the gravy to be too runny, it could definitely have been a little thick, but then thats about it. Otherwise the overall meal was great.

They have a wide range of cocktails and mocktails to choose from, and also varied flavours of sheesha, but as I visited the place on a cold wintery night I gave drinks a miss and hookah is something I don’t prefer, but for those who wanna indulge in a wholesome experience of lively ambience, great food & drinks and hookah, this is the place for you. Enjoy 🙂

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Twigly- An Awesome Food Delivery Joint

In this era of busyness, sometimes cooking food takes a miss and home delivery and take aways come as a big rescue for us. Recently on my way back from Gurgaon after a business meeting, I thought of ordering food from a near by joint and then brought it home. This delivery only place was called Twigly. Now first things first, as soon as I reached home, which was almost after 1.5 hours after grabbing my delivery packet, I opened the packet to check how messy it would have become after the rumbling and tumbling in the car, but to my surprise, all the packets were in their place, still perfectly and neatly packed. My first impression of this perfect packaging scored very high.

I had ordered a Piri Piri Chicken Sandwich, A Chicken Arrabbiata Pasta, Twigly Fiery Grilled Chicken & A Blueberry Brain Freezer.

As I opened the individual packets of each of the things, I must admit again that the packaging was superlative. It was so neat, clean and packed with all required things one can think of, sauces, cutlery, tissues, spices, everything.

The sandwich looked extremely tempting and I could not hold my temptation and immediately dogged into it. A multigrain bread was used and normally I find these breads too thick and dry but the bread inspite of being thick was really soft and delicious. The filling of veggies and piri piri chicken was awesome, crunchy veggies and tender chicken, it was a perfect combination. I just loved it.

The Twigly Fiery Chicken was mind blowing, served with Pita Bread, Hummus and Pickled Beetroot, this made for a wholesome dish and is highly recommended. The chicken was perfectly grilled and spiced and tasted awesome with soft pita bread.

By now I am sure you already know that the food from this place is simply awesome, and hence the Pasta too was exactly as per my expectation, delectable. The sauces were perfect and thankfully inspite of the time and distance it didn’t dry out at all.

The blueberry shake is a must try and you should not be missing it.

As for me I am very sure that I am ordering from this place sooner than you think, as they also have an outlet in Kalkaji which is near to my home, so what are you waiting for, dial in and enjoy a hearty meal.

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Authentic Tastes Affordable Prices- that’s La Americana for you!

If you are looking at enjoying some authentic American Burgers, La Americana brings them to you with handmade buns that they boast of even supplying to some of the major fast food chains across the country. Bonn is a household name when it comes to buying buns and breads from the market and La American is a fast food outlet from the same company.

To begin with we ordered Chipotle Chicken Tenders, The Hot Fries and Cheese Corn Poppers. The Cheese Poppers and Fries were good, but the sure shot winner was the Chipotle Chicken, you just cant afford to miss it. It was crispy and spicy on the outside but soft and succulent inside. We ended up ordering 3 portions of the same, they were so good.

For burgers we tried, The New Yorker from their regular burgers range and must say it was tasteful. Juicy and tender chicken patty, this is one burger you can enjoy just on the go, as it isn’t too huge and bulky.

From the premium burger range, we tried the Piri Piri Chicken Burger and Onion Garlic Chicken Burger. The Piri Piri Burger was awesome, juicy with loads of pier pier mayo dripping from it. The chicken patty was grilled to perfection. This is definitely one of the must tries.

The Onion Garlic Burger too was great to taste, reminded me of the typical American flavoured chips that we get. It had the right blend of onion and garlic flavour.

We also tried the Texan style BBQ wings and they were amazing. Grab a Black Jack Shake to go along and you will be sorted.

The place has a cosy and vibrant feel and is idle for both youngsters and family audience. You must give it try soon! The prices are very reasonable and portions sufficient.



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A Launch that was Tailor Made… Darzi Bar & Kitchen!

Normally restaurant launches are all about hundred of people rumbling and tumbling against each other, having drinks, hunting for food like scavengers and dancing to a loud music till wee hours and forgetting all about it the next day! But as the name suggests the launch at Darzi Bar & Kitchen was as tailor made as they claim their theme to be. Very well managed, controlled and with right dose of entertainment, endless supply of food and drinks and a very warm and personalised hospitality were the key highlights of the launch.

The ambience is cosy, comfortable and just like a place where you would want to spend long hours enjoying some lip smacking food and drinks with your family and friends.

The Darzi Bar and Kitchen, located in the heart of New Delhi, Connaught Place, was launched on Saturday, 14th of January, bringing in a completely fresh view to the whole dining experience. The restaurant offers a lavish selection of Indian Fusion, Progressive Indian and European Cuisine, making the whole “love for food” journey turn into a classic with Master Chef Shipra Khanna. Meeting her once again has been my pleasure and loved the feeling that she remembered me too. Shipra’s journey as a master chef has been an inspiration for many and her strength is commendable.

The whole idea of The Darzi Bar and Kitchen was born to provide a new and improved way to set a mood for an all round tailored experience. Mr. Manuj M Gupta, the Founder and Partner of The Darzi Bar and Kitchen says, “The words tailor-made summarize my entire vision for The Darzi Bar and Kitchen as it is a unique concept, catering to everyone with options made especially for them, highlighted in overall interiors, food and drinks. Everything has been set keeping this vision at power, with options that have been invented to suit the customer’s fits and misfits so that when they leave they are a lot happier than when they entered.” Mr. Abhishek Trehan, Partner of The Darzi Bar and Kitchen mentions, “6 months ago, I had a dream to bring a warm and cozy place to New Delhi which explores tailor made cocktails and handcrafted gourmet food. A place, which was idle for having conversations while enjoying some of the best concoctions and bites, this city has to offer. Hence, The Darzi Bar and Kitchen came into being.”

It was this dream for The Darzi Bar and Kitchen, which led to a new and improved way to provide a made to measure experience, making sure that the whole idea catered to an exclusive tailor-made selection for each customer by measuring their likes and dislikes. Master Chef Shipra Khanna says, “Tailor-made food and beverages are for your belly as clothes are tailor-made for the body. This is the essence of The Darzi Bar and Kitchen. Of course not to miss out on the whole ambience which too is tailor made!!”

The Launch was one of its kind, I mean I haven’t seen a launch where everything is so perfect. Everything had a personal touch, with Shipra, Abhishek and Manuj interacting with each guests, and being so warm and hospitable, it almost felt like a personal house party.

The food served was delectable and the cocktails and drinks were amazing.

The entertainment was top class, with some live singing and dances thrown in and then a master stroke performance by none other than Jasbir Jassi himself.

He brought the house on fire as audience started dancing on his high energy numbers. Watch a glimpse here..Shipra too sing and dance along with him and that added a lot more fun to the whole performance.

Bollywood actor Chandrachur Singh also made his way to the stage and enthralled the audience by singing ‘Rang Barse’ in his deep sensuous voice.

A special mention for the DJ, he really knew the pulse of the people and totally rocked the music scene, commendable!

Many known personalities also witnessed the launch and enjoyed the food and ambience including Raja Randhir Singh, Anupama Verma, Shikha Swaroop and a few others.

The Darzi Bar and Kitchen team comprises of Chef Umesh Kapoor who is the concept & hospitality consultant, Saniya Sharad Sahai who has tailor-made all the artifacts and wall arts and Mr. Prantap Trikha, the interior and architecture consultant. The Darzi Bar and Kitchen inspires a tailor made experience whether it’s in food or interiors, to create and complement individual tastes, focusing on the exclusivity provided to everyone.

I am now looking forward to have a nice evening spent there just enjoying their Tailor Made Food & Drinks.. hope I am able to make it soon..! Here is wishing Shipra and the team all the very best for their new venture and hope it reaches new heights of success!

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