Pier 38, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon- Your Gateway to Persian Food!

Craving for some Lebanese and Arabic Food, head to Pier 38 in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon and you can definitely satiate your cravings with some lip smacking food and signature cocktails.

Piers being significant because of the trade between India and other countries and Persia amongst the prime ones, Piers 38 as a name came into existence serving flavours from Persia! 

The whole ambience of the place is extremely vibrant and yet very inspired by the actual Piers at the oceans. It has a very rustic appeal and a lot of elements are like a reflection of actual things being used. For example actual Pier at the entrance, bar lights that look like ship searchlights and many other detailing in interiors gives the place a very thematic appearance.

I was recently invited for a bloggers meet and had a great fun with my foodie friends indulging in some great food, music and drinks.

To begin with, we were served the Mezze Non Veg Platter, which consisted of Chicken Cigar Rolls, Kebabs and Cutlets, along with some Pita Bread and Dips. This one surely is like a meal in itself and one must give it a try. Next was a wholesome serving of Chicken Cigar Rolls and I really liked them. They were crispy on the outside with tender and juicy chicken on the inside.

We tried some Persian Barbecue specialties like Iranian Hot N Sour Paneer Skewers and Lamb Chelo. The Lamb Chelo was delectable and being a non-vegetarian I gave Paneer Skewers a miss, though they looked quite tempting.

Next we were served Galautis and they truly were amazing. Soft, tender and mouth melting, this is one dish you should not miss. We also tried some Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tangri Kebab and Chicken Shawarma, and all of them very fabulous.

Dilli Chaat was a surprise for me and I was completely blown over by it. It was so delicious. Crisp and tasteful, this dish is highly recommended.

I was too full with all the above-mentioned dishes that I had to give main course a skip, but this too looked very tempting. There was Veg Khoresht, which is like a vegetarian stew, and Veg Moussaka, which again is a very popular classic dish.

For non-vegetarians there was Khoresht Bamia and Ghalieh Mahi, a traditional Persian Fish Curry.

There was also a wide array of signature cocktails like La Orange Cosmo, Pomegranate Basil Martini, Habibi amongst others. I personally liked La Orange Cosmo the most and Smokey Bourbon Bot was good too.

Coming to desserts, there were Nutella Cigar Rolls, Persian Baklawa and Fereni. Out of these I was really tempted to try the Nutella Cigar Rolls, for the obvious reasons, I mean who can ignore Nutella, but this is the only thing that ended up disappointing me, because the cigar rolls in themselves were a tad too salty and it seemed more like a snack than a dessert. Hence I sweetened my mouth with the traditional Baklawa that was good.

Overall I loved the place and meeting fellow foodie friends is always a bonus. So Pier 38 should definitely be on your list and you must try it out soon.


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