Day: October 20, 2016

Wine Hampers for Festive Season

On the onset of the festive season, people, thankfully, are shifting from conventional gifting options like from sweet and getting on to more interesting gift items with each passing festive season like Diwali, X-Mas and so on, but the Wine is a wonderful host gift.

The Happy High’s Wine Concierge

The Happy High one of India’s wine and spirit experience co has launched the Wine concierge, a wine selection and gifting service. The Happy High advises clients on wines; based on budgets, preferences and the end recipient. The service can be availed throughout the year, be it advice on a personal collection or for gifting purposes.


Festivities call for gifts, give and take is the norm, a goodwill exercise, it symbolizes togetherness and gifting companies are waiting to ride on the back of ‘Diwali gifting’ and offer to source everything under the sun. The Happy High is a specialist in wines and spirits, run by Ajit Balgi a certified wine educator and an S P Jain alumnus they know what it takes to create an impression and also let your loved ones drink good wine!


“People in India are taking up to wines and want to gift wines. They however get blinded by the fancy packaging, nuts, chia bars, chocolates et al and wine takes a back seat, ‘House wines’ the sellers call them, usually wines not moving, old or on deals.”


“We at The Happy High provide options for the discerning wine lovers who are looking to gift good wine and not just for the sake of it. We help corporate houses to pick wines based on their budgets and taste profiles to ensure that the message of quality and wine finesse is communicated to the recipient.” says Ajit Balgi the Founder and Beverage Consultant.


To know more about their services you can log onto

Tasteful Thursdays- Bhujeli Kaleji, a Parsi Delight by Master Chef Kaizad Patel

Bhujeli Kaleji is a typical way of making chicken or sheep liver. It was one of the very popular Parsi dishes and is savoured by a lot. Its simple yet full of taste. Do try it out and I am sure you will love it and this recipe coming from Kaizad makes it 100% authentic.




200 gms chicken or goat liver

½ tsp coriander seed

½ tsp turmeric poweder

½ inch piece of ginger

6 cloves garlic

6 peppercorns

2 green chillies

1 bunch coriander leaves


1 tbsp oil

Ground the above ingredients into a masala


Remove the thin skin off the liver (goat). Wash and cut the liver into small pieces. Mix it in the ground masala, salt and oil and keep overnight, or for at least 4 hours. Stick the pieces on skewers. Light a coal fire, see that the flames have subsides. Barbeque each skewered stick with liver over the fire for about 5 minutes each until tender.

Nutrition Fact: Each serving provides about 109 calories, 10.3g proteins, 1.0g carbohydrates, 6.3g fat.


About Chef Kaizad

Being brought up in a Parsi Caterers family, Chef Kaizad says he always knew someday he would always take up this family business. He have always had a different approach on views and always wanted to exceed expectations. This has been his drive and what keeps him going. Upon completing catering college, He joined the Ratan Tata Institute, Mumbai, as he wanted to broaden his horizon on Parsi food. He came across interesting people who shared their views on Parsi food. After completing almost a year; He joined the Oberoi Hotel’s, Mumbai and worked his way up the hierarchy. After his 3 ½ year employment with the Oberoi Hotel’s, he decided to go and study further in Culinary Arts. He joined the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, which is affiliated with “ Le Cordon Bleu”. He joined the Ritz Carlton, San Francisco as an intern and upon completing his internship, he was hired and trained by the Ritz Carlton values, which changed his life, truly. On his return to India he decided to take over his family business as he felt the need to revamp the image of the business without changing the core values of the community and the business, which were instilled into him. He always looks at a glass full and not the other way around. He has just begun his journey as a Caterer (for the last 10 years) and has a long way to go…..


Book Review-Suhani by Turia

Suhani is a book by Indian author Turia based in Mumbai. She is a publicist by profession. An avid reader, she is fond of traveling, day dreaming and writing poetry in her free time. Day dreaming is a new one for me. Before I go on to the book I was more curious about the name Turia and ventured to find out about the meaning of the name. Turia they say is a Tahiti name meaning the name of a princess. Other descriptions say Turia is someone very capable and in control of life which Turia sure seems to be.
Let me start with giving you an extract from this beautifully penned book:

The Sadhu looked into the eyes of the pilgrim who had travelled from far to meet him.Such powerful eyes thought the pilgrim

The Sadhu must have read that in his eyes.

The Sadhu smiled and thought,In your eyes I can see the lives you have lived,the journeys you have made,the people you have loved and those you have lost,the tales you told and those that you didn’t,do not look into my eyes,for in your eyes I see the stories you have lived,when I see you they become part of me……..

“Everyone is part of the same story”,thought the Sadhu……after all life is a story……told and retold so many times,in so many worlds and so many lives.


This to me really forms the essence of this book.
The book traces the story of Suhani a tea vendor on the ghats of Ganges in the holy city of Benares who goes through the most unholy of experiences while growing up as on orphan,the repeated sexual abuse by her Uncle.
The quite dignity with which she still carries herself while pursuing her love for Abstract paintings is just commendable.Her limitations and despair come through beautifully.
One day her life takes a huge turn with the advent of Kabir and his undying selfless love for Suhani.
From hereon very skillfully the author brings about the love between the two and the courage Suhani is able to bring to surface because of Kabir.
How she embarks on a new journey bringing forth the all new Suhani is for you to find out.
What I liked is the undercurrent of true,undying,unwavering love between the two protagonists.

Highly recommended. Go grab your copy.

Available on Amazon- Price Rs 510(paperback)

Street Food Fiesta at Plaza Premium Lounge

India is home to one of the largest street food culture in the world. Street food is an integral part of the Indian culture and is a way of life. This October, Plaza Premium Lounge is bringing street food into the airport for all travellers to enjoy and get a bite of the delicious dishes. How much more exciting can this get? Getting a bite of street food while travelling is every travellers dream.

Street food is a perfect way to sample India’s vast cuisine and culture. India is one proud nation when it comes to street food; every city has its own specialty to offer. Delhi, with its rich heritage and history, is known for a variety of street food such as the crispy samosas with its delicious potato filling and equally tempting chutney or the mouthwatering Chole Kulche. A visit to Mumbai is not complete without getting a taste of the famous Pav Bhaji or Kolkata for its sizzling Phuchhka.

Plaza Premium Lounge has handpicked some popular street food to bring joy to the travellers on their journey. One can look forward to get a bite of the ever popular Samosas, Pav Bhaji, Gol Gappe, Dahi Vada, Batata Vada, Aloo Tikki Pao and much more.


Where: Plaza Premium Lounge, Domestic Departures at Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad Airports

When: On till 6th November 2016

Price: Lounge access starts at Rs.1200 plus taxes

About Plaza Premium Lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge, the world’s largest independent airport lounge network, gives travellers a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the airport, a home away from home, by providing a space with top-notch services and facilities for travellers departing, transiting and arriving at major international airports including Abu Dhabi, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London Heathrow, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Toronto and Vancouver.

Comfortable seating, enticing food and beverage selection, showers with amenities, private resting suites, VIP rooms, recharging stations, Wi-Fi, computer workstations are but a few of the services offered to enhance the airport experience.

As the first airport lounge network to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification and the World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge by Skytrax, we are committed to consistently providing quality services and continual improvement for valued customers. By putting into action, the best ideas and practices from across the network and around the world, we focus on innovative and quality products and services.