Fly higher with the Frappuccino

Long standing queues, security checks, terminal transfers and noisy flight passengers can be way too annoying. The peaceful wee hour of a starry night too can appear like busy afternoon. After an exhaustive business trip, the busy Mumbai Domestic Airport Terminal has hosted few cafes and resto-bars to let you de-stress. One such place to lounge is Starbucks!


This month they had new Frappobrities (Celebrities+Frappuccino)on their block. As a part of their Summer campaign, they launched a new flavor who was worth its salt because it had sworn to cast a spell of amazement on its fans and flyers with its debut. And this one little being unconventional from its siblings did play its role fantastically.





Categorised as the ice-cooled summer cooler, it is thirst quencher & hunger buster. It can be sipped and devoured at the same time. It is infatuating with its scrumptiously wholesomeness. The calorie conscious gurus whose knowledge weighs higher and waist measures wider can once indulge in this act of debauchery as this gut-busting potion is worth a try.


Secretly crafted in the special kitchens of Starbucks, the Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino is an innovation which is worthy torch bearer of the brand’s legacy of dishing out delectable heart-throbs. The Frappuccino is bigheartedly swirled with luscious strawberry puree and is topped off with cheesecake-inspired whipped cream. The appearance of enticing swirls of strawberry sauce, sprinkled cookie crumbles is a sight an ardent foodie would ogle at. The scrumptiously creamy flavor of a cheesecake arrives from a premium cream cheese sauce that is flawlessly blended with Starbucks signature traditional whipped cream only to let your taste buds take-off on a mesmerizing flight of ecstasy.



I am sure this may salivate the beholder to know more. But as a loyal patron of Starbucks it’s a recommendation that the latest Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino is a must try.

So, go forth and board the flight with Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino that’s poised to take way higher than the Boeing or Airbus you are flying in.

Slurp it & devour it..

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