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Is SUN important for the skin…??

Is SUN important for the skin…??

Is Sun important for our skin, or is it harmful? It’s a question many of us are always confused with, but not anymore, New York Dermatologist and Medical Director of Lumiere Dermatology, New Delhi, Dr. Kiran Lohia explains the truth behind Sun and its affects on our skin
“With the increased awareness of the importance of Vitamin D, many men and women feel that sun exposure is necessary for good health. From my perspective as a dermatologist, I can safely say that this is patently untrue”, says Dr Kiran.
Read on to learn the reasons why the sun is much more damaging than helpful for healthy skin and how to get your nutritional boost without UV Rays!
1 – The Sun Causes Tanning & Pigmentation
For all those of you frustrated with your pigmentation and tanning, the sun is the culprit.  Those UVB rays are causing all that tanning on your face, while the UVA rays are known to cause nearly every type of pigmentation disease existing. Why put yourself through the guaranteed risk of tanning and pigmentation?
2 – The Sun Causes Ageing
The studies are out – the sun causes 78% of all signs of aging. Those wrinkles, those open pores, that sagging – those UV rays are mostly the culprit! They damage the collagen, allowing skin to weaken and age, while also causing those dreaded freckles and age spots.
3 – Sun Allergies
Interestingly, you can also be allergic to the sun. Yes, even though in India we have the strongest sun worldwide due to a combination of our geography (being near the equator) and having the worst pollution in the world (lack of ozone and pollution can worsen the effect of UV rays exponentially!), men and women can suffer from sun rashes. We may have more melanin to protect us slightly more than caucasian skin, but this does not mean we are immune to its harmful effects!
4 – Skin Cancer
The sun is not only cosmetically damaging, it can be dangerous too. Melanomas, basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas are all associated with sun exposure. And just because we are darker, that does not mean that Indian people can’t get skin cancer. The melanin in our skin may protect us somewhat, but skin cancer still exists in India, and must be prevented by proper sun protection.
5– No One Knows the Right Amount of Sun Exposure for Vitamin D Supplementation
If lots of sun exposure was required to get your amount of needed Vitamin D, then no one in India would have Vitamin D deficiency. It is still not known how much sun exposure should be taken and when in order to actually get enough of this elusive nutrient. And, why in India, where the sun is so strong, do we still have a Vitamin D deficiency epidemic?

Overall, instead of risking all the harmful effects of UV rays, the verdict is it is better to simply supplement your diet with almond milk or even vitamin D tablets, then try the nearly impossible task of getting your nutrition through increasing the amount of time you spend in the sun.
Mr. Neeraj Kumar, Ex Commissioner of Delhi Police Talks About His Debut Book-Dial D for Don

Mr. Neeraj Kumar, Ex Commissioner of Delhi Police Talks About His Debut Book-Dial D for Don

How often do we get a chance to peep inside real crime stories.. how often do we get a chance to know how the CBI functions.. how often we get to know the truth behind the criminal investigations, the informers network, the encounters and the police instincts..
The real answer would be RARELY.. Because all our information is based on what we see in films or TV serials and some random books.. But their authenticity is always questionable.
And for those who always wanted real answers for these questions, comes a book that talks about 11 CBI cases, and is written by none other than a top ex cop, the ex police commissioner of Delhi, Mr. Neeraj Kumar.
The title of the book in itself intrigues the reader, to grab a copy soon and turn the pages of this thriller, its called DIAL D for DON.

On Saturday, 26th March, Mr. Neeraj Kumar discussed his book with a few book lovers from the very renowned Delhi Book Lovers Club run by Mr. Kunal Gupta, at the Oxford Bookstore in Connaught Place.

The session was moderated by Mr. Sumant Batra, the Founder and the Chief architect of Kumaon Literature Festival.
Also present at the event was Mrs. Bubbles Sabharwal, a woman who wears many hats. She is the director of two theatre companies: ‘Kidsworld’ which works with children from 3 years upwards; and ‘Theatreworld’ which works with adults. She has published a book of one act plays, Runaways and Other Plays and a novel, Tomorrow’s Promise. Bubbles runs a ‘Book Club’ at the India Habitat Centre and writes a weekly column for the Financial Chronicle.
Mr. Sumant asked many questions related to the chapters in the book, and Mr. Neeraj Kumar answered all of them with great detail and interest.

Through the book, Mr. Kumar recounts 11 of his most intriguing investigations- from bringing the Memon family back to India from the UAE to the nabbing of Beant Singh assassin Jagtar Singh Tara; from the thrilling capture of the Dawood of Gujarat- Abdul Latif to the conversations with Dawood Ibrahim himself; from the arrest of American Centre mastermind Aftab Ansari to nailing culprits of match fixing and the spot fixing scandals in cricket. These investigations have been part of the crime history of India yet have been untold and unrevealed so far. Dial D for Don opens the world of policing and tracking of some of India’s most wanted men and women and the successful arrest of terrorists and criminals in operations led by Kumar while serving in the CBI between 1993 and 2002. 
The book published by Penguin Random House has received an overwhelming response and already figures on the bestseller lists of Amazon, Nielsen and Crossword. Through this book, Kumar recounts and reveals spellbinding details of eleven of his most thrilling investigations during his tenure as Joint Director CBI and Commissioner of Police, Delhi.  Riddled with astounding facts and intriguing details, Dial D for Don is a rare insight into the most high profile CBI and police missions that reinforced the fear of the law amongst underworld operatives in India and abroad.
It was a really enlightening session, where in all the nitty gritties of crime stories were shared by Mr. Neeraj Kumar.
I haven’t read the book so far, but I am very convinced that it will make for a very interesting read and hence I am gonna grab my copy now..!!
My little stint with Tisca Chopra for Lal Hit

My little stint with Tisca Chopra for Lal Hit

How do I describe what I felt, when late at night around 10:30 I got a call that I have been selected as a wild card entry for the SuperHit Vacation Contest by Lal Hit and that Tisca Chopra would be visiting my home the next afternoon…??
Sooo damn excited…!!
I hardly got a proper sleep that night.. as I was super excited to host Tisca Chopra at my house.
I was also told that our conversation will be recorded for a digital promo ad and this made me feel even more excited and restless.
Somehow the wait got over, and at about 3 in the afternoon, Tisca Chopra along with her crew, rang my doorbell.
It was such a pleasure to meet her; she came across as a very warm, down to earth and humble person. Everyone at my home was really keen to meet her, and she very calmly chatted with all of us.

I have no experience of being in front of the camera, and was a little nervous, but all thanks to Tisca, she made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me to take it as normally as possible and that it wasn’t a film shoot and I don’t need to memorize any dialogues, it will just be a candid chat between the two of us.
 And yes, it happened exactly like that, Tisca asked me very normal questions about the day to day hygiene practices in kitchen that we adopt especially during summers, and I answered whatever I normally do. Being a food blogger, and food fanatic, kitchen hygiene comes naturally to me and more specially because I am a mother too. To a lot of people it may appear that I said that I use Lal Hit to keep the cockroaches away in summers, as a part of the promotion, but the truth of the matter is that Lal Hit is so affective that I believe in the brand and do use it regularly, even if I don’t participate in any contest.

But in the end I was so glad that entering this contest gave me a chance to meet and chat up with Tisca Chopra, and I am thankful to the brand for that.

Junglee Billee Hosts A Lady’s Special Event for LBB

Junglee Billee Hosts A Lady’s Special Event for LBB

Mujhe bhi Don ki tarah Junglee Billee bahut pasand hai…!!
This place tucked away in GK I, M block market has become one of my favourites, and I never miss a chance to visit there especially when there is a special event.
It was a lovely Saturday evening, the weather cloudy and windy with a cool breeze, making the terrace a perfect place to sit, relax, eat and drink.

LBB had invited their members for this event, and drinks were on the house for all junglee billees aka women 😉
The menu was specially curated for the evening by their head chef Pawan, who is a very close friend. His food is always upto the mark, and he carefully chooses the menu to suit the ambience and exclusivity of the event.

Also present at the restaurant was Nida Mahmood, and its always a pleasure to meet and chat up with her.

As we sat down with our Red Wine Sangrias, Pawan brought us one of his specialties, the Kurmure Bhel.

Its one of the most interesting and addictive Bhel I have ever eaten, and its one of those things, which makes me go back to this place again and again.
The next I tried was the non-veg platter, and I have to say that each of the items on the platter was delectable. The kebabs and tikkas were simply mouth melting and one can never have enough of it.

There were other items too on the menu and all of them tasted as scrumptious as they looked.
The drinks also looked very very inviting and were class apart, especially the Pan Mojito

Junglee Billee is one of those places which doesn’t focus only on the ambience and look and feel of the place or exclusive presentation of the food, but it very proudly focuses on the quality and taste of food as well, and the credit surely goes to my dear friend chef Pawan for the same.
I look forward to more such events at Junglee Billee and try out more delicacies prepared by the chef.
Cost management is Key to Indian Competitive Advantage

Cost management is Key to Indian Competitive Advantage

At Centre of E- Commerce -IMS Noida, Experts Discuss Strategic Cost Management as Key to Managerial Success

Management Development Programme discussed strategies on cost management to devise better managerial decisions and business strategies to remain cost effective

Noida, 19 March 2016: Leading academics, industry insiders and experts in the field of management came together at leading management institute IMS Noida to discuss the latest issues afflicting the industry and solutions towards better cost management strategies that can keep organizations competitive and profitable.

The three-day periodic Management Development Programme organized by IMS Noida had experts, highlight the importance of striking a balance between cost and quality. The event primarily focused on Strategic Cost Management, a crucial subject in management studies that pertains to the economics of reducing costs without compromising on quality and delivery. The second day of the programme started with a recapitulation of the management cases discussed on activity based costing and cost volume profit analysis of the first day. The morning session thereafter began with the discussion on challenges faced by organization on the financial front like transfer price issues, generating profit centres and various aspects of management control systems and performance related issues. Exhaustive cases relating to these aspects were taken up by Professor Rajendra Patel, former World Bank expert and faculty at IIM Ahmedabad. The participants were enriched with one to one discussion on various aspects of financial controls they are currently practicing in their respective organizations.

While the program discussed new perspectives on methods and techniques for appropriate cost planning, importance of managing costs and aligning them with the business strategy of an entity, it also highlighted the importance of improving management practices for long term growth or organizations.

“We had very healthy discussions among management students, experts and industry insiders into the key challenges of running organizations. Through such programs, the students who are themselves on the threshold of entering the industry get a close understanding of the constantly evolving challenges they would face as management executives. Strategic Cost Management is one of the most relevant aspects of management studies today. Cost effectiveness is the key to competitiveness in a highly connected world like ours. Hence, there is greater need today to recognize different costing systems and strategies and devise better managerial decisions and business strategies to constantly remain cost effective. As a discipline, management studies needs to constantly evolve itself to include in its paradigm the changing needs of the time, which keep throwing up new challenges into the discipline,” said Dr KJS Anand, Executive Director, IMS Noida.
Professor Rajendra Patel, shared interesting accounts and experiences as the key speaker. The participants were also introduced to basics such as costing terminology, cost objects, cost drivers, conventional method of indirect cost allocation and others he also discussed broader aspect such Management Control & Organizational Performance, Performance Measurement – Balanced Scorecard – Beyond Financial Numbers and other in detail.

“The event turned out to be really knowledgeable, thanks to the valuable insights by Prof Rajendra Patel. His experience and knowledge undoubtedly helped us to get a picture of need and requirements in the management studies that would further help us to create good managers and entrepreneurs. His experience with the industry as well as an academic gives him a deep insight into the world of business and entrepreneurial challenges. We are thankful to Prof Patel for his precious time and participation,” added Dr. Debarshi Mukherjee, Associate Dean Management , IMS Noida.
Chef Kunal, Saransh & Shipra Say #CraveNoMore with Saffola Masala Oats Chinese and Italian variants

Chef Kunal, Saransh & Shipra Say #CraveNoMore with Saffola Masala Oats Chinese and Italian variants

Have you ever-imagined Chinese and Italian cuisine being guilt free? Globally renowned Chef extraordinaire, Kunal Kapur now brings to you the new Saffola Masala Oats, Chefs Choice range in Italian & Chinese flavors, a delightful treat for the taste buds. To celebrate the launch of these exquisite flavors, Saffola Masala Oats hosted top bloggers from across India for a fun-filled and enriching gastronomic experience with gourmet chefs – Kunal Kapur, Saransh Goila and Shipra Khanna.

During the meet, Chef Kunal Kapur announced a two-phase competition around #CraveNoMore with SaffolaMasalaOats. The Phase I of #CraveNoMore took off in Delhi; an exciting mystery box challenge wherein 40 food bloggers were presented with the task of identifying exotic Chinese & Italian food condiments. Out of these, 24 bloggers became a part of the exhilarating cook-off thereafter creating quick recipes using Saffola Masala Oats Italian and Chinese variant as the key ingredient.  I missed out on winning this one, but had a great fun cheering for some new friends I made.

Judged by the Fit Foodie panelists, Chef Kunal Kapur, Chef Shipra Khanna and Chef Saransh Goila, announced Adarsh Munjal, The Big Bhookad; Kumar Jhuremalani, Pet Pujaris; Saloni Malkhani, Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI); Sayantani Mahapatra, A Homemaker’s Diary; Priya Sharma, Mumasfooddiary and Richa Gupta, Myfoodstory as the winners for the phase I. The winners from this phase will go on to Phase 2 of the competition and will participate in a ‘food-truck’ challenge in Mumbai.

The Fit Foodie panelists, Chef Shipra Khanna and Chef Saransh Goila went on to create some unique and interesting snacking recipes through their master class with the bloggers. While Chef Shipra chose Italian Saffola Masala Oats and came up with the delicious Cottage cheese oats with yogurt and apple salad recipe, Chef Saransh Goila picked the Chinese variant and prepared Saffola Masala Oats Chinese Wraps in just a few minutes. I got lucky to get a chance of helping around chef Saransh with his preparations while he kept the audience splitting in laughter with his spontaneous humour.

Commenting on the occasion, Saffola Masala Oats brand Ambassador, Chef Kunal Kapur, one of the most celebrated faces of Indian cuisine today and winner of several National culinary awards, said “It feels great to be associated with Saffola Masala Oats in their innovation journey and co-creating the new Chinese & Italian flavors. As part of Saffola Fit Foodie panel, we always encourage people to adopt healthy eating habits and I believe these new variants are a perfect blend of tasty yet healthy snack. Today at Saffola #CraveNoMore meet, I was impressed to see the creative way food enthusiasts showed off their best culinary skills!”
 “I am glad to be a part of Saffola Masala Oats fit foodie panel. It was truly an experience to witness the #CraveNoMore cook-off event today in Delhi, where the online food influencers gave an interesting and creative spin to Chinese and Italian flavor oats”,said India’s youngest celebrity chef Saransh Goila also known for his popular show Roti Rasta Aur India and Health Challenges

MasterChef India winner Chef Shipra Khanna added,” I am delighted to join  Saffola fit foodie panel and feel the new flavours are an apt solution to satiate the hunger craving of health conscious people. Italian being my favorite cuisine, it was a fun saturday spent with the online food community exploring some scrumptious dishes prepared with Italian Oats. Many congratulations to the winners #CraveNoMore Cook-off and looking forward to meet them soon in Mumbai.
Its going to be one of the most memorable events of all time, as I got a chance to meet these celebrity master chefs who were so friendly and humble. Respect for all of them.
Saffola Masala Oats has created the ‘unthinkable’ by smartly infusing the essence of most popular international cuisines in India- Chinese and Italian, in Oats. The new flavours have been introduced to make snacking guilt-free and unbelievably tasty. With universal appeal to consumers across varied age groups ranging from children, youth to adults, these variants are first-of-its-kind offering in in oats in both domestic and international market.
Variants description:
Saffola Masala Oats Chefs Choice Chinese Flavor has a spicy tangy taste, which comes from a mix of juicy corn, crunchy french beans and capsicum, leaving you with an authentic Chinese flavour.
Saffola Masala Oats Chefs Choice Italian Flavor is a delectable mix of green capsicum, spicy red chilli flakes, oregano and a dash of pepper which gives it a cheesy taste with just the right amount of spice.

Wolfgang & Company Showcases its Delectable Food at the Grub Fest

The Wolfgang & Company is an upcoming restaurant, which would be opening shortly in Connaught Place, but this not hinder the owner Mr. Kuldeep to showcase a glimpse of what the place is all going to be about and also making people relish some of the dishes from the menu.
This time at Grub Fest, I thought of going ahead and trying out this new place which didn’t carry any baggage of reviews, praises or criticism and hence there was no expectation as such.

And somehow I have come to a conclusion that when you don’t expect, you are left pleasantly surprised more often than being disappointed.

We tried some random dishes suggested by Kuldeep himself and I have to say that each one of them was just perfect. I just loved their preparations they tasted awesome.
We were served Mutton Kebabs, Apple Salad, Mushroom Kebabs and Chicken Quesadillas.

 The mutton kebabs were delectable and had a very peculiar taste.

Mushroom Kebabs that came each resting on a small parantha, were a mouth melting experience. Its vegetarian’s delight, you just can’t tell the difference in a mutton galauti kebab and the mushroom ones.

The chicken quesadillas were amazing too, but the best was the apple salad. Its one of those salads that will take me back to this place again and again.
The meal came to an end with a delicious Tiramisu and I thoroughly enjoyed the same. I really look forward to the opening of this restaurant, which will then give us a chance to explore more dishes and savour them.

Its definitely one place that you should watch out for..!!

Wolfgang & Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Bigger and The Better-Grub Fest 2016, Delhi

The Bigger and The Better-Grub Fest 2016, Delhi

2015 was the year of Grub Fest. Foodies got to witness two extremely successful editions of the festival in April and October, at the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi and the Ambience Lawns in Gurgaon, respectively, with more than 200 participating brands and over 100,000 foodies served. The Grub Fest also introduced extraordinary concepts like Grub Stories, Asia’s first high end multi storey travelling restaurant in the second edition. Adding to that, the Grub team presented a unique format like the Grub Weekend in DLF Cyber Hub, which was widely attended and appreciated.

Before expanding its wings across other cities, The Grub Fest, a brain child of young, passionate entrepreneurs- Aman Kumar, Arjun Jain, Chaitanya Mathur & Mani Singh Cheema, headed back to its base camp, JLN Stadium in Delhi to showcase a bigger, tastier and even more entertaining festival from 18th-20th March 2016. Apart from the best of restaurants, artists and renowned chefs, there was a lot more that Grub Fest, Delhi, offered to its fans-

SFL(Super Fight League), Asia’s largest Pro Mixed Martial Arts Promotion known for their Pro MMA fight nights across the globe, came to India to showcase at the Grub Fest. It was a VIP experience from the world of sports & entertainment to watch out for.
Island Bar by Imperfecto and Informal, a first of its kind Ship Bar was curated at the festival by Imperfecto and Informal.
Exhibitors-Social, ATM PCO, Indigo Deli, Kylin, Depot 29, Holy Smoke, Urban Pind, Big Fat Sandwich, Brown Sugar, Wong Sushi House Mafia, Eggjactly, Koyla Kebab, Fluffles, Keventers, Burger Singh, Doner Grill, Kents, Sbarro, Wow Momos, Naturals Ice Cream, Wolfgang, Clay Over and Smaash were some of the brands that showcased their food at the Grub Fest.

Grub Theatre– The Grub Fest entertainment zone had live performances by artists like Nucleya- the electronic king, singer Suryaveer, musician Dhruv Viswanath, Barmer Boys- seasoned performers, who carried forward the centuries old musical tradition of the Manganiyars and were leading examples of Rajasthani folk and Sufi music, amongst other famous artists.

Grub Market– A range of fresh farm produces and organic, pro-environmental preparations were set up like a beautiful bazaar. The range showcased from organic vegetables to salads, to homemade jams, ramekin, wine ice creams, waffles, cupcakes, honey, aam papad, gluten free cakes & biscuits and many more. Some of the exhibitor names included Cremica, Basil Kitchen, Good Juicery, Lyall Farm, Herbi Life, Flavors of Punjab etc.

Tie-Up with the Breast Cancer Patients Benefit Foundation– a fun raising kiosk was also set up by BCPBF, where in they also created a few dishes of their own. The Grub Fest is also contributing a percentage of their revenue from the ticket sales to BCPBF.
A lot this and more happened at the Grub Fest at JLN, and also Grub Fest announced its further plans where in the big news is that Grub Fest Goes National in March 2016, First Stop, Pune!

The Grub Fest begins its nationwide journey right after the Delhi festival, starting from Pune from 25th-27th March 2016, at the beautiful Royal Palms in Koregaon Park. The Grub Fest Pune will offer a remarkable opportunity of indulging in an array of cuisines from top restaurants of Pune along with amazing surprises from New Delhi and Mumbai. The high entertainment factor that Grub Fest is known for will undoubtedly be carried forward to Pune from Delhi with numerous special attractions, including big artists, celebrities, master chefs and more.

Vert launches exclusive range of products for Skin & Hair care regimen on this Holi

Vert launches exclusive range of products for Skin & Hair care regimen on this Holi

Everyone loves the festival of colours, the parties, the family and friends, the food and the day off from work but at the same time we hate the aftermath of irritated skin, dry hair, tinted ears, nails and others, and sun burn. Keeping after effect of Holi in mind Vert has launched new range of Skin & Hair care products to make the most of the former and avoid the latter as far as possible.
Vert recommend people to use below mentioned products for skin & hair care before and after Holi…
  • ·      Use handmade Cold Pressed Almond Body Oil generously all over the body to save your skin from damage of colors
  • ·      Fresh Orange & Honey Shampoo for Dry Hair will help you remove all gunk and color from your hair while nourishing it.
  • ·      Use Muskroot & Hibiscus Hair Cream Mask after playing holi to prevent damage from harsh colors etc.
  • ·      Lavender & Clay Soap
  • ·      French Clay Exotic Bathing Salt wash off the colors and give fairer skin..

Priced: Products starting from Rs 400/-
At their Store: 171 DLF Mall Saket.
About Vert

Vert was founded in 2011. It was nonstop from that point. Vert manufactures, retails & wholesale Fresh & Handmade natural soaps, toiletries, bath & body products. They are known for their high quality ethical products, which are made from natural ingredients in innovative ways to produce traditional concepts with contemporary twists. Their natural bath & body care products are carefully made by hand, using time honoured methods. They are individually hand cut, hand poured & hand wrapped, ensuring that all natural products are of high quality through all stages of the manufacturing process. It is their belief that what is best for your skin should also be best for our mother Earth.
Formus presents Neo Kaansa Collection by Designer Fenny Ganatra

Formus presents Neo Kaansa Collection by Designer Fenny Ganatra

The Neo Kaansa collection by designer Fenny Ganatra for Formus embodied via The Living Suite is a curation of modern pieces with a timeless appeal outlined with Kaansa or brass. Fenny G’s vision behind the collection arose from the need to reboot classic forms through a vibrant use of colours and sumptuous elements of brass, which are the very inspiration behind the collection.
The existence and use of Kaansa can be traced back to the Indian subcontinent’s history for centuries. Designer Fenny Ganatra explores new routes to use this malleable element through statuesque pieces of furniture. The Neo Kaansa Collection of bespoke furniture made using rich, royal and classic colours, blends minimal designs with desired materials and a touch of Kaansa. Fenny Ganatra’s curious eye does a rendezvous with a broad spectrum of materials ranging from premium natural wood and wood veneer to brass pipes and brass veneer. These accents in brass lend a nude opulence to modern and avant garde design.

Besides Kaansa, the inspiration behind the collection’s design language comes to life through Fenny G’s collaboration with Formus. Formus’s take on timeless forms, and brand Fenny G’s fresh perspective, brings together an artistic mélange of tailored furniture, the Neo Kaansa Collection.

About “FORMUS”
Celebrating “The love of making”
Formus is a space where ideas turn into form, where creative minds meet and co-create, where their love of making finds its true connoisseurs and passion finds real meaning. A vision of founders Kapil Suri and Gaurav Suri, the Formus flagship store spread over 15,000 sq ft on Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road brings to life some of the finest signatures of design. Formus collaborates with leading architects and curators to create bespoke interiors and accessories using the finest materials and finishes with a contemporary aesthetic.
Discover the “Love of Making” a beautiful form with FORMUS where the intent is to produce something extraordinary, brought to life with a process that involves meticulous study of the design brief, close collaboration with architects and designers, and a step-in-step partnership that honors everyone’s wishes. The authenticity of this process has often led to artistic breakthroughs, because for FORMUSevery project is unique in its own right.
FORMUS makes use of the finest of craftsmen coupled with latest technology to achieve flawless finishes and combines their knowledge to fuse materials together to bring to life signature forms for space design.
Carrying this vision forward, FORMUS announces its first collaboration with acclaimed interior designer Fenny Ganatra (winner of Red Dot award). The collaboration is marked with a Neo Kaansa collection embodied via ‘The Living Suite’. The Living Suite is a curation of modern statuesque pieces of furniture with a timeless appeal outlined with Kaansa or brass.  Fenny Ganatra’s curious eye does a rendezvous with a broad spectrum of materials ranging from premium natural wood and wood veneer to brass pipes and brass veneer.
The Living Suite exudes a contemporary finesse that is resultant of a cohesive combination of unique material, carefully chosen rich, royal and classic colours and elite modernist style. The first collection comprises of four signature special edition pieces, which include: a Center Table, a Milvio Ottoman, a Ritz Sofa and a Beizer armchair.

Six distinct elements make the story of the Center Table playing with diverse forms of wooden, marble and brass blocks inter-layered and combined to create a dramatic juxtaposition of opaque and transparent. 

 The Milvio Ottoman on the other hand is brilliantly crafted with minimal lines and is inspired by Ponte Mitvio, a bridge over the Tiber in northern Italy. The edges in brass trace the outline without overpowering the essence of form. A diverse piece of furniture it can be used in more ways than one.

The Ritz sofa with a brass profile running on its periphery is a perfect blend of superior comfort using classic form and is crafted with plush fabric.
The Living Suite setting gets completed with The Beizer blue armchair that combines the plushness of velvet with magnificent metal work. It’s unorthodox and playful and makes a statement designed to turn heads.
The collection is available at FORMUS:
Address:  FORMUS
MG Road, New Delhi
Ghitorni Pillar No. 111, Next to Ghitorni Metro Station.