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Essilor Offers a New Range of Preventive Lenses to Protect Eyes in This Digital Environment

Essilor Offers a New Range of Preventive Lenses to Protect Eyes in This Digital Environment

With dramatic increase in the usage of digital devices such as computers and smartphones, human eyes today are exposed to harmful blue light and are experiencing much higher stress and visual strain as compared to the last decade. Taking into account this shift, Essilor, the world leader in ophthalmic optics, has introduced a new range of highly impactful technology driven lenses offering prevention and protection for your eyes against harmful blue light, strain and fatigue.

Essilor has conducted extensive research to evaluate the impact of increased digital exposure on the eyes. Eyezen and Crizal Prevencia, the new products offered by the leading lens maker, are an outcome of this research and analysis. The new spectacle lenses have been customized to meet the needs of the consumer in the digital age, offer protection from blue light that is harmful to retinal cells and reduce visual strain arising out of multiple device usage.
The new lenses equipped to protect eyes from the ill-effects of digital devices which not only causes increased visual stress but also increases exposure to harmful blue violet light.
Essilor’s consumer study on new digital behavior finds 75% people suffer from visual fatigue; 66% believe digital screens require additional effort for eyes causing increased incidences of headaches, burning & weariness in eyes
According to different researches, average time spent in front of the computers has increased by 65 per cent over the past five years. Add to it the hours spent in front of television sets, the rapid growth of tablet PCs and Smartphones usage, and there is reason to believe that our exposure to harmful blue light is only increasing by the day. At the same time increasing usage of devices such as I Pads and smart phones also creates visual stress.
Apart from increased duration of exposure, usage of multiple digital screens simultaneously is another added lifestyle factor. Sometimes, four different devices may be used by an individual simultaneously. According to a consumer quantitative study conducted in 2014 among 4000 individuals in France, Brazil, China for Essilor, a whopping 82% people stated that they watch TV at the same time as they use their computer; similarly 72% use a tablet or smartphone whilst watching TV.
Doctors say increasing exposure to digital screens is leading to rising number of people reporting tired and weary eyes, headaches, blurred vision, itching and burning. The concern is particularly high in youngsters because they are the ones who are more active users of electronic devices. Computer Vision Syndrome, which was considered an appropriate condition to describe the increasing stress on eyes and posture till recently, looks an obsolete term today given the rapid transition in technology that have added several new facets to visual eyestrain.
The effects of harmful blue violet light have also been highlighted in recent years. Emitted by the sun and also by artificial light sources such as LEDs and computers or smartphones, blue light – the range of the visible light spectrum with wavelengths between 380-500 nm – plays a beneficial role on health, in particular by regulating the internal biological clock. However, a specific band of this light, known as the blue violet light causes damage to retinal cells. Digital devices and lighting devices such as LED lights and CFLs also emit significant amount of blue light. With progressively increasing usage of LED lighting, this exposure is only expected to increase in the coming years.
“Rapid adoption of newer technology in this digital world presents newer challenges with respect to protection requirements. It is also essential for ophthalmic lens technology to evolve to meet the needs. Eyezen represents Essilor’s innovation, offering users the maximum protection and comfort. Eyezen is a lens specifically designed for the digital age,” says Mr Shiv Kumar J, CEO, Essilor India.
“With increasing presence of convergent devices, we are today dealing with a scenario where multiple devices are co-existing. This doesn’t just increase digital exposure of the eye, but adds extra pressure on the eyes as they continuously switch between devices and adapt their focus while sitting, standing and lying down. I might be working on my laptop, and at the same time checking my smartphone while also snatching glimpses of a news bulletin on television. The cumulative stress on the eye today is therefore much more than it was five years back when smartphones and tablets were yet to become a norm, this has led us to introduce lenses such as Eyezen and Crizal Prevencia for use in spectacles,” says Mr. P Ramachandran, Group COO, Essilor India.
New Lenses for the Digital Age
Designed specifically to meet the changing needs of the eyes in a highly connected world, Eyezen lenses represent the latest in Essilor technological innovation. They come with twin functions of relaxing the eyes from digital eyestrain and protecting visual health over the long-term.
Eyezen has been specially designed to offer protection from digital screens and provide more comfort to the eyes as they switch between multiple devices. Eyezen is built with state of the art W.A.V.E. technology which helps provide sharper and clearer vision. Eyezen focus lens technology better supports the eye’s effort in focusing at ultra-near distances that are typical of handheld devices. Secondly. Light Scan, a unique light filtering technology which protects eyes from the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens and modern light sources is another vital feature of this lens. Inspired by the Japanese notion of Zen, Eyezen provides comfort and relaxation to the eyes even when they are excessively exposed to digital creens.
Crizal Prevencia
Prevention, such as protecting the eye from harmful light, is currently the first line of defence against the problems of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. These conditions currently affect more than 350 million people around the world. Blue light is one of the risk factors in retinal cell degeneration which contributes to the development of cataracts.
Crizal Prevencia is a result of an ambitious four-year research programme conducted in partnership with Paris Vision Institute, one of Europe’s largest eye health integrated research centers, which led to the identification of the portion of the visible light spectrum that is noxious to target retinal cells. Crizal Prevencia is the first preventive spectacle lens that selectively filters out harmful blue violet light that is harmful to retinal cells while letting in other frequencies of the light spectrum, which your body needs to function properly.
Essilor, which is a global leader in research & development, has worked aggressively to determine the emerging challenges to the health of eyes from our changing lifestyles. The new range of lenses from Essilor is aimed at providing the maximum protection and comfort as people live with new age devices and technology.
About Essilor India
Essilor India is a 100% subsidiary of Essilor International. The Company through its excellent services, quality products and a wide network of distributors and franchise labs has been able to revolutionize the Indian ophthalmic lens market and cause a shift from the predominant glass lenses to the safer and more superior plastic lenses.
Essilor entered the Indian Market through a joint venture with SRF Limited, New Delhi in 1998. The Indian Subsidiary was incorporated as Essilor SRF Optics Private Limited. The company has since risen to the position of market leader in the Indian Plastic Lens segment of the Ophthalmic Industry.  In 2004, the company changed its name to Essilor India Private Limited and was a 100% subsidiary of Essilor International.

Essilor offers a wide range of the world’s best lenses- “Varilux” range of Progressive Lenses, “Crizal” Hard Multicoated Lenses,”Optifog” anti-fog technology,”Airwear” polycarbonate lenses to suit all lifestyles and “Titus” Hard Coated Lenses – which have set benchmarks for quality and performance. Besides these products, Essilor has an impressive array of photo chromic, tinted and high index lenses as well as lenses for special applications. Essilor also has brought international best practices into India in the areas of training and promotional activities.
Om Books International And Olive Bar and Kitchen Launches “From My Kitchen To Yours” Celebrated VJ & Model Maria Goretti’s Debut Book

Om Books International And Olive Bar and Kitchen Launches “From My Kitchen To Yours” Celebrated VJ & Model Maria Goretti’s Debut Book

Mumbai, 2ndMarch 2016:  Om Books International launched the debut book of popular VJ and model Maria Goretti titled ‘From My Kitchen To Yours’ at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mumbai. After a successful launch in the capital city, the splendid Mumbai launch was attended by a string of Bollywood and TV celebrities.

Maria Goretti, Arshad Warsi with their Kids and Ajay Mago, Owner Om Book International
The launch saw Maria Goretti, actor Arshad Warsi and Mini Mathur speaking about their passion for food over hors-d’oeuvre and wine. One of the main highlight of the event was book reading by Maria Goretti Kids Zeke and Zene. 

Mini Mathur with Zeke and Zene
The book was unveiled in the presence of Ajay Mago, Maria Goretti and her parents, Arshad Warsi and Mini Mathur. Many famous personalities like  Kabir Khan, Bharat Dabolkar, Gaurav Kapoor, Shruti Seth, Mandira Bedi, Ronit Roy, Zeba Kohli, Shreya Saran attended the launch. Chefs from Olive Bar and Kitchen tossed some delicious recipes in sync with the book, enhancing the essence of the event.

 Genelia Deshmukh with Maria

Kunal Khemu and Tushar Kapoor

 Masaba, Roshan Abbas, Maria, Shaheen Abbas and Ajay Mago

Mandira Bedi

Maria with Mushtak Sheikh

Masaba & Pooja Dhingra


Shreya Saran

Sohail Khan and Kiran Rao    

From My Kitchen to Yours: Food, Love and Other Ingredients celebrates how Maria Goretti lives her life, with memorable recipes from her mother’s East-Indian spreads, aromas from her grandmother’s kitchen, and the food that she has seen, touched and tasted over her many travels across India, and the world, as a VJ with MTV. Add to that, all those delicious dishes she has eaten at her friends’ homes, especially those sinful desserts that she loved, which she tried and tried till she got them right. Divided into monthly menus with soups, salads, starters, non-vegetarian and vegetarian main course dishes, and desserts, the recipes are simple and delicious. With a foreword by actress and politician Jaya Bachchan, the book presents a six-course meal layout for each month, and easy-to-make recipes with ingredients readily available in any home kitchen. It contains an array of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.
Maria Goretti speaking on her passion for food says ‘I have actually loved food all my life. In my past life, I must have been born in a country that had no food, because frankly, I am eternally hungry and my near and dear ones will vouch for that!
I know myself; I need to get into something deeply if I take it up, or it makes no sense to me at all. Gradually, I started getting seduced by the aromas, textures and the possibilities that could conspire in this beautiful place I discovered in my own home…my kitchen. It was like meeting a stranger and becoming friends. There were so many things I discovered about myself and food that I did not know before. I started reading, googling and watching food like an obsessed person. I discovered the secrets of fire to vegetables, yeast to flour, wine to meat, the right amount of kneading, whipping and marination.

If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would one day put together a food book, I think I would have rolled on the floor laughing.I’m really happy to be launching my 1st cook book which is a labour of love in my home city ,amidst family and friends.’
Maria Goretti
Ajay Mago, Publisher, Om Books International said on the occasion, ‘The first time I went through Maria’s blog, I knew for sure that she could put together a unique book with flavors of her rich cultural background, and her journeys across India and beyond. And I have been invited at her table several times over, so that I could gorge on all these delights. I have to confess that each page of this book reflects Maria’s generosity of spirit and heart and her belief that Love is the key ingredient in any dish.’

Arshad Warsi, Ajay Mago, Maria Goretti and Maria’s Mother Launching the Book

AD Singh, Managing Director, Olive Bar and Kitchen stated ‘Olive Bar & Kitchen, which recently completed a milestone anniversary of 15 years, is pleased to support TV personality, food devotee and now author Maria Goretti for the launch of her new book, ‘From My Kitchen to Yours,’ as the venue partner’ 
The event saw coming together of a lot of renowned celebrities wishing luck to Maria for her book, and I wish her the same. Time to grab my copy..!!
From My Kitchen To Yours by Maria Goretti
Price- Rs.995
Pages- Rs. 216

Published By Om Books International
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