Day: March 27, 2016

My little stint with Tisca Chopra for Lal Hit

My little stint with Tisca Chopra for Lal Hit

How do I describe what I felt, when late at night around 10:30 I got a call that I have been selected as a wild card entry for the SuperHit Vacation Contest by Lal Hit and that Tisca Chopra would be visiting my home the next afternoon…??
Sooo damn excited…!!
I hardly got a proper sleep that night.. as I was super excited to host Tisca Chopra at my house.
I was also told that our conversation will be recorded for a digital promo ad and this made me feel even more excited and restless.
Somehow the wait got over, and at about 3 in the afternoon, Tisca Chopra along with her crew, rang my doorbell.
It was such a pleasure to meet her; she came across as a very warm, down to earth and humble person. Everyone at my home was really keen to meet her, and she very calmly chatted with all of us.

I have no experience of being in front of the camera, and was a little nervous, but all thanks to Tisca, she made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me to take it as normally as possible and that it wasn’t a film shoot and I don’t need to memorize any dialogues, it will just be a candid chat between the two of us.
 And yes, it happened exactly like that, Tisca asked me very normal questions about the day to day hygiene practices in kitchen that we adopt especially during summers, and I answered whatever I normally do. Being a food blogger, and food fanatic, kitchen hygiene comes naturally to me and more specially because I am a mother too. To a lot of people it may appear that I said that I use Lal Hit to keep the cockroaches away in summers, as a part of the promotion, but the truth of the matter is that Lal Hit is so affective that I believe in the brand and do use it regularly, even if I don’t participate in any contest.

But in the end I was so glad that entering this contest gave me a chance to meet and chat up with Tisca Chopra, and I am thankful to the brand for that.

Junglee Billee Hosts A Lady’s Special Event for LBB

Junglee Billee Hosts A Lady’s Special Event for LBB

Mujhe bhi Don ki tarah Junglee Billee bahut pasand hai…!!
This place tucked away in GK I, M block market has become one of my favourites, and I never miss a chance to visit there especially when there is a special event.
It was a lovely Saturday evening, the weather cloudy and windy with a cool breeze, making the terrace a perfect place to sit, relax, eat and drink.

LBB had invited their members for this event, and drinks were on the house for all junglee billees aka women 😉
The menu was specially curated for the evening by their head chef Pawan, who is a very close friend. His food is always upto the mark, and he carefully chooses the menu to suit the ambience and exclusivity of the event.

Also present at the restaurant was Nida Mahmood, and its always a pleasure to meet and chat up with her.

As we sat down with our Red Wine Sangrias, Pawan brought us one of his specialties, the Kurmure Bhel.

Its one of the most interesting and addictive Bhel I have ever eaten, and its one of those things, which makes me go back to this place again and again.
The next I tried was the non-veg platter, and I have to say that each of the items on the platter was delectable. The kebabs and tikkas were simply mouth melting and one can never have enough of it.

There were other items too on the menu and all of them tasted as scrumptious as they looked.
The drinks also looked very very inviting and were class apart, especially the Pan Mojito

Junglee Billee is one of those places which doesn’t focus only on the ambience and look and feel of the place or exclusive presentation of the food, but it very proudly focuses on the quality and taste of food as well, and the credit surely goes to my dear friend chef Pawan for the same.
I look forward to more such events at Junglee Billee and try out more delicacies prepared by the chef.
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