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Music For Well-Being: 11 Positive Effects Of Music On Health

Music for me is something that soothes my soul, it sets me free, lifts up my mood and helps me unwind in the most relaxing manner.

Music doesn’t provide just entertainment, but also has lots of positive effects on our health. I came across this wonderful article on Music for Well Being: 11 Positive Effects of Music on Health.

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4 Things Your Morning Routine Needs More Of

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Every day starts with a morning. There is no escaping that fact. That’s what makes or break moment that sets you up for a great day or one you’d rather forget in a flash. With that in mind, finding the perfect morning routine should be a priority on everyone’s list because the right routine can sprinkle positivity over the rest of your day. It is a magic formula that will probably require tweaking but, once you have perfected it, well it becomes a matter of wake up, smile, live, sleep, repeat. What’s more even the most morning-loathing people on the planet can learn to love dawn with the right routine in place.

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Save The Coffee For Later

What you drink first thing in the morning is so important when it comes to getting the rest of your day right. So while coffee may be the go to drink of choice, it isn’t a preferable option going, more just a habit you can’t kick. Instead, we recommend you try caffeinated water. If you want to get that shock-factor that coffee gives you, then store a bottle of this in the fridge overnight, otherwise just drink it warm. Not only will the caffeine work wonders, the infused fruit will get your digestive system working while your body will get the rehydration process underway; pretty important after eight hours of nothing.

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Always Eat Breakfast

Not only is this the most important and most tasty meal of the day, it is one of the most important ingredients in a healthy morning routine. This is the fuel that will kick start your day, the very substance that will urge positivity to build from your belly, jump starting your metabolism and giving you that energy you so desperately want. Of course, in order to get the most out of this, you’ll want to have something healthy but long-lasting, which is why you should mix fresh fruit with something like muesli, adding a splash of yoghurt and honey into the mix because, well, why wouldn’t you? It is delicious and a surefire way to stop you from always feeling hungry. Oh, and by eating brekky every day, your body won’t feel such a need to hang onto your fat deposits, which means your metabolism is way better too.

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Stretch It Out Now

If you are worried that a morning routine will mean you have to get up a ton of minutes (possibly even hours) earlier than you are used to, then you can safely eradicate that thought now. Even just the addition of a stretching routine can be done and dusted within five minutes. What this does, though, is wake up your muscles and prepare them for the big day you have ahead. Try not to just stick with one stretching routine and use that every morning, however. Instead, try and listen to what your body is saying and tweak your stretches to meet your body’s wants and needs. That will give it a much more beneficial role in your day.

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Always Talk To Someone

It doesn’t matter whether you talk to your gorgeous partner or your housemates, or whether you pick up the phone and call your mum or your best friend, talking is a great addition to anyone’s morning routine. This is because human contact can seriously alleviate any feelings of stress or anxiety, two things that are awesome at ruining your day. The reason this works is that, when we talk to people, serotonin gets released into our body’s and that whips stress’ butt while also boosting your creativity, positive energy and just plain awesomeness.


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