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Keep Yourself Warm, Fit, And Happy This Winter


Winter is on its way, which means it’ll be getting colder and you’ll just want to hibernate away from everyone. It is also very easy to start eating a lot more – again, the hibernation stage. And then you end up wobbling through the new year wondering how you put on so much weight.

Well, here’s how you can avoid that from happening while having some fun.

Go on a treasure hunt.

Include the whole family in this one and go out on an adventure. Thanks to modern day technology, there are now things called geocaching, which is essentially a virtual treasure hunt in which you use a handheld GPS to find hidden caches of trinkets. It’s actually a lot harder than you would imagine, making it a fun activity for all the family – including you grown-ups. Going on a walk doesn’t sound that interesting, but going on an adventure does. An adventure that requires you to be in a pretty location in the outdoors, surrounded by the fresh air, the ones you love, and a whole bunch of fat burning and muscle toning fun. Just remember to wrap up warm, and look out for wonderful winter wildlife.

Put on your dancing shoes.

Who doesn’t like to dance? Even if you’re no good at it, it’s still a lot of fun to do. It’s a way of releasing all the built up stress and being totally and utterly free for a while. Let alone it being a brilliant way to keep fit. Whether you feel more comfortable doing it from the comfort of your own home with the curtains shut and the music turned up to the max, or maybe you like the idea of taking part in some Zumba fitness for weight loss – just find something you enjoy. As long as you’re having fun, it won’t even feel like a workout. So disconnect yourself from the world for a while, and work up a sweat to your favorite tunes. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Make play your workout.

Think back to when you were a child. What kind of activities would you do before your parents spoiled the fun by calling you in for dinner? Riding your bike. Rollerblading. Jumping rope. – These are all things that we enjoyed doing so much when we were younger, so why stop doing them now we’re grown? Rediscover that joy that you used to have all those years ago.

Go and explore on your bike and pedal as fast as you can until your legs turn to jelly. You’ll feel invisible, like no one can touch you, not even the biggest sports professionals in the world. And not only that, but think about all the calories that you’ll be burning as you go!

Now you see that there are a number of different ways to get active and keep yourself warm in the winter, you have no more excuses. Don’t let the idea of ‘working out’ put you off. It doesn’t have to be a chore at all – it can be a reward.

When Friendships End

Friendships are an integral part of the human experience. We need our friends to support us, help us out of bad situations, and just to be there to have someone to enjoy life with.

A lot is said about the pain and heartbreak that people experience when a romantic relationship ends, but what about a friendship? While the feelings might not run as deep as they do compared to a romance, you’re still losing someone significant from your life. You will still feel their absence; still miss them; still struggle without them.

The end of a friendship can be a difficult time, full of upset, misunderstandings, and difficulties. To try and understand how to get through this period in your life, read through the below, and try to put your experience into perspective.

Friendships End Naturally and Without Acrimony


In most cases, friendships rarely end because of a horrible argument. You won’t lose friends to fights and acrimony, leaving you with a feeling of having been wronged, very often. The most common loss of friendship is simply drifting apart from one another, as your lives and experiences go in different directions.

When life changes, our friendships tend to change too. While TV shows and movies tend to depict friendships as existing from cradle to grave, this simply isn’t the case for the majority of us. We might have a few old friends, but we’re more likely to change friends as we go through life, drawing closer to those we share more experiences with. So if you and your former best friend don’t really hang out anymore, that’s not necessarily a terrible thing– it’s a natural part of going through life.

Coping With Bad Reactions When You Lose A Friendship

If you have lost an important friendship — either through an argument or just drifting apart from one another — then accepting this can be difficult. If you felt that person was deeply important to you, losing them can be jarring and upsetting.

If you spiral into destructive behavior, then it’s important to acknowledge it has happened and seek treatment, be it through seeing a therapist or looking for addiction counseling. There’s nothing wrong with grieving the end of a friendship, but you can’t let it drag you under forever. Feel the sadness of the loss, deal with it in an emotionally healthy way, and then allow yourself to put it into the past. 

Look For New Friends Who Suit How Your Life Is Now


There’s no doubt that it’s tough to make friends as an adult, but the internet makes it easier than it ever has been before. Look at online forums and local Facebook pages and see if you connect with someone who is more on your level. Developing new friendships to replace those you have lost is important, so while it may feel odd to “put yourself out there”, you’ll benefit from it in the end.

Overall, no matter what the reason for a friendship ending, try and accept that it’s a part of life. Move on, with the help of a counselor if necessary, but keep all the good memories. You can then look back fondly, while moving on into the future with new friends, who fit into your life, and with whom you can make new memories.


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