How To Find The Best Vacation Destinations For Your Family

You can spend hours, days even, searching for the perfect holiday destination. When you travel alone or as a couple, this is a hard enough decision. But, when you’re planning a trip with your family, the choice gets even harder. How can you find the best destination for a family holiday? What sort of things should you look for, and are there any tips to help you out?

Luckily, today’s post will help you find top destinations for your next family holidays. From winter escapes to fun in the summer sun, here’s how you find the best places:

Think about what you’ll do

What will your family do during your trip? Are you going to spend the whole time at the beach enjoying the sun? Even if this is true, it means you need to find a destination that has family-friendly beaches nearby! Naturally, you want to pick a location that provides you and your family with loads of things to do. Instantly, this rules out a lot of holiday destinations that might be perfect for individuals or couples, but not for kids. 

Consider the local cuisine

Next, think about the food in the holiday destinations. Kids can be really fussy, so you need to go somewhere that’s likely to have options for them. This is why a lot of mainstream holiday destinations are great choices as they typically cater to tourists. Along with the local cuisine, there’ll be more international favorites that your kids are likely to enjoy. 

Find recommendations online

One of the best and easiest ways of finding the best vacation destinations for families is by looking at what the internet recommends. As you can see on, there are countless articles listing the best places to go or stay in certain countries. Reading things like this can give you the inspiration needed to book the perfect family vacation. There are loads of other resources out there from top travel experts that you can look at, helping you create a list of places that are highly recommended. 

Ask your friends & family

Staying on the topic of recommendations, you can always ask people close to you where they’d suggest you go. Some of your friends or family might have recently been on vacation as a family, and you can ask them if they’d recommend the destination to you. Speaking to people you trust is always a great way of gaining inspiration, particularly as you know their kids are similar to yours. So, if they enjoyed the trip, there’s a good chance your kids will too. Plus, you can compare their suggestions with what you find online, meaning you’ll know if a place is really worth looking into if it’s recommended by everyone!

Follow these four tips to find the best vacation destinations for your family. By now, you should have a lovely little list of places that tick all the right boxes. There are plenty of things to do, places for kids to eat, and it’s been highly recommended.

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  1. Yes.. such a good post! You deinfitley have to plan everythign differently when traveling with the kiddos 😉 But lots of fun and you create seo many amazing memories too 🙂

  2. I agree with this statement: “Speaking to people you trust is always a great way of gaining inspiration, particularly as you know their kids are similar to yours.” We need to be a good role model for them.

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