Tips To Help You Live In The Moment

Does your life feel repetitive? Maybe you find yourself in your house alone, bored watching TV, scrolling through endless content on your social media feed, and desperate for change unaware of where to start. 

Getting caught thinking about the future, unaccomplished goals, and searching for addicting distractions is not a unique experience.

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Instead of tackling repetitive lifestyles, people often distract themselves by buying face products, a flower girl dress, an endless supply of shoes, or they may just lay in bed waiting for that moment, an instant that pumps their motivation to change.  

Sounds like you? 

Living amid a pandemic takes a toll on people’s lives, so don’t let the first thought that pops in your head dominate and dictate your day. 

Tip 1: Decrease Social Media & TV Time

Make a note of how much time you spend on social media on an average day. 

Experts suggest adults spend an average of fewer than two hours per day on screen time. However, most adults spend eleven hours of their day staring at screens. Adults are now dedicating nineteen hours of their day to screens during the pandemic. 

Studies suggest too much screen time may result in:

  • Insomnia 
  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • Neck, shoulder, & back pain
  • Poorer cognitive performance
  • Reduced physical activities

Try limiting the amount of time spent watching screens and find healthier alternatives. 

Tip 2: Question Your Environment

Once you’ve figured out how to set aside the distractions above, access what type of environment you live in. The word environment doesn’t strictly apply to where you live in this scenario, although it does factor in your perspective and includes the people you interact with every day.  

Are your friends a source of your stress? Do you feel comfortable and authentic about your identity when around coworkers, friends, or family members?

If the answer to the questions above is a no, changing the environment that holds you captive will take patience and plenty of effort. Surround yourself with people you admire, and that respect your boundaries. 

Tip 3: Search For Two New Hobbies

Hobbies can include a range of activities for both creative and critical thinkers. Start your DIY projects or learn how to play chess. Get into the habit of reading a book that improves or builds up on your skills. 

The first hobby should be something you enjoy. Think of what makes you smile, what you look forward to after a long day of work, and what you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t for fear of failure.

Picture by Ylanite on Pixabay

The second hobby should involve some sort of physical activity. Starting slow is always an option; walking one mile around the block counts as physical activity. Hike, climb, bike, swim, or follow simple exercises to discover a move that gets you away from home. 

Living in the moment may come off as silly, cliche, and achievable. Before you fall back into your lifestyle, follow the three tips. Give your lifestyle a transformation and never settle.