7 Simple and Effective Exercises That Will Help You Lose Belly Fat

The belly is one of the main parts that your body uses to deposit fat when one does not put any effort into getting rid of unnecessary fat. It is effortless to gain belly fat, but at the same time, it can be quite a task to reduce it. Belly fat is very prominent, which makes the slightest fluctuations very noticeable. Cutting back on unnecessary complex carbohydrates and focusing on belly fat reduction exercises are the main steps you need to take to keep your belly toned.

While belly fat reduction exercises mainly focus on your core and abdominal muscles, they also impact your overall weight and appearance. Since spot reduction is not credible, one needs to focus on exercises that target your belly muscles while engaging and strengthening all your muscles. Here are seven elementary and practical belly reduction exercises you should add to your routine right away:

  1. Crunches: Start by lying down on your back, knees bent and feet planted on the floor with legs hip-width apart. Cross your arms over your chest and inhale while you contract your abs; use your core strength to lift your upper body into a sitting position before lowering it back down. Keep repeating this, and remember not to take your feet off the ground.
  1. Mountain Climbers: Get down in the plank position with your spine straight. Bring your left leg up towards your chest by bending it at the knee and repeat this with your right leg. Keep doing this at a fast pace to create a mountain climbing motion with your legs.
  1. Flutter Kicks: Lie down on your back, lift your legs at a 45° angle and hold them steady. Your hands should be straight and parallel to the floor with your straight toes pointing forwards and neck raised. Lift one leg slightly higher without bending it and bring it down; repeat with the other one. Keep this up in a continuous motion with tight, precise kicks.
  1. Leg Raises: Begin by lying down on your back with your arms flat at your sides. Now, use your core strength to lift both your legs up at a 90° angle and lower them. Repeat.
  1. Yoga: Different yoga asanas like Bhujangasna, Dhanurasana, Naukasana, Surya Namaskar and more all focus on reducing belly fat through cool poses and breathing exercises.
  1. High Knees: Stand with your arms out, bent at the elbow at waist level. Start jogging at a fast pace but remember to bring your knees up to your arms. Keep this up for some time.
  1. Walking: Walking is also a great way to reduce belly fat as it engages all your muscles and burns calories quickly. Taking a walk in nature is ideal if you dislike indoor exercises.

Practicing the belly mentioned above fat reduction exercises and more from the cult.fit’s guided belly fat exercise pack are a sure-fire way to achieve your ideal belly. Take a look at the cult.fit’s pack and get the toned, firm belly you’ve been trying to get!

18 thoughts on “7 Simple and Effective Exercises That Will Help You Lose Belly Fat

  1. I’ve been wanting to lose some belly fat since the quarantine started. I’ll try these simple exercises and see what happens.

  2. Sometimes we need that push to do exercises regularly. Thanks for sharing and it’s a reminder to start working out.. to start with walking 🙂 nice article!.

  3. I love to walk so at least that comes effortlessly to me. It’s good to know that a simple activity such as walking can target belly fat.

  4. I don’t pay much attention to just changing my physical body, but rather to the quality of the energy I’m trying to bring into my body. Interesting post nonetheless.

  5. I love the list. Ive been working on losing belly fat recently and mountain climbers is really tough. I love walking tho

  6. Great exercises and tutorials on how to do them. My friend could use this since she looking for a way to be more fit. I’m also trying to build the exercise habit haha. Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Great post, these will definitely help with shifting some of the excess pounds I have put on over lockdown! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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