How to Stick to Your Fitness Goals

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Having trouble sticking to your fitness goals? Finding it difficult to lose weight, tone up or maybe improve your running distance? Here are a few tricks that might help.

Take it one day at a time

You don’t get fit and make gains all in one go — it takes time. So, if you don’t want to be disappointed and give up at the first hurdle, you need to take it one day at a time. Maybe you can only run for 1 minute non-stop today, so set a goal to run for 70 seconds tomorrow, 80 seconds the day after and 2 minuted by the end of the week. You’ll still be making progress, and because you’re improving in small increments, it won’t seem so difficult to achieve.

Don’t do it alone

Do you generally exercise alone? You might want to rethink that strategy. Why? Because when you exercise alone you are accountable to no one but yourself, whereas when you exercise with others, maybe by undergoing personal training or exercising along with a friend, you have someone else who is rooting for you and the last thing you want to do is disappoint them. Not only that but having someone cheering you on can be a great motivator.

Do something you enjoy

You might want to get fit as fast as possible and you may have determined that lifting weights and running will help you to do that in the most efficient way, but if you don’t actually enjoy either of those things, chances are you won’t work as hard as you could and you might actually give up. It’s far better to choose a form of exercise you love because if you love it, you’ll naturally want to do it and you’ll reach your goals much faster, and with a greater sense of ease.

Switch it up

That being said, there is a lot to be said for switching up your fitness regime from time to time. Trying something new now and again will help you to exercise different body parts, for a better all over look. It will also prevent you from getting bored with your regime so that you keep going until you achieve the results you would like.


Meditation in itself won’t get you fit — after all, it involves sitting still for 20 minutes or so — but it will help you to keep your head in the game. Meditation can calm your racing mind, boost positivity levels and increase motivation. If you meditate each morning and evening, you will probably find that the internal struggle whether to exercise or stay comfy on the couch is an easier one to win and you will be all the fitter for it.

Exercising isn’t just about getting on a bike or treadmill and working out till you’re half dead and then scrummaging the courage together to do it all over again tomorrow. It’s about conditioning your body and mind to not only exercise but enjoy it as well, so it can become a lifestyle instead of a chore. This is also Great for weight loss if you’re on a particular journey to shed some pounds!

Get back on the horse

When you miss a day at the gym or eat an enormous amount of junk food, remind yourself that it’s no big deal and as long as you get back on the fitness wagon asap, you’ll still lose weight, tone up and meet your fitness goals. If you do this instead of catastrophising and giving up at the first setback, you will succeed.

Good luck getting fit!

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