Surprising Causes Of Stress And How To Combat Them

We all know that stress can be a big problem when it comes to your amusement, mental health is important and just as much as we look after her physical health, we should do more to ensure that our mental health is protected as well. Things can become difficult when stress levels rise, we reduce the ability to focus when we are stressed, we reduce our overall resilience, and sometimes our ability to do our job is affected too. Whatever field you work in, it can be very difficult to keep your stress levels down. There are some of us that do much more stressful work than others, but some of us deal with it better than others as well. It’s important to know exactly where your stress levels are so that you can do something about them. But aside from the work that you do, and how that affects you, what other unexpected causes of stress are there, and what can we do to combat them?

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Blue lights

Studies have shown that often we forget about the fact that blue light can cause stress, not just on our brains, but our eyes can be affected negatively by blue light. Do you like comes from screens, devices, and even advertising screens in supermarkets that can cause us adverse effects? Blue light has been linked to insomnia and hyperactivity in some adults and children, and it is now being recommended that if you do find yourself affected negatively, by a blue light that you look to blue light glasses, and see if it can help. There are ways to reduce the effects of blue light as well, such as putting phones and screens away for at least half an hour before going to bed and taking regular breaks such as every hour taking a 10-minute break away from the screen and work. These are all small things that can make a big difference to your overall stress and fatty levels. Getting good rest is important for our health and well-being so protectiveness at all costs is definitely going to help keep your stress levels lower. It’s not going to be for proof, and there are going to be sometimes where you can’t quite follow through on using these tools or following the guidelines, but ultimately you have options and knowledge is power.

Social media

Social media can be a wonderful way to keep in touch with your family and friends, messaging your family and friends and looking at pictures of your relatives doing great things can be a wonderful thing for your mental health. It can also be wonderful for relationships and building bonds with other people. However there is a flip side to social media, it can also be a place of negativity, and negativity breeds negativity so if you find yourself in a group or thread of a conversation that is negative, you may find it negatively affects you and increases your stress levels. Getting into an argument online is not healthy. So choosing specific times of the day when you are allowing yourself to look at social Media, Cutting down the overall time that you spend on social media, and making sure that you have plenty of breaks from it can be useful. Turning off notifications if you find yourself being brought back to social media every time you are tagged or receive a message, can also reduce stress levels significantly. It’s also absolutely fine to remove people from friends list to negatively impact your life.


As much as we love our family it is not guaranteed that they are always going to be kind and nice to us, it’s also going to be difficult at times when people are in disagreements or find themselves wrapped up in a dispute. Lots of things can happen between family members and it can cause animosity and bitterness. There are families who have been torn apart by petty arguments, which can cause massive stresses to people’s lives. Making sure that you are always trying your best to stay positive, and without having to walk on eggshells avoid rocking the boat where possible, is essential. Making sure that you communicate effectively with your family members can help you avoid any misunderstandings. Looking into communication tips, and working out exactly how to communicate with the more difficult family members, can essentially help you stay calm and together.


Pets are a wonderful addition to any family, they are joy-inducing, cuddly, cute, and quite often very entertaining. However, there is also the negative side of having pets and your family. When pets get ill, which they often do, it can be incredibly expensive, and also to see if they are in pain. When it comes to dogs, you need to be on top of the training otherwise you might find yourself with a dog who doesn’t know how to act, and can cause all sorts of stress. Destructive behavior is usually from boredom, and pets can become Destructive and very time-consuming if we don’t get it right. Pets do need a high level of care, and many people can find themselves in a stressful situation if they don’t take this commitment seriously. Doing the research before getting any kind of pet is essential. When you know exactly what behaviors a pet is likely to exhibit, and that you know that you can deal with this, add a little bit more stress on top and that will be a realistic idea of what you might get. Hopefully, many people are lucky and get it right for the animals they adopt, but there will always be an element of stress at times, and this is something that really needs to be taken into consideration. Preparation is key, financially, time, and equipment-wise.


The environment that you live in can be beneficial or detrimental to your overall stress levels. If you are an organized person and you have decorated your house to exactly how you would like it, then you should not find yourself stressed out by your environment. But sometimes when life gets very busy, and the children are particularly messy for a week or two, things can become a little bit stressful and overwhelming. Piles of plates can appear from nowhere, and piles of washing seem to multiply when you have a large family, but making sure that you have a rota in place, or that you have plenty of hands-on decks to be able to manage the workload, can really lighten the load for you. Making sure that everybody knows their responsibilities such as keeping their own bedroom tidy, and ensuring that you are all taking pride in your environment is the way to combat the stress levels rising. Pulling together as a team on this one is a great idea. So get in The family on the side, and making sure that you all work well together, and even maybe turning it into a fun game for the smaller children, can help reduce the stress levels significantly.

So following any steps, making sure that you are ahead of the game, and that you know exactly what your limits are yourself, can help you keep stress free and happy. This is something that is very important to most of us, and if you are more sensitive than other people it is even more important. A stressed person is not a productive person, and if you have children then you should want to be at your very best for them. So doing what you can with family, housework, pets, and anything else that you need to take care of effectively, can always be stress-free if you make it so.

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