Why You Can’t Choose The Ring Lightly


You’re ready to pop the question. You’ve known your darling for a long time and know you’re entirely sure that she is the one for you. All you need is a ring, right? Well, don’t rush things. You may be ready to propose – and she might even be secretly waiting for you to – but you also need to give the choice of the engagement ring some serious thoughts. Indeed, unless you want to use a family heirloom that is meaningful to you – or her –, you might want to take the time to evaluate your options. Indeed, you can’t afford to buy the first ring you can afford. There’s more to the ring than what first meets the eye.

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She may not like it

First of all, as disappointing as it might sound, you may not be able to pick a ring she’ll love. Have you considered how your girlfriend would feel if she had to wear an engagement ring she hates? She may not be willing to be honest with you about your choice of jewelry – especially if it is as expensive as the typical engagement ring – but it doesn’t mean she can grow to like it. In the end, she might choose to wear it on a chain rather than on her finger because she can’t make it work any other way. Why does it matter, you ask? The girl has been waiting all her life to show off her engagement ring to her friends and relatives, and now she can’t.

She wants it to be ethical 

If your girlfriend is the kind of person who researches the best beauty and jewelry options thoroughly before purchasing, you might want to find a piece of jewelry that matches her ethical values. You can explore the diversity of shiny stones and precious metal bands available with a specialist ring concierge to guide you. Ultimately, the concierge acts as an advisor, helping you to pick ethical and conflict-free jewelry so that your girlfriend can wear it with pride.

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Is it time for a smart ring?

We live in a world of smartphones and smart fitness wrists. Our gadgets notify us for every little milestone we reach, whether it’s 10,000 steps or simply receiving an SMS. If your girlfriend is a tech-addict, you may want to maximize technology to make your bond really unique. Did you know that you could buy a smart engagement ring? The ring is designed to vibrate when you text or call her, as a sweet reminder of your tech-infused love.

She doesn’t wear rings

Not every girl loves a ring. Some might find wearing jewelry uncomfortable. Additionally, depending on her job, she may not be able to wear a ring at work. But it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the engagement. On the contrary, you can choose an engagement tattoo instead of a ring. You can both wear a small tattoo of your pet names for each other, for instance. Or how about a stylish tattoo of the place you proposed to her?

To ring or not to ring, that is the question. Engagement rings are an important decision that will forever mark your relationship. Don’t waste your paycheck on a ring she won’t wear. Instead, find something unique to your girlfriend. 

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