Venues Fit To Get Married In

It took long enough to catch the right one, now you’re knee deep in wedding planning and looking to find that perfect venue. The choices seem endless and you’re aware that time is ticking away so you want to book that perfect place as soon as possible. 

In this guide,  we take a look at what you should be looking out for in a wedding venue, what is usually included and some options for a lower budget, when you’ve already spent so much of your money on the perfect moment wedding studio from Sydney.

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The All-in-One

These packages often offer excellent value for money, especially if you are not holding the marriage service at a church. You will usually be given a wedding liaison representative from the venue and be able to talk through exactly what each package offers you.

There will be slight variations but most will include some alcohol, a meal (or two) and some form of entertainment in the evening. If you are marrying at the venue they will provide outside and inside options to cover all weather eventualities.

The more expensive options will include the little extras such as more alcohol per table, decorative table centrepieces and a master of ceremonies. Of course it’s entirely possible to provide all these little extras yourself.


With this version sourcing most of the furniture, the venue and the marquee will be down to you to locate. This isn’t as tricky as it sounds and once you have the field and the marquee booked in, you should then be able to find a catering company to provide you with a food, bar and all the furniture that’s needed.

The cost will be cheaper but much of the hard work will be done by you. For many couples getting everything done exactly the way they like it has its appeal.

The Destination

If you’re really looking to push the boat out then no look no further than the destination wedding. Fulfil your dream of tying the knot while barefoot on warm white sounds with a lazy blue ocean forming the backdrop of your nuptials.

There are some obvious drawbacks to this of course. The greatest one being the cost but you may also run up against some opposition from family and friends who can either not afford to join you or who would be unable or unwilling to take the time off work.

To get this done properly requires plenty of advance notice and you must ensure that you choose a wedding company that has a long history of planning weddings abroad.

With luck, you’ll only get married once so choosing the right venue is a crucial part of the process. Whether you choose a venue that will take care of the majority of the planning for you or decide to go it alone, your wedding is as unique as the two of you and should be your special day in your special place.

11 thoughts on “Venues Fit To Get Married In

  1. I totally agree with you each person can plan their own destination according to the budget and requirements also I would really love a destination wedding if the budget permits

    1. yes, if planned well I think one can achieve the desires within budget

  2. I love destination weddings , it gives a very grand feel to it , but yes as you mentioned there are a few drawbacks , If we plan well in advance they can be overcome

    1. Yes, planning is the key, if you plan well in advance you can do wonders within your budget

  3. When planning a wedding yes one has to keep their budget in mind and plan the destination, decor, food, guest list everything accordingly. Customised weddings are best 👌

    1. I agree, budget is the key, but if planned well, one can literally achieve wonders

  4. This is really a great idea to hire wedding planner according to your budget and make the wedding unforgettable without any worry on mind

  5. My cousin is about to get married and this post is all I could ask for 😍 definitely gonna try out a wedding planner and see how it works as a destination wedding

  6. Absolutely, a wedding is as unique as the couple and everyone wants a special day at a special place. If it is really within budget going a little extravanga is fine

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