5 Reasons You Should Consider Goa Unlimited To Plan Your Next Goa Trip

Well, who can deny Goa being the hottest travel destination in India. Goa indeed is a favorite with both the Indian tourists as well as foreigners. It is one of its own kind of place and you simply cannot compare Goa’s charm with any other place. Goa is like a slice of heaven that you can never get enough of. Even though I have been living in Goa now for over a year, I still feel like a tourist because there is just so much to explore in Goa.

Whenever time allows, I try and take small breaks within Goa and make the most of it. Sometimes these breaks mean exploring new and untouched places, a hint of adventure and sometimes, they simply mean relaxing. Whatever way I may choose, where to stay and what exactly to explore always seem like a challenge because even when we think we know it all, we actually don’t. At such times, I always feel surrendering to experts is the best thing to do. Experts who can help me decide both wonderful stay options and plan out my experiences depending on my budgets and duration. One such expert is Goa Unlimited. I regularly avail services of Goa Unlimited to make my breaks the best possible, I let them decide for me while I just enjoy what they suggest, because they know the best.

Here are top 5 reasons you should consider Goa Unlimited for planning all your Goa trips

Stay Options

Whether you are looking at chilling at a hotel or resort or renting out an apartment or villa, Goa Unlimited will provide you with enough and more options suiting all kinds of budgets. Villa rentals though are one area, where they surpass everyone. Goa Unlimited now offers over 60 villas and around 20 service apartments in different budget categories without compromising on the quality and service. I personally prefer villa stays more comfortable than the hotels as they allow me to chill and relax at my own pace. There is no hurry to wake up early for the breakfast or wonder about the closing time of the restaurant. Villas provide me with the kind of independence that is ideal for a place like Goa. Villas also offer an opportunity for friends and family to stay together. From one BHK villas to 3-4 BHK villas, one can easily choose as per the total number of people. They allow privacy, as well as a common, connect for the family to experience togetherness. My recent stay at one of the villas in North Goa was just perfect. Serene, quaint and yet equipped with all modern amenities, it had a perfectly balanced feel.

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From helping you experience the famous tourist spots to discover lesser known places, Goa Unlimited can customize travel packages as per your needs and requirements. From water sports to cycle tours, from spice farms to unknown waterfalls, from exquisite bars and restaurants to local joints, they simply know it all and can help you with multiple options for each category.

Add Ons

Bike Rentals, Car Rentals and anything and everything that you need to make your trip stress and hassle-free, Goa Unlimited is at your disposal.


Basis my several experiences with Goa Unlimited, I can easily say that they very competitively priced. I have never found them expensive. In fact, they have offered me better prices than most online travel platforms, for some of the places and hence my trust in them is unmatched.

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One of the best things about Goa Unlimited is the personalized service that they provide. The team headed by Nikhil Mirkar and Jui Damle is the most hospitable you can ask for. Nikhil’s experience of 25 years in the hospitality sector comes across very evidently and Jui who after quitting her corporate life joined Nikhil has only taken the company to newer heights. Her contribution in expanding the venture and managing the entire operations has been an integral part of their growth story. They ensure that your stay is not just a memorable one but also extremely comfortable and hassle-free. They strive for repeat business and clients come back to them every single time because they make your travel so easy without denting your pockets that you simply cannot help but look up to them.

I always choose Goa Unlimited for all my travel needs in Goa because as they say if its Goa, Its gotta be Goa Unlimited. Hope you will do the same for all your future trips to Goa and experience a wonderful stay.

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