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Don’t Miss These Amazing Spring 2017 Fashion Trends – Suzy Walsh

As a fashion enthusiast, you probably keep an eye on changing seasonal trends. Fashion is not just about the top brands, but it is also about how you interpret ideas for your personal style. In this special post, we will talk about the best spring 2017 trends. These are ideas that made headlines during the four spring fashion weeks and are absolutely perfect for any fashion-conscious girl. We will also add a few tips on how you can make the most of these ideas.

Think pink: One of the hottest colour palettes of spring is pink! From the mellow pinks to hot fuchsias, pink made a nice comeback to the runway, and we love the amazing mix of shades. You can try pastel pink dresses or bright outfits for casual brunches – there’s enough for everyone. For a few ideas, check the collections of Balenciaga and Valentino among others.

The classic floral girl: Floral prints for spring can be boring, but not this time. A lot of designers and fashion houses, including names like Balenciaga and Chloé, worked with floral in a different way, adding a more retro twist of the 70s. While bright colours were pretty evident, we think that simple floral outfits can make a mark any day. This is more like a classic style, and the good thing is you will find plenty of options in budget on online stores.

More jumpsuits: If you are tall and have a body to flaunt, jumpsuits can be your staple for casual clothing. Jumpsuits look great for any occasion, as long as you choose the right colour. You can find some amazing simple jumpsuit ideas in the shows of Hermès and Vanessa Seward. There were no big hints, but it was more about minimalism, which works best when you are looking for something comfortable yet appealing.

Stripes with a difference: Spring 2016 had a lot of striped looks, but those were bold and contrasting stripes. Come 2017, we will see a lot of functional and more wearable stripes that seem to follow no fixed lines. This is more like origami of lines, often inspired from seaside and office stripes. If you are fond of simple trends, we presume that this should be your singular pick of the entire list. To know more about this idea, take a look at the collections of Chloé and Sonia Rykiel.

Hoodies are here: Hooded outfits are usually reserved for fall, but there’s no harm in trying new things after all. Top shows of Balenciaga and Paco Rabanne featured hoodies with a difference for spring 2017. Instead of regular sweatshirts, hoodies worked best as an addition to regular outfits meant for spring.

Hope you liked this post and have made your shopping list. For more, keep following this amazing blog.


Author: Suzy Walsh is the chief author and editor for The House Of Elegance Fashion – an emerging blog on style, fashion and trends. She is known for her incredible sense of style and has worked with many leading portals as a guest author.


Wet Brush- A new revolution for hair care system

How many of us fear shampooing our hair just because of the tangles that it invites.. isnt it true, every time you shampoo your hair, you dread passing a comb or brush through them because of the tangles. Tangles are painful and the worst part is the hair breakage that it generally results in. But worry no more, Wet Brush a revolutionary product from USA is now here to shoo away your hair problems.

Recently Looks Salon, at GK 2, organised a session for hair care where in they showcased Olaplex. Hollywood’s most sought after hair product and treatment that repairs damaged hair and takes it back to its virgin state. Olaplex with its range of 5 revolutionary treatments have reached various top line salons across the country.

After a hair care treatment of Olaplex, followed by a shampoo, came the time to experience the use of Wet Brush. I normally fear someone else removing my tangles as I feel that I know my hair the best, and untangling them with minimal pain is something I can do with much more care. But hold on, with the Wet Brush, even if someone else is detangling your hair, you won’t event come to know. This is exactly what happened with me, as I settled on my chair after the shampoo, I was dreading the detangle, but within seconds, my hair was tangle free and I didn’t even come to know of it. The Wet Brush just glided smoothly through my hair and I was astonished with the result.

Wet Brush – Wet Brush is the #1 selling professional brush in the USA.
The Wet Brush glides effortlessly through wet or dry hair for healthy detangling and eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling or ripping. Perfect for all hair types, it will give you gorgeous, healthy, tangle-free locks in minutes.

This is one product that you must have and all I can say is that even the other Olaplex treatments and products are totally worth it. Do try at a salon near you. Its available across all Looks Salons in the country along with some other reputed salon chains. Strongly recommended.

Happy Hair = Happy Me

SoulKonnection Presents Soul 108

SoulKonnection is an organization that is a celebration of conscious life through various wellness events of Self Transformation and Uplifting Programs. On 8th April 2017, Soul 108 by SoulKonnection is a one day festival in Andheri, Mumbai inviting people to experience a holistic healing experience. It is a one of a kind festival that gives a platform for participants to engage in a wide array of traditional and non-traditional activities including Yoga, Meditation, Dance Movement Therapy, SoulKonnect Self – Healing, Lifecoaching – Secrets of Time Management, Sound Healing and Art Therapy.

Soul 108 is designed for all age group including kids, adults and seniors. There are special Art Therapy and Etiquette classes for children to experience, while their parents can attend workshops simultaneously. Besides this, an array of food stalls will ensure a guilt-free, healthy experience with fresh produce, organic food and drinks. The workshops aimed towards self- exploration and self – discovery will take place through the day while the evening will include live singing and stand – up comedy act.

The event is designed and curated by the Founder of SoulKonnection, the celebrated Life Coach, Amit Bhandari who is an ex-captain of the Merchant Navy. His award-winning methods have helped clients across India and Australia.

For Adults –

Time Hall 1 Hall 2
9 – 11 am Yoga & Meditation SK – Self Healing
11:30 -1:30 am Dance Movement Therapy Secrets of Time Management
1:30 – 2 pm Break Break
2:30 – 40:30 pm Yoga & Meditation SK – Self Healing
5 – 7 pm Dance Movement Therapy Secrets of Time Management


For Kids –

Time slots for Art Therapy –10 to 11 am, 12 noon to 1pm, 3 to 4 pm, 5 to 6pm

Time slots for table décor & etiquettes – 11am to 12 noon, 2 to 3pm, 4 to 5pm, 6 to 7pm

Evening entertainment Segment –

Time Activity
7:30pm Panel discussion with faculty
8:30pm Stand Up Comedy Act
9pm Live singer with acoustic guitarist


New Summer Menu at the Civil House, Khan Market

A place that is bustling with people on a weekday afternoon, speaks volume about its popularity anyway and trust me when I stepped into Civil House around 1PM on a weekday, I was taken by a surprise with so much of crowd.

They are in process of launching a summer special menu and I settled down to explore the same with some of my foodie friends. We tried the following dishes from the new menu:

Stuffed Mushrooms with Quinoa Salad with Cheddar- a beautiful preparation, the crunchy quinoa filling in the mushrooms, made them taste so different and nice and topped with cheese, this dish definitely needs a place in their permanent menu.


Crispy Fried Quinoa Cake with Hot & Spicy Tomato Dip- I think the more I try quinoa is different avatars, the more I fall in love with it. Its healthy for sure and its so adaptive that one can really play with flavours and spices to make it taste different each time This fried quinoa cutlet was extremely delicious and I loved it.

Harissa Marinated Chicken with Root Vegetables and Salad- The glaze on top of the chicken is reason enough to make your mouth water and it tastes as awesome as it looks. This surely is a must try. For me it was one of the best dishes of my lunch that day.

Vegetable Timbale- A very authentic French dish, this had mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese in creamed tomato sauce wrapped in layers of green and yellow zucchini. Taking a full bite of it gives you foodie experience that you cant afford to miss.

Homemade Spinach and Broccoli Fettuccini with Bell Pepper Cream Sauce- This dish is definitely a must try and you just cant miss it. The green coloured spinach fettuccini not just looked amazing but tasted amazing too and the bell pepper cream sauce enhanced the taste so much, that its worth drooling.

Raw mango Risotto with Pine Nuts- Truly a summer special, the taste of raw mango chunks mixed with Risotto is an innovative and delectable dish and highly recommended. Its an outstanding combination of flavours.

Homemade Chilli Linguini with Minced Lamb- This was another delectable preparation, though after trying the other dishes from new menu, my expectation of innovation was raised and hence found this dish as a regular one, but no compromise taste wise, the taste and flavours were more than perfect.

Quinoa and Fresh Avocado Burger- A delightful preparation and surely a must try, I can easily say that one of the best burger that I have eaten in recent times.

From the existing menu I tried another two dishes which were awesome, and I regret not trying them earlier.

Beetroot, Feta and Walnuty Burger with Homemade Hummus, trust me when I say you would have not eaten anything like this before, because the beetroot cutlet is just marvellous. It looks appetising and tempting and tastes equally good. I could have gorged on and on, it was so delicious.

Pan Seared Sea Bass, Mixed Greens Risotto with Fennel Butter, another winner dish and words cant really explain this entire foodie experience. Each and every dish was commendable and one really needs to visit this place soon and try them all.

For desserts we tried the Vanilla Panacotta, Orange and Pink Pepper Corn Gastrique and OMG, this was an out of the world experience, I mean seriously, such a summery and refreshing dish that you must must try it out. I have never been fond of Panacottas but this truly changed my mind forever. This was one indulgence that I cant get over and I am going to go after this one every now and then. There was Dark Chocolate Fondant with Ice Cream as well, but for me the Panacotta’s taste lingered on.

As part of the summer menu, there are some amazing drinks too on the offer and the best part about these drinks is that they do not contain any added sugar or artificial flavours, thus making them a healthy option too.

Avocado and Chocolate Smoothie, Guava Mary, Orange Cinnamon Ice Tea, Strawberry Coconut Mojito, Green Vegetable Juice(spinach, brocolli, apple), Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie, Oatmeal and Almond Milk Smoothie(vegan) and Homemade Ginger Ale . Out of these Avocado and Chocolate Smoothie was awesome, and the taste was simply unmatchable. Next I loved the Green Vegetable Juice, which was so so refreshing and is perfect for summers. The other drinks were good too and I am sure will be loved by all.

[easy-image-collage id=5923]

This summer menu at Civil House is available from 1st April onwards and this is one thing that you should definitely be trying this summer, because even I didn’t know that summers could be so cool.

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