Grills on Fire @ The Ancient Barbeque

The Ancient Barbeque hosted a preview of their Grills on Fire festival specially curated by Chef Ashish Massey, Director, The Ancient Brabeque, along with Rohini T Chawla, Masterchef top 12 contestant, Sadaf Hussain, Masterchef , Top 10 contestant and Majid Khan, Biryaniwala discovered by HT City.

Held on the terrace on a warm winter afternoon the setting was absolutely right for A Fiery Feast of Barbeque delights. The entire space was filled with mouth drooling aromas, I mean you just could not ignore it and felt automatically hungry.
There were 26 starters both Non Veg n Veg to be savoured along with some wine and beer and each one of them was a delight. Practically it won’t have been possible to try all 26 of them so we ended up tasting most of the non-vegetrarian variety.

They started with the Brazilian Churrasco Chicken which was grilled to perfection with a right balance of spices.
Then there were the Murg Asafjahi, Mexican Chicken Wings with Hot Sauce, Butter Biryani Chicken and all of them were absolutely delicious. My mouth waters even as I write about them.

Then there were the Mutton Galouti with Ulta Tawa Paratha which were simply mind blowing. Really soft and juicy.
The Mutton Barra was a real treat. The chops were tender and a superb marination enhanced the flavours.
The Kasundi Mahi Tikka, Patrani Machi, Drunken Fish and Prawn Verde were a gourmet’s delight. After trying so much I really could not figure out which one ended up being the best, because all of the dishes were one better than the other.
Tandoori Chicken Momos were another fine creation. Each and every dish served was just simply awesome.

Kudos to all the Chefs, they did a fabulous job with food, their hard work was visible and definitely paid off.
A special mention on the Veg staters which we tried, Brazilian Churrasco Pineapple, Dal Harimirch ki Shammi and Tandoori Chinese Dahi ke Sholey were extraordinary. Even the Tandoori Bhutta looked so tempting.

This entire experience was not just a foodies delight, but to say the least, it was a visual delight too, in fact it evoked all the five senses, the visual beauty, the tastes, the aromas, the sizzles and the warmth.. truly everything was beautiful.

They also served a superb Chicken Biryani and a specially made Chicken Korma which were superb.

The service by the ever smiling most courteous staff was something out of this world.

The Ancient Barbeque deserves a visit over n over again for their mouth watering delicacies and efficient service. We are really grateful to Neha Bahl from Qube Communications to have invited for this culinary experience and also Chef Ashish Messy for his warm hospitality

Rush! Rush!Rush!
Not only for Grills on Fire but anytime you want to relish good food, drinks and an ambience of its own with a smiling cheerful staff who really are efficient.